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The most fun you'll ever have with a sword
The most fun you'll ever have with a sword

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New Blog post, looking at the 2014 animated movie Heavenly Sword

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Study Group night. Time to experiment

Birthday Party! Tonight 7pm, Southsider. Beer! Quiz! More Beer!

REMINDER! Birthday Party at the Southsider tomorrow, 7pm. I challenge you to try and solve my fencing pub quiz. You will all loooooooose

Congratulations to +Stephen Jones our newest instructor!

DDS in Southsider tonight! Even if you missed the smiting, come for a beer!

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This year's DDS AGM fencing event is combined with a Christmas celebration. The details are still being worked on but please mark your calendars for a day of fencing classes, freeplay and general silliness.

The traditional dinner will be at the Auld Hoose from 7.30pm and will include the much dreaded quiz

More details to follow

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The DDS Renaissance fencing course is now underway, but we're looking to recruit new students for the class over the coming weeks. Anyone interested can find more info on the Renaissance Fencing Edinburgh Google+ page, or alternatively check the main DDS website for details. Spread the word, all welcome! Every Wednesday, 7-8:30pm, usual venue.
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