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Let's watch Bjarne Stroustrup get yelled at by people who have had to manage 20-year-old pre-C++98 "Enterprise"-grade codebases
The father of C++, Bjarne Stroustrup will be taking part on a live Q&A via Google Hangout-On-Air that I will be moderating. The Q&A session is open to anyone who wants to take part. The event is sponsored by this Google+ C++ Community, +Pearson Education and +InformIT.

Event Details:
- Questions: Bjarne is open to answering live questions you have about C++

- Coding Oracle: Bjarne is open to looking at selected, interesting problems of C++ code you have recently written or a problem that boggles you in particular. If interested, please send in a complete and compileable code-question with a max of 50 lines in total via . Please do post the link to your code into this thread here:

- Social: Feel free to share this post as much as you want, within any community you want. The more, the merrier! 8-)

Bjarne's page with all his books:

Using G+ again because they announced they're getting rid of the stupid names policy. Only problem is... there's still nobody to bloody use it with!

Oh hai this is your daily reminder to use Google Plus!

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I +1'd this on Google+ for ironic purposes.

Actually, I have to feel sorry for the Google engineers that work on G+. I can imagine going out with friends, and when they learn you work at Google, with them asking what kind of awesome amazing Internet magic you weave on a daily basis, and you have to answer: "I work on a social networking site that's better than Facebook and emptier than Myspace."

Touch G+ after a year of not using it

Holy crap everything looks different

Holy shit, Google was actually spending time working on a social network that NOBODY used!

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Client-sided Captchas!
How not to design a CAPTCHA

Unfortunately Sony missed the entire point of a CAPTCHA. Instead of using an obfuscated image which is difficult for computers to recognize the characters, they include the CAPTCHA's unobfuscated characters in HTML and use CSS and JavaScript to make the characters appear slightly distorted.

While taking a Digital Image and Video Processing class (EE 371R at, I picked up a summer hobby of writing CAPTCHA breakers. Most CAPTCHAs can be decoded with a combination of Gaussian edge detection and XOR difference analysis with known characters. However this one falls to a simple regex.

Google+ is like Facebook if designed by people who aren't borderline psychotic.
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