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So I added sprinting, just to try it out. Double tap forward to start running, like the fast jump move thing from Unreal, but it only works forwards, like sprinting in most modern FPS games. It felt slow and weird until I added a FOV change as well, but now it's fun and addictive. I feel like there needs to be a drawback to doing it, though, or you'll feel like you're wasting time when you're not sprinting.
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Chris B
Stamina bar?
Or, for that matter, can't put down material or mine.
You should trip if you run too long, lol. :p
I love Notch :P And this will be amazing!
Maybe if you wall while sprinting, you take extra damage.
Please no UI for this -- and tripping or going extra slow after a while would be good. Silly to be able to spring away from monsters without penalty.
you get winded after sprinting a certain distance and move extra slow for a sec or two.
@Jan edit your settings so you don't get emailed when someone replies to a thread that isn't your own.
Catching fire is a little extreme
Craftable trainers that expire after a certain number of steps?
so you'll need to buff the minecart speed then ?
And is it really helpful? There's a slow, ambient feeling to Minecraft that you may not want to lose by adding this.
Maybe if you run too much you get tired and start loosing health? :D
Can't Attack, and Only for a certain amount of time (5 second sprint, 5-10 second cooldown)
While sprinting, if you drop off an edge (even a single block), you should stumble for a moment. You can jump to avoid this drawback, but you have to have good timing.
Chris, that's why it will be optional!

I think some sort of accessory slot should be used. You'd have one accessory slot, and are able to craft items to fill it which would become consumed over time. Opens the game up to more additions as well!
I like this idea, now i can freak out even faster when i hear... "Ssssssss...."
I like the idea of not being able to crouch or attack with this, so it's just for moving and movement's sake.
Sprinting should make it harder to turn, and also no attacking while sprinting. Or maybe you could be able to make a charge attack dealing extra damage
Maybe you can make a treadmill that powers redstone when you run on it? :P
Shoes lose durability as you run, and you can only run when wearing shoes.
Edmond Lu
Drawback? Let creepers sprint too.
Your weapon is unavailable for a moment after sprinting.
@Drew I like the Shoes losing durability idea. That should be part of the drawback.
How about horses instead? We could make stables, use wheat to feed them as well as saddles.

Also, what about auto-walk?
Since we already have armor boots, maybe there should be Sprint Boots? This would both add a resource burden on the player and decrease maximum armor.

By the way, people: if you don't know about the Mute button, now would be a good time to discover it. 8)
I agree on the no attacking while running.
I just disabled email notifications. Lol.
How about you can't do it unless you craft Pegasus Boots. That is boots + feathers = Boots with wings on them.
No attacking while running is reasonable, and some sort of shoe/boot item requirement would be fun. I'm personally very sick of stamina meters and the like, but I typically see running/sprinting as a form of long-distance transport, as opposed to a short-range escape mechanism.
Jump Further After Sprinting, Fatigued after sprinting? Turning more difficult while sprinting
Markus, would it be at all possible for you to make torches work in Furnaces? I was thinking about it and they could have an extended "cook time" because they don't have as much power as coal, but, there are many times I'm really, really deep in a mine and can't be arsed to hunt down more coal or go all the way back up to my storage to get coal, or wood to burn.. but I have an ample supply of torches on me.
Andrew, try carring coal + sticks with you, this way you can use it to craft torches or anything you'd like
Instead of adding a bit of UI for a stamina bar, you could continually dim the display until everything is completely black, like a person fainting. At first it would go black very slowly (barely noticeable) and then faster the longer you've been running. Also, you could make a heartbeat sound that becomes louder and faster. And if you're sadistic, spawn creepers everywhere when the screen has gone completely black :)
There should be a chance to stumble and fall into a nest of creepers.
Wow, never really expected this level of focus from Notch and Co. when rounding out the game. Looking good, Notch. :)
I guess Rodrigo, but having two slots filled when you can only fill one with torches seems counter-intuitive.. you know what I mean?
Oh, you know the breath meter? Why not use it for running AND swimming?
Sprint bar? It goes down when you sprint? And you do something like EA did with BF2 where when you constant sprint (exercise?) you can sprint for longer distances and it regenerates faster?
Stamina bar that is only replenished when a user sleeps.
To sum up all the good ideas I have read:

.1 No attack
.2 No building
.3 Stamina (maybe a certain kind of food refills it)
.4 Extra damage on impact
The sprint bar could go in the middle of the breath bar and armor bars.. just a thought, so you could sprint (or as it is..) under water.. to swim faster.
I like the hidden cooldown timer idea. We don't need to see anything on screen to know that you can only sprint for a short while..
Telmo X
Out off topic, but.. is FortressCraft the Xbox360 version of Minecraft? because .. it is pretty awefull.
When the stamina bar runs out, instead of being unable to sprint, the player could take half hearts of damage every couple seconds.
maybe you should only be able to run for a while and then you become slower than normally till you regained energy?
No Telmo, FortressCraft is something by someone who tried ripping off the idea and did it extremely poorly. David, the idea of being hurt because we don't watch our stamina is a bad idea... what if you're running away from creepers?
IS THIS OUT NOW?! im playing right now and its not working!
Could have it so you need leather/iron/gold/diamond boots to sprint, and they take damage as you sprint
I think sprinting would be great, a good drawback is a bar that replenishes. Sprint only when necessary.
+Wun Sick i like that idea, or make you become a bit slower till you regained the energy you used when running with the blur effect.
It's not out now. Notch added it for himself as an experiment.
I'd rather it be an accessory like in Terraria. I love the ambient feel of walking. Diamond boots to run?
running by pressing R is classic.
I like the idea of running until you pass out, so you have to stop so you don't run him to death
So to add to my shoes for running idea. Different types of shoes last different amounts of time (clearly, diamond lasts longer). But also, shoes are the last things to take damage from enemies or falling, so if you're running and all you have are the shoes, they take all that damage.
Brent M
Why so many suggestions geared towards giving sprint a disadvantage or crutch. Why not sprint everywhere? If walking doesn't have any advantage or uniqueness then why have it in the game? You're still going to walk when it serves you; exploring dark caves, navigating ledges, etc...
+Telmo X FortressCraft is just a knockoff. Trust me, you'll know when the real Minecraft is out. It's not exactly gonna be a stealth release.
Make the sprint meter work like the air meter. After a few seconds, you start taking damage. Then have it recover like health in Peaceful when you stop running. ¢¢
or make it so when your fatigue meter is low you swing slower and do less damage to monsters
The inability to use weapons and tools while sprinting would work well I think.
Perhaps some kind of simple bar that needs to automatically or otherwise reload. And also, if you're going to implement it: not just double tap for those of us who do not play Minecraft like a FPS, please. Instead: extra key.
Bringt it on! :)
Add a stamina system similar to wurm and make it so that stamina is dependant on food. Also, other actions (such as mining, crafting etc) could receieve an extra buff when performed depending on the food / stamina level (such as extra durability for tools, quicker mining etc).
I like the sounds of the screen darkening, then fade back when you stop.
I think it'd be cool if it was bestowed just by wearing boots, and the quality of boots determined the amount of stamina used.
+Shawn Pepin HA! trying to escape from a creeper and then dying from exhaustion, the irony.
I'd kinda like to be able to attack while sprinting, if nothing else because I'd love to see a Yogcast video with Simon headbutting a zombie :D
You mentioned making the character have to eat to survive. Why not have strenuous activities such as sprinting cause you to become hungrier faster?
You are encumbered and cannot run!
Hmmm.... Stamina bar would lead to new food functionality. But the durability damage to footwear 'feels' more like Minecraft. Having both might be a bit much. As always it's a tough road to walk, and I don't envy having to make that choice. The ultimate answer is 'try them all, and go with the one that is fun'.
Make it so it is harder to turn left or right when you sprint, and make it slower to stop. +1 for the screen darkening idea.
Can't attack and it only lasts 'x' seconds, that's good enough for me. Don't even add a bar or anything, just make it clear how long we can run for! Lookin' forward to sprinting!
HATE stamina meter

A few ideas:
- Lower jump height slightly while sprinting, so crossing terrain requires more skill
- Also: Long jump!
- Need to re-double-tap if you hit a wall (miss the harder jump)
- Maybe a very short speed up time (1-3 blocks?)
- Tall grass slows you down
I actually don't see a reason for drawbacks such as a stamina bar or limited time, not being able to attack while sprinting (like most fps) is enough for me.
I don't know if this has already been suggested, but what about taking sprinting and making it based on the amout of items in your inventory? If you have an inventory full of 64 everything you would either sprint slower or not be able to sprint as long. If you only have a few items like a bow and a sword (if you're out "adventuring" for example) you can either sprint faster or for a much longer period of time. Just my 2 cents.
Can't turn and/or jump while sprinting.
If you would let me, I would do strafe jumping, skiing, smart, wall jumps, power slides whatever the heck you wanted.
If you turn to fast, you stop sprinting
A stamina bar that makes it so you can only sprint starting when it is full or at least over 50%
Oh! You could do it like in Half-Life you sprint and then you get exhausted and slow down for a bit to catch your breath!
Jumping stops sprinting? So you can sprint to jump further, but can't sprint up a mountain.

Would work well with the jump and downwards attack!
Tariku: I imagine he's probably snook in a few new mobs that will require running away from already :D
don't allow items to be picked up while sprinting
Can't attack or jumping would be the first things that come to mind. Maybe if you sprint for too long you hurt yourself or something(tripping?) I mean, no-one can sprint forever! or maybe if you sprint too much you exhaust yourself for a period of 'recovery'
I would personally like it to be absolutely no movement left, right, or up, (and obviously not backwards) as well as not starting to fall until you are two or three blocks past an edge and when falling have essentially no air movement at all so that in the event that you sprint over an edge, there is no way for you to stop yourself from falling to your death. Thus, sprinting would be highly useful for going over plains, marginally useful for going over hills and small valleys, and essentially useless for going over mountains and deep valleys. This way, roads that you spend a long time building have more use than just avoiding obstacles. It sounds like an interesting feature and I am sure that it fits well with the rest of the adventure update.
Hearts drop slowly while sprinting? Cant attack for x seconds after stopping sprinting?
Give us a limited amount of time to sprint and a cool down to sprint again. Armor effects the amount of time to sprint and the cool down to sprint.
if you sprint at 88 mph you go back in time; definitely a drawback
You can't change direction (at all or as easily) and any jumping stops the sprint for a cool-down period.
Jerry G
Stamina Bar, maybe limited by your present hearts?
Sweat attracts monsters?
Like someone said, make it an item! some boots or whatever. Also make the boots break after a while like every other item!
Let us craft running shoes, that lose durability the more you sprint. Would be consistent with alot of the other stuff in the game! :) Materials: Leather and String :)
Tan K
hey thats realy cool
make a consumable that grants you 10 seconds of sprint when you use it?
Maybe sprinting should be a time limited bonus when eating pork chops or something
ENOUGH SILLY IDEAS. Here are all the good ones, plus some more:

you can only sprint when
- you are in a passage more than 2 blocks high
- you have more than 1/4 of your health left
- you are not wearing any armour
- you have nothing in your hands

you stop sprinting when
- you turn too sharply
- you jump
- you take damage

when you sprint you
- take extra damage from mobs
- take damage when hitting walls
- are noticed by mobs sooner
Sounds a lot like the way sprinting works in Borderlands.
I've never played Borderlands. How does sprinting work in it?
Oh, I didn't mean for that to be in response to your post, sorry. It was supposed to be in response to Notch's. I didn't have comments expanded.
very nice. I like the hidden stamina bar. Feels right in most other FPS'
Here's a suggestion:
Use a stamina gauge. Decreases as you sprint, refills as you stand still. If it drains entirely it cuts movement by 50% for a while. For extra credit, it could maybe act as a multiplier on attack power as well or something.
I like kens idea. Stamina guage is cool, also fitness guage maybe. GTA san andreas comes to mind. Eating cookies and cakes is bad for fitness guage, apples and eggs are good. Running out of stamina may actually hurt your health, how bad it does depends on fitness. Maybe players could even black out or puke. :) 16 bit puke would be confusing.
too much?
@Daniel Blumhorst Minecraft is 16 bit
Or hey, more suggestions! How about a chance to faceplant depending on what you're running through - like sand, and tall grass?
Or running + attacking = damage bonus.
Or not being able to instantly stop (SMB)
Or turning sharply while running too fast = plop!
Anyway, lots of great ways to do drawbacks. I'm sure you'll think of something :)
like COD after a sprint there is an exhaust period and you can sprint again for a shorter distance or save it and sprint again
Stamina would be a good solution... or the sprint lasts only 5 or 10 seconds, and has a short recharge time.
I think anything involving chance or stamina gauges is a bad, overcomplicated idea.
That sounds effective and fun. Have you tried not letting the player turn while they sprint?
@w e sayers
Did you ever notice the meter that appears when you are underwater?
Also, chance is a pretty widely used element in games.
I think this sounds nice for when you sprint:

-- You stop sprinting by slowing down - hitting a wall, letting go of the key, being thrown backwards by an explosion :D
-- You cant use anything (including items/blocks in your hand, blocks/items in the world. Exception for pressure plates, maybe chance of non-activate)
-- You auto scale blocks (your escaping so rapidly you just claw your way up blocks, sort of like a step height of 1 block. Maybe allow dashing over fences but also cancels sprinting right away?)
-- Your turning speed is severely reduced (Your focused on running straight forward. You dont have time for silly stuff like navigation. Maybe angle around the tree ahead of you, but anything else wouldn't be feasible.)
-- You cant jump at all (again, focused running. also means you cant get speed-boosted distance, or auto-scale up larger walls)
-- Either sprinting only lasts for a short while (5-10 seconds maybe?) or it can last indefinetly (just extending the penalty I mention below.)
-- When you stop sprinting you are slowed down for the same amount of time you sprinted
-- Post-sprint slowdown is of the same amount as the sprint speed-up (so if sprint is 40% faster, slowdown is 40% slower)
-- Speed-up and slowdown is BEFORE other speed modifiers (sprinting over ice is still faster, slowdown over ice is a crawl)
-- You cant sprint again for the amount of time you sprinted AFTER the slowdown (so sprint for 10 seconds, slowdown 10 seconds, cooldown 10 seconds)
-- Momentum! If you run towards a drop, you better hop its not steep :D (Note: Its never a good idea to run off a cliff)

A couple of extra ideas.... Armor could reduce the speedup (and increase the slowdown) by small amounts.

If your running at a Leaves block, you push through it, destroying it, and slightly damaging yourself.
make it use the underwater bubbles meter, so as you sprint, you lose a bubble (or something like that), when all the bubbles are gone, you fall back to walking mode, and have to wait for the meter to recharge.
I like alan browns bit about the leaf blocks. maybe something similar with spider webs, glass?
Ray herrings idea makes sense too.
It wouldnt make sense to swim until you cant hold your breath anymore, only to pop out on shore and start running top speed. - would have to change bubbles to something else though.
@Daniel Blumhorst

Ah, true. I was thinking of a constant energy meter, but I suppose something like that that appears only when you sprint wouldn't be so bad.

As for chance, well, in some cases it's okay, but "a chance you'll fall on your face" is just silly.

Breaking through leaf blocks sounds okay, but a speedup and slowdown system is, IMO, definitely complicating it too much.
@w e sayers I agree that it would be silly. But I like silly.
I would also like to add - RUNNING WITH SHEARS!!! NOOOOO
Sprint-o-meter, pretty much like any FPS, if you don't manage the gauge properly, your toon will become tired and slow down as it refills.
It would be nice and reasonable to use the breathing meter from swimming. It wouldn't make sense to be able to use items or attack, and you should both take double damage from mobs while sprinting and take damage if you hit a ledge too high to jump over.
have it so you have to eat 5 gold ingots for every second you are sprinting.
sa am
You could add hunger for the sole purpose of sprinting makes someone hungrier.
If you run into something, you drop whatever you're holding.
yeah just add a stamina bar its the best idea.
Start dropping hearts as your sprint, and you have to eat to recover them!
Making it deplete the oxygen meter would make sense, as you're "out of breath"
Maybe it could draw mobs closer because of all the ruckus and shenanigans you're causing by running?
Make it so that, when sprinting, the minimum distance you can be from a mob without it noticing you doubles. In addition, introduce a new mob of sorts that is faster than the player, but it has a smaller radius of detection than other mobs. This can make it so that walking will be a safer alternative to sprinting and allow the player to make a choice between the two.
I love you notch - From Australia
STAMINA BAR! It depletes when sprinting, you need to stay still for 10-15 seconds to regenerate it.
Sprinting attracts mobs from 3X distance and threatens Herobrine
You should add breath bubbles like for running out of air under water, a player gets winded. this could be a a small bar where air bubbles go with breath bubbles.
I would rather you have some sort of animal to make you go faster and it would need to rest after awhile. It would also have limitations as to where it could roam.
Horses would make a great use of the saddle, or just make pigs controllable and fast :)
Fatique, you can only run for 10 seconds and then need to wait for 10 seconds before you can run again

If you run for more than 10 seconds at a time, you will get burnout and move slower than walking for 5 seconds
Smack durability on leather boots! 
How about a short period of only moving as fast as you do when you sneak? Like you need to catch your breath after running.
+Markus Persson The Double tap thingy in Unreal is called dodging ;)
How about you need to craft and wear special "lightweight" shoes for running that expire while running around.
Big thanks for this, it's gonna give more fun for players during my Deathmatch tournaments ! :)
Have it not stop immediately when you let go - there are times when you really need to be cautious and overshooting would mess you up.
Yep, special running shoes for sprinting. Next you can add a bike to go even faster. After this you could add little creatures that you can train and battle with, and then ...hang on, this isn't minecraft... :P
Hunger would probably work. Force you to only sprint when you got enough food with you.
Sprinting, awesome :) Will stop to use carts for everything :p
You should totally be able to temporarily sprint across water. Just a few seconds would be fun.
Lee Lee
a stamina bar is a very lazy fix, a consumable item is a much better fix, perhaps one that you must have equipped to sprint. Im all for not stopping immediately when you run also, can't wait for the first video of a guy accidentally sprinting into a creeper.
pig rider + boat = horses.jpg
Eat something and get the ability to sprint for short amount of time. Perhaps a magic mushroom?
I don't think there's a need to disallow building and fighting while you're running. I have enough trouble already trying to kill creepers while I'm walking, managing to hit them while sprinting will hard enough as it is.

What should be done is to only allow running for a few seconds (10 perhaps), and show a stamina bar. Another disadvantage would be that you could get hurt more easily from falling (take damage from jumping off a height greater than 1 block) and from crashing into walls.
I don't like the stamina metre and shoes seem a logical idea but you would have to make them different from the normal armour boots. Also the time it takes to put on the boots(or maybe just have something in your inventory that you left click to add to boots?) or whatever could mean that you're already dead by the time you start sprinting. Personally I like the blurry/darkness idea or make it kinda trippy as if you're going to faint, or simply that you can't attack.
How about eating to reload your running bar? It will be like the blood sugar bar :D
Boyfriend's suggestion; "Pff, I say add a slide-kick attack when you sprint - knocks your enemy over and stuns them for a second or two :)"
Fatigue? Need to sleep after sprinting for a while, that makes it only for emergencies
Only when monsters are around or not carrying many items (light load) or can't attack while sprinting.
I dont see whats the problem if people used sprint all the time. The only problem is if there are monsters around, so maybe allow mobs to sprint for short periods of time also. Imagine a creeper sprinting towards you :|
@Kai Brobeil because it hasn't been released yet....
I like the idea of utilising the underwater breath/stamina mechanic, with a cooldown to start you up again. Also, while sprinting you should become more visible to mobs so they start heading towards you from further away - adding an element of danger when running at night and increasing the number of mobs following you.
Phil Mk
- slowly increasing speed to a maximum speed, so that running away from creepers is not that easy, but for long distances it is useful to invest that
- effect: no access to items/no building while and some time after sprinting, according to the sprint duration (with maximum time), but inventory access and interaction with furnaces or chests is possible (use case: coming home after a long journey and putting down new items)
- no stamina bar/extra gui effects/extra items are necessary: you just see your hands/item, when you have access to items again (hidden cooldown timer idea).
- maybe: after sprinting too long, you walk and cannot sprint for some time to regenerate (no need to walk extra slow after sprinting)
- maybe: when sprinting too long, slowly take damage (that regenerates slowly when not sprinting any more, like in peaceful mode)
- maybe: noticed by mobs sooner
- maybe: sprinting on sand is slower
- alternative: horses would really be nice and would add some more diversity to the everyday gameplay
- against: turning impediments (not realistic), not jumping (i want to travel far distances through the landscape)
Dont add running, add mounts are something like motor machinery with redstone and pistons???

Think about it, pistons can push other blocks, but what if they could push themself against for example water-blocks. This way we could make REAL boats, cars :)
Please no double tap! Imagine trying to get really close to an edge, you might accidentally double tap and run down the cliff.. It would be annoying as hell
Best ideas for Sprinting
- Attract mobs from double distance (Running is louder than walking)
- Max sprinting speed is affected by heaviness of your armor (leather: no speed penalty; diamond: most penallty)
- Carbohydrate rich food may make you even faster for a short while (cake etc)
- You should be able to swing a sword, but maybe with a damage penalty to simulate the difficulty of fighting while running.
- Snow, Sand = slower.
- Do NOT make running clumpsy with turn impediments or stamina bar or no jumping or no fighting. Stuff like that is just irritating. Tack :)
Maybe 2x was a little extreme. On the same trail of thought, crouching would make detection from a much shorter distance. Especially in the dark, sneak killing creepers ftw
Post-sprint, you shrink for a brief period of time. You know which part.
This is awesome! I can't wait to try it.
+Armin Fasold That may indeed me true, but real men hunt them down and stab them with a sword.
Momentum. Keep sprinting for a few secs after you let up on the key
+Phillip Vector The momentum idea is really cool, until you take into consideration accidentally triggering a sprint, and throwing yourself off a cliff.
I personally like the idea of a "stamina" bar (or something similar), a la Kings Field (which, honestly, Minecraft has reminded me a lot of - which is a good thing). You sprint, you get winded. This way, you can't do it forever; as Notch covered, not making it to where you sprint everywhere.

Of course, the stamina bar could cover all things that would expend energy as such; like, say, swimming, or repetitively swinging a sword. The more you swing the sword, the less effective your swings are.

Further thinking on it, this could even open up more consumable items; coffee, for example, could either give you a quick stamina replenishment or could make the bar's maximum amount greater for a set amount of time.
Can't look around while sprinting?
I hear a lot of talk on not attacking while sprinting. What if we made this an attack component for SMP. A la charge.

Increased attack

Footsteps are twice as loud
Damage taken if hi is increased.
You could make your character get side cramps if he runs too long. Now that would be realistic...
Another possible advantage for sprinting: Run on-top of water Jesus style only for a certain distance before you fall in.
Add a cooldown time maybe? Adding a stamina meter would ruin the simplicity of the interface :)
I agree with a "stamina bar" that would also affect your damage when fighting (sword, bows?), jumping and other things that are demanding physically :)
And you said you're going to make PVP more intresting.. this just kills PVP
Can't attack during sprint or take more damage while sprinting, maybe attacking ends the sprint but acts as a charge attack
Add stamina while running, much like the air meter under water. Should be easy and believable.
Remember that all sprinting has an inherent drawback: it rushes you into danger more quickly, and gives you less time to react.

Maybe you could add loud footsteps and labored breathing when sprinting, which would drown out other sounds (e.g. monster noises) and add to the danger. (And/or you could reduce the volume of other sounds.)
Ti R
Maybe add a stamina meter while running (like the breath meter while swimming), and when that runs out, you start walking again? And you can drink milk to refill your stamina meter?
Sprint too much and herobrine is removed from game.
there is a dire need in minecraft for some sort of vehicle. a horse would be perfect!
How about a slow down range. Just like actual running, you can't just stop on a dime.
maybe you should have to eat a shroom to fill a stamina bar?
Wow that is cool, never thought about the need to sprint anywhere, just figured that I would one day build a railway system everywhere lol
Stamina bar is annoying and over-done. Please no! Here's a better idea:

Special craftable sprinting shoes. They should look like this ;-)

You can only sprint while wearing them, and they wear down at a reasonable rate. They should be somewhat expensive to create, as running is a luxury.
I would increase the chance of movement detection from hostiles. Perhaps even temporarily lower the range of safety zone in which hostiles can not spawn from the avatar's central point.
Very cool idea, maybe have it carry a little momentum so you don't just stop on a dime?
Isn't a stamina bar how they use to solve that? 
The wait for 1.8 is going to drive us nuts.
Yep. change the breath meter to stamina and make sprinting and breath-holding consume it.
My favorite option are :
a) no or limited control while running (you go straight ahead, and can't turn, or not easily)
b) if you hit a wall or fall more that one or two blocks, you lose some life.
c) can't use items while running. (so you can't run and eat to restore your life)
d) slow stop (when you stop running, you slide slowly 3-5 more blocs)
e) need running shoes (shoes with a feather?) - Those shoes doesn't protect you in your armor (you can either run or boost your armor, not both). When you run, you use your shoes, so you'll have to craft new one after a while.

With that in mind, you have unlimited running, with some clear conditions and drawbacks.
I think a lot of these suggestions (not referring specifically to yours, Maxime) are a little overcomplicated. Just make it only usable every once in a while, with a cooldown time that is proportional (with a maximum limit) to the amount of time you spent sprinting.

Borderlands-style sprinting would be effective, I think. In Borderlands, sprinting movement is mainly forward with a little allowance for side-to-side adjustments. If you turn too much or stop, the sprint ends.
I've just compiled some other options i saw in the feed and I understand that you don't like a complicated option. However, your option can fit with most of mine (you suggest something similar to my "A" option. Your suggestion can also include B, C and D without denaturing it.)

I'd like something natural, and i'd prefer it to be without additional UI. That's why I like the idea of special shoes that wear out during use.

For myself, I like it when it involve a choice for the player. Something like a variable running speed depending on your current charge could be awesome (if you only wear a leather armor, or no armor at all, you can run faster than someone with an iron one). This could be cool on online server to create some chase scenarios.
Maybe you can't place items or attack while sprinting?
Make it so you can only sprint a certain distance, then it's disabled for a while.
FOV ftw! Crazy tunnelview. Gets Fisheye'y very fast but for short sprints can feel like Flash himself for a moment ;)
Well, you can get tired like on call of duty!
Well, duh, less control when sprinting. Isn't that automatically there?
Reduced visibility, increased damage to self if hit, sprinting too long causes minor damage based on armor type/amount.
Fantastic. Can't wait for the Adventure Update!
There is a drawback to sprinting; Falling off tall things, sometimes into lava
Possibly make it to where the sprint only lasts for so long and have a "cooldown" timer on it, as if you're catching your breath from running.
Whilst sprinting, a bar of oxygen appears. If you stop sprinting before the bar depletes, you'll be fine. If you let it deplete completely, you'll walk 15% slower or so, and it'll take longer for the bar to refill.
Unreal style sprinting? This made my day. :)
Must be wearing boots, and boots take damage when sprinting, just like using any other tool.
When this gets implemented i'll try to play unmodded for as long as possible cause when i get infinite sprint there's no going back
Just have it drain your flashlight battery while you sprint.
Walk a little slower after sprinting due to shortness of breath.
After sprinting you can't jump as high....which would mean making the default jump higher.....hmmmm :)
+ Boots should allow sprinting, and should degrade as you run (proportional to how durable the metal's tools are).
+ Boots of higher quality would allow faster running. Gold boots, being 2% the durability of diamond, would allow for the fastest running (much like gold tools).
- No attacking while sprinting isn't much of a penalty *sprints up to skeleton * *attacks * *sprints away *
+ A much better penalty would be not being able to sprint for a few seconds after taking damage, preventing combat from becoming too simple.
+ Faster sprinting on cobblestone. Building roads now has a use.
+ Lastly, don't forget to upgrade the max speed of minecarts and boats. We don't want our alternate methods of transport to be rendered obsolete.
i like the idea of making the screen darker or blurred in combination with making boots with feathers that wear out. It needs to have its draw backs but I would use this for going from build to build rather than running from mobs.
Yay! Only sprint for a limited time and when that limit has been reached, you walk slower than normal for a while?
I just hope sprinting will be slower than using a minecart ^^
Exertion => can only walk slowly after a period of time.
Not being able to attack, no sudden stop (so people risk sprinting off cliffs, heheh). That's all you need with sprinting to make it balanced...also you should now add parkour moves hehe.
What about a stamina system? You're exploring RPG elements, so why not give that a try?
The health bar could go a different colour then slowly go down, after it hits 0 you start getting hurt. Like underwater?
@Dylan Mazurek I was thinking the exact same thing. Then your health bar would refill Super Mario 64 style. Plus, maybe the more health you have, the longer you can sprint.
I don't want another bar in my HUD. The ideas of some punishment for sprinting (like stumbling on single step down or wearing out shoes) are better.
i guess you could just add a stamina sort of thing. make your character tired after a bit of sprinting. isn't that how it's usually handled?
Just disallow attacking while sprinting. Also, sprinting increases chances of falling down pits, so there's a drawback right there.
Will I be able to import my old 1.7 world into the 1.8 version? PLEASE SAY YES;
STAMINA, then you can add "fast mining" that reduces stamina but goes through blocks quicker but at a cost!
Mike D.
This Is Getting Exciting!
health loss over a period of time if you sprint too much could be a good drawback, another possible option could be that you can only sprint for a limited amount of time, meaning it could be useful for avoiding enimies (running away) but would not be overused.
Do NOT make health deteriorate. That's a ridiculous suggestion. It makes sense to add a stamina bar. Otherwise, don't add any other drawbacks. Sometimes walking would still be optimal, like in caves, on high ledges, etc.
make it that you'll start losing random stuff from your inventory if you run too long in one go! :D
Sweet...just what minecraft needs!
Like in water, you have a certain time you can do without injuring yourself… That and not attack and more vulnerable to mob attacks. Also, untamed wolves will chase and attack you if within a certain range! :)
I don't like the idea of sprinting. Like you said there's no drawback to it.

I remember in ocarina of time there was an exploit where you could jump sideways to get around alot quicker. It looked retarded and there was no point in running normal because you just felt awkardly slow...
How about you're simply thirsty or fatigued from sprinting. New use for water?
Typical stamina drain seems like it'd be an effective way of keeping that useful but temporary. There's a reason that so many games do that ^^ Is playing GTA4
Stamina, coupled with an inability to break solid blocks when sprinting. And maybe a cooldown? Where you walk slowly for a short period after sprinting long distances.
No stamina bar, doesn't fit with the rest of the game. Just make it so that you can't build or fight. The ability to explore greater distances in less time would be a decent addition. To those of you who suggest having to build items for such a feature, I say, it doesn't fit in. Disagree? Tell me why.
You should add a spear that you need to charge at a mob to throw at them.
Id always seen it to be an implementation in the form of boots much as others have said.

Though perhaps add an addition of 'feathers' to the boot craft to make them a 'Boots of Hermes' style thing. Typical more you use them the more they degrade in durability.

Higher quality = longer lasting.
notch... you have over run my stream. you and all your plus +1's damn you.
I think shift is a better key to hold if you want to sprint.
What kind of FOV change? I don't want to get motion sickness every time I sprint.
HEY, you know what you should do?!
Have a zombie spawn where the player last died with the player's items :O
It'll be awesome in SMP: An armoured zombie :D
Or even in Single Player :D
If you want to sprint you should have to have at least 6 open inventory slots open. OR the longer you sprint the more chance you have of randomly dropping items etc.
maybe a slight 'cooldown' after sprinting before you can perform any action, think of it as exhaustion. or decreased attack power / block breaking speeds
Don't know if it's been suggested and I'm not about to sift through 360 comments, but you should be unable to swing your sword when sprinting and your bow accuracy should drop. I think that's a fair trade off as long as sprinting is significantly faster than walking. That would also allow for weapons to be added that can be used while sprinting later.
EDIT: Also, maybe be able to jump farther if you are sprinting?
If only my purchase would go through so I would be able to use this once it comes out
Makes you hungry and thirsty faster, for when you add the realism slider that requires food and water of course... :D
I would say that you really shouldn't be able to use anything from your inventory while sprinting, not just your sword. Fighting, mining, building, even eating an apple while sprinting, all seem a little silly to me.
how about there is a energy bar? you can sprint, but only for a certain period of time. to re-fill the energy bar, you can drink water, maybe? It's kinda like doing cardio and re-hydrating.
You run out of breath, like what happens in any recent GTA game.
Please just don't have it last for 1.5 seconds like effing COD Black Ops did. There is nothing more annoying than having to stop after 1.5 seconds of 'sprint' for a 4 second catch your breath. I can run better than that and I'm horribly out of shape.
If you hit 88 miles per hour you can go back in time?
371 more comments is to many to read, but you should just only be able to sprint so far and then when you hit that limit your player will stop and walk slower for a few seconds or something, like fatigue.
Shift please :) I don't like the thought of double tap..
Meh.. Double tap is ok, shift is used for something else. Ctrl?
How about making it toggle-able? I recently had this problem with a game I made where people just said "why wouldn't you just make it the default, you're always sprinting anyways..." I solved it by adding a sprint bar because that's what fit the game, but I feel that minecraft is a game where you need to be able to walk for long periods of time when building and holding a button for ten minutes while doing that would be unpleasant. Toggle-able run/walk and held crouch.
Take more damage while sprinting
A air like bar, that runs down when you sprint, seems like a good idea.
What about if you ran into a solid block while sprinting you fall over? That way it's good to sprint on flat ground and down hill, but if you sprint into a block then down you go! Maybe even throw away the item in your hand too so you have to pick it up? :)
finally. sprinting was needed along time ago. thank you!
Not necessarily a stamina bar, though... I mean you could just have implied fatigue which regenerates without a bar? Like GTA. Some visual cues would be nice though... I just don't like the idea of more screen clutter.
You'd think that punching trees and all would need to take up stamina by that logic too, though. I'd hate to be limited to a few actions per x time period.
I have a corner case to be aware of for the current method you've discovered. Double tap results in a constant mining until I tap again on my laptop.
have a meter that runs out like most modern FPS games
I wouldn't go with a stamina bar or anything, that seems like it would get annoying. But not being able to attack, break or place blocks while sprinting would make sense. I would really only use it to get from one area to another (or from one end of a large project to another)
(Slightly) increased damage intake, perhaps.
when you hit a block while sprinting (that isn't like half blocks or stairs ) you get stunned and cant move for 2 seconds or something. xD (im not reading through nearly 400 comments to see if this has been suggested yet lol)
Can't use tools while sprinting seems the most obvious thing.
Josh R
Stanima, or a health regen system, which halts when running.
Stamina bar system like in Diablo II would work a treat!
Jack W
Either a limited sprint time, cooldown of a few seconds, or it takes a short amount of time to stop and/or sneak.
Can't attack while sprinting.Can't jump while sprinting. Maybe attacks for a few seconds after sprinting only do half damage?
Sprinting like in Borderlands. A toggle that doesn't turn off unless you try to turn too sharply, but you can't attack or use anything while sprinting. You could also make it so that you can't activate sprint if an enemy has seen you or is within a certain range, to address balance concerns.
Yeah, you've got some great ideas at your disposal here, Notch, so get at it! :D I feel like jumping while sprinting would be necessary, since players would probably want to be able to jump across wide gaps that they previously may not have been able to. However, a cooldown time would (although I don't really care for it) probably be necessary in order to properly balance it.
Make it similar to swimming... you have a stanima and if you overdo it you lose health
Make it so you can't jump while sprinting.

Good luck sprinting for any appreciable distance.


Actually, that's a dumb idea. Ignore me.
Can't use tools while sprinting.
Sprinting spawns +n creepers per 100 yards, 'n' being a function of the quantity of diamond currently in your possession and the density and area of your facial hair.
Ground particles in multiplayer/sp when you walk?
How about this - a cooldown when you stop sprinting. Sort of where you slow to a stop and there's a second before you can start moving again.
I definitely think it should be left as is, no stamina bar, but while sprinting you can't attack or interact with anything.
Fatigue bar? Empties while sprinting, fills up while resting/not moving. Can be upgraded somehow?
add fatigue, make caffeine drinks out of bucket of water and gunpowder, unlimited fatigue (or lack thereof) for X mins. :D:D:D:D:D:D
Add that you can't place blocks when sprinting
Perhaps while sprinting the terrain blurs, making it difficult to spot mobs/useful materials. I do however think that a fatigue bar is probably the best, most balanced way to go about it though.
You should add so you can only sprint for a certain amount, then you'll have to rest for 3 seconds. And I agree with Michael on no attacking while springintg.
Yeah, just add an energy meter like breath for swimming underwater so that you take damage if you run too long but so that you can't just stop and start again instantly and need to stay still/eat/sleep before running again.
The descreased FOV and inability to look sideways while sprinting should be drawback enough. At times one might want to stop and look around in order to maintain situational awareness. Just my two cents...
Sprinting should not be common have a bar that gets used fast but recharges very slowly.

Add an endurance meter that regenerates over time, kind of like your breath underwater. Because after all, you can't run forever in real life.
Nah, MC is based on exploration. Speeding past everything all the time has its own drawbacks.
Don't like the idea of not being able to attack, but not being able to place blocks makes sense.
The "stamina bar" is the least inventive, most ugly, and generally worst way to implement sprinting. Please, keep the crud off my HUD.

Besides that one, most ideas mentioned here are viable, but my favorite one is the screen-darkening feedback. It feels natural, it uses systems that are already in place in the game, and it serves the same informative purpose as a stamina bar without being hideous, arbitrary, and already implemented in hundreds of terrible games. It also alleviates the "critical mass" phenomenon that meters always bring about, by slowly reducing visibility and prompting players to stop pushing themselves before it becomes too difficult to see.
The best ideas I think:

-Sprinting uses stamina (no bar though, just some kind of screen effect, like blurriness or darkening of the corners of the screen to indicate fatigue) Stamina comes back to full after however long you think is best, then people can sprint again.

-Can't attack or build while sprinting.

-You sprint faster while wearing boots (or maybe you can only sprint while wearing them) but it drains their durability. This should make people only use it for instances when they really need it, such as running from danger or to jump farther.

Whatever you do though, keep it relatively simple. The reason Minecraft is great is because it's deep without being needlessly complex.
I really like the sprint when using boots idea. it would give us that play on peaceful a reason to craft boots
I think along with the screen-darkening idea, there should be a limit to the stuff you can do while sprinting. Like, you can't use items or place/break blocks while sprinting.
Can't sprint while wearing armor.
Only run with boots on, but the boots break at the same rate as holding down on pickaxe. This would make armor have a whole new role and make people want to mine for stronger materials
You have a curtain sprinting duration?
Jared W
Stamina? And in order to regain stamina you can eat.
I like the Stamina idea. But I'm against the idea that a player would have to eat to recover stamina. A player should only have to wait a bit to recover stamina.
can't attack when sprinting, and uses up breath like diving does
you get tired and loose 1 heart when you sprint to long then you walk slow for a bit till your not tired
Stamina Bar that requires training over time, sort of like an rpg element. You should make the sword a mastery too, more damage you do the more experience the higher the level the higher the output damage.
Make it so that you can sprint only for 5 seconds before having to press the key again.
I'd be fine with no drawback to sprinting, if you make a game with a world 8 times the surface area of the earth, there should be an easy way to get around in it
I have known a few FPS games to do that. You'll have only so much sprint power to use and you have to wait for it to regenerate, so you only tend to use it when you really need to cover some ground in short bursts - hence why it is called sprinting I suppose...
Perhaps something like oblivion, where you have a stamina bar and you do less damage when it is low.
I don't think running for too long should have a negative effect (losing health, blacking out, etc...) but rather it should have more of an annoying effect, whilst keeping it simple, I think a decreased field of view by blurring a decent portion around the edges of the screen would do nicely.I also think that there should be no stamina bar, but you should have to craft a running shoe of some sort (I saw a comment about crafting shoes with feathers, that sounded good) the durability on the running should would sort of act as the run time limiter. If you were to implement running shoes, I don't think you should have different tiers of shoes (leather<iron<diamond) I feel as if sticking with leather seems most logical (using metal shoes to run? really?) and it keeps it simple.

EDIT: Make the running shoe lose durability quickly, so part of the annoyance is having to carry around multiple pairs of running shoes and having to switch them out often. Also, please don't make it a double tap forward thing, maybe hold "R" then you have a natural decrease in side to side movement (it's hard to hold "R" and use the "A" and "D" keys to move at the same time)
Yeah, please don't make it double tap W... remap crouch to CTRL and make sprinting SHIFT instead.
Just make a carrot meter.
Make taking any damage while sprinting stun the player for 5 seconds. You could even make the player fall over and have stars spinning around their head. Oh and limit the distance someone can sprint to like 50 blocks and add a one minute cooldown after sprinting.
Stop users from using any melee items when they are sprinting
While on the transportation subject, will there be a form of travel without the requirement of rails, but actually controlling where you're going? Horses being the first thing coming to mind.
I like the boots idea, you can only run with certain boots on the you obtain from somewhere?
Give it a system where you have certain amount of time you can sprint for before becoming winded and have to stop sprinting. Like say 15 seconds of straight sprinting and then you have to let it Regen for a while.
You could have a good ol' stamina meter that slowly recharges, and have some sort of food that refills your stamina faster
You could make that any kind of food refills the stamina bar, and sugary foods like cake add more, and stale stuff like bread, add less.. :D
How about a breath meter? you get tired and finally end walking slower if you ran out of breath?
I know, you slide after you stop, due to the momentum.
Occasionally when sprinting, you trip over and lose hearts? You could then add an achievement called 'QWOP' where you only manage to run one meter before hitting the dirt.
Definitely should not disable weapon use. Sprint + sword swing should = badass sprint slash.
Please make for sprinting in forward-right and forward-left directions as well. And really, why have any sort of drawback to sprinting? I love in games with big worlds where you can sprint endlessly. Just make it so you can't attack or something like most games do.
Maybe you could add it so that you move at half walk speed for a little bit after sprinting?
Maybe make it so you can't use any kind of tools while sprinting?
wtb wall jumps/running, and free-climbing (slowly!) up a flat surface, even a short distance. maybe using the pick? chance of falling...rope off at heights? ...rope?
After running for 5seconds you walk twice as slow.
Perhaps a limit or penalty for sprinting in general, but unlimited sprinting in creative mode?
"you'll feel like you're wasting time when you're not sprinting"
I feel like that in every game...
You can't place blocks/use tools 10 seconds after sprinting?
Your health is temporarily limited to half?
You could add a stamina bar, and you have to eat in order to refill it.
Stamina could also apply to things that require physical exertion, like free climbing and wall jumping.
Amazing Job! I have been enjoying countless hours and eating it up! Psyched for 1.8!
This has already happened. 
Two words: hunger bar
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