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Fake perfectionism
It's a fairly known fact that reading too much of webMD could lead to cancer. But yesterday it gave me something called OCPD - Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder. I was totally convinced it was OCDP until my flatmate came up with a different theory -...
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Join us on July 17th as we team up with Virgin Unite to host a not-to-miss Hangout featuring three extraordinary leaders in business and product design. Eric Ries of The Lean Startup and Tim Brown, CEO of the famed design firm IDEO will discuss their respective philosophies and how they can be used by entrepreneurs and creatives alike. In addition, Google Ventures Designer Jake Knapp will provide insight into how these two approaches has helped him reimagine product design for businesses of all kinds ranging from artisan coffee shops to high-tech giants.

Have a question for Eric, Tim or Jake? Please submit them on this page before and during the Hangout and we'll take a look!

The Lean Startup:
Design Thinking:
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I upgraded to Cyanfox 2.0.2 (using the 'check for updates' option). Now all my gapps are not working. Can't open hangouts and playStore has disappeared. Did this happen to anyone else?

I'm using Galaxy S2 (i9100)

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The pianist
There was once a pianist who was learning you see, And each morning he played in the hours of wee.. He practised and played for hours at a stretch, And sometimes a wonderful melody he'd etch! As the days grew by, so did his art, He played so well, he played...
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