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As pointed out in the comments on my last entry, I do have lots of followers here, but there is very little for me to READ here. I go to Twitter to read what others say, and post when I'm on there.
There is not enough content driving me to come here. Some indie developers post some interesting stuff, but I usually have heard of most of it through other channels.
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+Markus Persson Aha, well, that is a sound point. To the future then, Sir Persson! Maybe, when the skies are more blue here. In the meantime, use what works for you!
follow some of the google peeps.. interesting stuff.. i read them a lot.
G+ is still growing.. it's the classic "telephone" problem. Stay, contribute and People Will Come and contribute back :)
+Markus Persson there's tons of awesome people here... follow a couple hundreds... you'll notice the change.
Actually that's true. G+ isn't THE information channel for many individuals and companies. Masses are in facebook/twitter, so they are there as well.
He's quite right, unfortunately. Anything you can find on G+ you can find elsewhere, usually first, because nobody has adopted G+ exclusively.

It'll either catch on with time, or not. I'll follow Tumblr for now, instead!
get off here and go get 1.8 ready .. we can't wait!!!
oh.. and look up like the top 100 google+ people to follow and put them in a circle.. you will get all their cool updates...
G+ Isn't for the bleeding edge news! It's for keeping in touch with your friends and family :)
Keep up the Great work Notch! You and your team are doing great. And great job on the bug fixes on the latest Leak! Its looking Good ;)
The problem is that he's not interested, I imagine, in the whimsies of random people-- he has specific interests like most of us do, and gets his fix elsewhere before G+ is even worth checking.

It's actually pretty true for myself, too, and I use G+ more for small private exchanges with small groups of friends as opposed to using it to find interesting content. Interesting content I find elsewhere, from aggregates.
You are my personal hero! you are the person who has pushed me to learn Java! You made my favourite game and you have done so many gr8 things, You Are My HERO notch :D:D:D
start a hangout with some of these nice bethesda-guys?
Its done when its done.
be nice, smart and polite!
let notch and jeb find and repair the bugs from v1.8pre2

help them to find the bugs and stop whining
It all depends on who you find to add I guess. I have plenty to read around here, and gave up on Twitter as I just got spammed and never found anything worthwhile (yours and Jeb's updates being the only exception ^_^).
I mostly use it for funny links from friends. It's just like a secondary news feed of some interesting information to me
There's lots of things to read. Aren't these comments useful? Do you get this type of response elsewhere? Why don't you ask who to follow? I advise +Robert Scoble if you don't follow him aleady.
Try linking Facebook, G+ and Twitter. Post once to all three and combines all the feeds into one. Seems to work quite nicely :)
It's all about the hangouts right now. I've meet so many interesting people.
It's not about who, it's about what. He follows the people and things he's interested in. None of those things have information exclusive to G+, he finds it out on Twitter or FB or otherwise first. So why even stop by G+? Random, whimsical following doesn't make the experience better if it's not content you're interested in :3
do a random public hang out... you might have fun.. ;)
+Kayd Hendricks the thing is, you never know what those random followers will publish that may interest you.
The photography and tech community are very big on G+. When google plus opens to the public, there will be many more communities developing.
For me Google+ is quality instead of quantity (Twitter).
Agreed with +Philipp Currlin
Maybe Google+ is not optimized for mass information-distribution..

I've found very bright Nodes thanks to this platform and the general Tone of the interactions..
+Markus Persson I do think you have different expectations from G+ then what it really is. You expect to be informed. G+ is more about the conversation. You have a terrible handicap, you have too many fans, conversation in a public post may be impossible. But, you can work it out, circling specific people and having meaningful conversations there in that circle. And it is a lot different then FB or Twitter. Anyway, there are tons of interesting people here, that actually share and discuss interesting stuff all day. And we miss your humor and wit in those conversations. :)
You can substitute Tumblr for G+ and/or repost your musings there over here. It allows it to be reshared and given a +1. And of course, you can ask for feedback and get it organized and see what posts get the most votes, but I suppose reddit is better for voting.

My point being, G+ has its strengths and you can use them. Not to mention how easy it is to share photos/galleries and YouTube videos here. It's great for sharing information. Also, try using Sparks in the sidebar. You can get a lot of news for your interests from there.
The problem with Google+ really is the tipping point. There needs to be enough people posting interesting content here to seduce us away from Facebook. I like Google+ more because it's personal communications and twitter style stalking in one convenient place; but the thing is, all my friends are still using Facebook! :( I find I come here to read stuff bloggers post! Google+ needs to hurry up and eat Google Groups so communities can move here, or grow here.
You could always just follow random people who comment on your posts.
What +Collin Tangeman said. You could try me, Notch. I'm interesting! I promise.

Searches for cat videos to post on G+
Actually, I think I might start doing this myself. +Joe Pomerening welcome to my Arbitrary Entertainment circle. Please post cats. Lots of them.
I've already gotten a ton of followers just by commenting on posts. It seems to be the thing to do.
The only interesting thing I do is take photos of my Warmachine miniatures. If that's your thing, feel free to follow. Most of it is posted public. I'm not very good at painting them, but there's a nice progression from crap to okay.
Honestly, Google+ just doesn't offer anything compelling enough to switch to it primarily. It's still too young.
I'm with Notch on this one. You shouldn't have to find a reason to use a thing. It should either be already for that reason, or else you don't need to use it. Following random people is like desperately trying to find a reason for using G+, whereas in fact there is no reason. Personally I'm discovering that a few things happen on G+ and lots of things happen on facebook, so I'm treating facebook as readonly because I don't particularly like it.

For someone like Notch, you might make a separation between "broadcast messages" and "me and my friends" but that's already covered by twitter and facebook so why bother?
But... but G+ is hip, edgy and new. Thats reason enough! ...right?
I've found interest on G+ is entirely down to who you follow. Quite a few people in my stream are consistently interesting and I've had some good, intelligent conversations here - virtually troll free, too!
You can give people all the reasons in the world to switch from Facebook to G+, but nobody will, because there's no NEED to. Right now, Google+ isn't offering a compelling enough difference to Facebook for most people. It's enough for me, but not for everyone else. What we need is NPH and Nathan Filion. They'd tip the scales on their own!
google+ has always felt like a cross between twitter and a forum thread to me.
I don't use facebook due to shady dealings behind the scenes, and twitter is difficult for me to follow. I just like to give Google + a chance, but it really does need to actually get people to want to invest more time into it.

For now, facebook has a tremendous leap, in both features and functionality and it is more established. There's no reason to chose one over the other, it will just become a thing that takes time or adjust itself over time.
Here's the place that you show off, dude
yeah notch stay here and give us stuff to plus 1 =D
So be the one that posts the stuff others can read, so that ("they come back and start posting interesting stuff for others to read so that")*n
I think the problem is a sim0le one, people think G+ equals Facebook, it does not. I use it everyday, huddle is great, fast and on time. The circles idea is great allows me to post what I want to who I want. Still the whole idea for G+ is it offers the right medium to stay in touch with your friends, which is what Facebook claims to be. Hence huddle, Hangout and the different streams. Personnely I have very few pwople on here, and the are almost people who are my friends (apart from Notch, need at least one cool guy), unlike facebook which has a huge number of people I don't know, or have not spoken to face to face in years, and have nothing left in common with apart from facebook.
I have a lot more friends on G+ and Facebook than I have on Twitter. That's why I don't use Twitter that much.
I just follow the fan club on /r/minecraft, then it doesn't matter where you post, I see it all! <evil cackle>
When you say you go to Twitter to read what others say, are you referring to people @replying to you directly? My experience has been that the average Twitter post is much more inane than the average Google+ post, so the idea of going to Twitter to read what others say seems strange. The character limits and kludgey conversation system make it kind of terrible for carrying on actual discussions or talking about anything complex.

That said, I can see how some of the advantages of Google+ might not scale well when you get to the level of fame that Notch has. But for me it's been a great way to meet and interact with people to a degree that I was never able to before (with the possible exception of LiveJournal back when it was good).
I just keep it open in a pinned tab. I follow my coworkers and friends, and I do not use facebook. Twitter is too absurd for me, so G+ really hits all spots - and for all other news of proper size unlike the bloggy posts here, I use the Google Reader.
So I don't really come back to G+ either, I just never leave.
Honestly, I'm only on G+ when I actually open Chrome or my Chromebook. I've mostly been putzing about on K's netbook recently, not logged into my Google account.
Then make a circle for diffrent things that you want the MC community to talk about: Minecraft in general, bugs etc as well as to talk about your other game(s)
I refuse to get a Twitter account but I always want to say stuff to you! Maybe link your accounts?
Weellllll - if you post, there's something for everyone else to read. And if the dev/founder/god from one of the greatest game ever created posts here, maybe the rest of our mortal comrades will join in. aye?
1) Post something (thought-)provoking or something related to Minecraft/Mojang/whatever
2) Read the comments.
I agree, you're following boring people if you have nothing to read..
I hate to hijack this slightly, but unlike others, I don't use Twitter, I use G+ and FB, which makes communication with you much harder (oh, wiat, that was on-topic!)

Slightly off-topic, though, you need to look at Glass Panes in 1.8.2- they don't connect to half-blocks, slabs or stair-blocks properly. If it was jsut visually, it wouldn't matter too much, but it's also physically. In other words, in a house with said panes used at the "wrong" spots, I can't sleep in my bed without zombbies spawning isnide and trying toe at my face :(
as advice, I would hire the guys who made the aether mod. they seem to know whats going on
I don't have any Twitter account, and facebook is on my browser's blocklist. G+ just has the best interface and functionality IMHO. So I hope you'll stay here. You have the power to draw more people and attention here, just by posting some new screenshots or whatever.

Also, as others have already pointed out, just see it as a replacement for tumblr. Here, people can share your postings with others, the comment system is more reliable here and doesn't "lose" all the comments now and then, like that "disqus" system at tumblr.
joe joe
i use twitter but have become tired of the char limit. I agree with andre, you have the power to bring people here. esp if you show some unique content not available to other channels. but then again, you aren't reading this.
I wanna see more live coding from this guy - the last one was riveting.
As Stuart Eagles said: integrate Twitter in G+ with . Then you have both on one side and can share and read on both simultaneously. No need to choose one or the other if you can have both ;-)
I know how you feel, I think you are the only active person in my stream...
Fortunately, my feed is always updating with interesting stuff. But I do wish something like hashtags existed :P
If everyone I followed on twitter came to g+, not only would I only need one site/app, but also I'd get to hear more than one sentence from people.
G+ is growing. Personally I think the way you control your communication is much better here than on Twitter or Facebook so I'd say that coming here just for the reason to help it grow is reason enough.
+Andy Reeves They will spawn inside. It seems like the panes only consider the block closed if they connect to form a full window and, as the picture shows, they don't.
when is 1.8 coming out not pre- release
Check Twitter if you guys want minute by minute updates, plus Jeb and Mollstam have taken over production of Minecraft, Notch is working on secret projects.
What ever happened to minecraft mobile for iOS devices?... I was so excited about the project, however it seems it's been either put in a dark corner or thrown away? Do you need some good iOS developers? I know where to find some..,
Google + is great for talking to a small group of friends because now you have circles so the people you don't want to hear your post don't have to it's on a much smaller scale than Facebook or twitter and right now I think that's a good thing
But Notch, I used to love the G+ exclusive updates you post on here! I was forced to open a Twitter account to follow Minecraft, and was none too happy about it :(

Perhaps you could give Jeb a nudge and ask him to do a few bits on G+? It's people like you that GIVE people stuff to read on here! If enough influential people like you post stuff on here, enough people will have enough to read to keep them (and you) coming back here.

Basically... please don't go!
Ask google if they could open up a "brand account" for your company as they did for ford.

If you have even the smallest piece of sales man in you you'd realize there's a lot of great advertizing in that! (= (and i think minecraft would be just the thing google wants to create buzz around g+)
Google + is better than tweeter. Thank you for minecraft !
+mats bro - I don't know if it's a good idea to get under googles crosshairs... If you haven't realized they kinda are trying to control and buy out everything!!!
I for one welcome our Google overlords.
Yay... I cooked noodles and forced update and there it was: 1.8! Yay :-D
+Peter Nellemann perhaps I'm too much of a rookie; but i thought that the light level controlled the spawn... :-S
Would it be possible to add objects which actually use physics to hold themselves up? Ex. A bridge which can hold limited amount of weight or towers which actually need to be supported or they crumble into a bunch of rumble... Well if anything else here's a little game to give ideas....
I deleted my Facebook account :P
Sorry I just can't be there knowing what Mark Zuckerberg did, heard how he founded it a couple of days ago... a little late eh? XD

I'm pretty sure Google+ will be as big, it just needs time.
I think I agree with the tipping point idea. I myself managed to convince about 2 out of 50 people on facebook to jump ship which is a bit of a shame. On the other hand, no way am I going back to facebook due to their practices and ( seeming lack of ) ethics.
+Markus Persson maybe you should put more people in your circles? that's how you get updates, and you don't need to be "approved" by the other person in any way.
You'll be posting here again once twitter has its next run of fails.
Nice to see some updates from you here Markus. I totally agree with you. Sometimes G+ feels a bit deserted (probably like the other social networks were when they were new to the game).
+Andy Reeves Light level does, but if you tr to sleep in a bed that's not inside a closed-off house, you'll be awakon to an angry zombie/skeleton trying to eat your brains. This is what happens despite my house being entirely closed off and torches everywhere except for the window panes not closing into the roof :/
Perhaps if you put your google+ on you'd have more people to talk to. Just saying... 
That's funny because Marcus' 1.8 preview picts were about the only reason I was regularly checking G+. When he stopped I kinda stopped checking my G+ regularly.
i kind of feel the same way, notch-man. i follow a lot of people on here, but g+ just doesn't stand up to facebook or twitter in terms of the amount of content produced by the users.

ps: i'm enjoying the prerelease a lot! and i'm looking forward to the official 1.8 release.
I think some of you are missing the fact that G+ doesn't produce any content.

Also: try out sparks :P
And you "only" have 58 people in your circles. No surprise that you don't have much to read then :P
It does seem like Facebook and Twitter have the whole "friend/follow suggestion" system done pretty well, and that gives them a clear advantage over Google+. Additionally, it is possible to follow organizations on FB/Twitter, which can then easily lead you to the individuals that make up that organization. I don't see a way to do that on Google+ (although I may have missed it).
There should be a way to automatically post tweets to G+
There are a lot of interesting people to follow here, no matter what your interests are. Take a look around, I'm sure you'll find something :)
btw I found a bug in pre-release 1, I think
mushrooms got placed on leafs at generation, looks funky
I go onto Facebook every day and there is nothing but people whining about how it's changed and they don't like it now etc.... But not one of them can be even slightly bothered to try out just can't win!!!
Just glad you're here at all. I think the audience/content will change with time.

Partially because while there is less content here, it's more substantial than what I get on Facebook.
Its in beta still (much like Minecraft) but still not open to the public yet. Sadly most Google products stay in perpetual beta, and nobody knows when they get released. That and when it does go public, all the Justin Bieber fans will invade and it will be chaos. Do you REALLY want that?
Add all of your followers to a circle a start reading what they post? If you want G+ to be interesting, you need to help make it interesting (in terms of content.)
This is the future if we give it enough attention. FB and Twitter are fast becoming the new myspace... JOIN US NOTCH! JOIN US IN... THE FUTURE!
Literally the only reason plus isn't taking off :'( we need more people on it
Maybe you can try get some new stuff here, things that usually you don't read on twitter. I don´t follow exactly the same people here and on my twitter, and then I have interesting stuff to read here.
That's an interesting point, Notch. I think Google+ has tons more potential than Twitter or Facebook, but it's stuck in a catch 22 (like most things nowadays) in that everyone already has and uses Twitter/Facebook and no one wants to move because no one else will move and no one else will move because no one wants to use it.
To me it's just everyone being too lazy/scared to try something new - we live in an age where everyone (especially here in the US) wants the easy way out.
I <3 1.8 so far. I'm glad I waited. how will I ever get my homework done now?! MOOOJAAAAAAAANGGG!
Try out the sparks functionality on the left side of G+. One of my sparks, for example, is "minecraft". :-)
Sparks are cool, but I wish they'd lead you to more follow-able people, rather than just off-site articles and such.
Notch if you post more i will, also i am thinking of posting more about my game i am making now cuz of you ♥
You say this, but there's still hundreds of people who will keep checking every day.
hehe new slogan for Google+ "Notch use it, why don't you?"
Un Lee
That is the difference between "established" and "to be established".
Google+ need you Notch, so it can be better established.
Google loves you, Notch. They've even hired two little twin girls to stand hand in hand at the end of your hallway wearing G+ shirts saying "Come play with us, Markus."
My thoughts exactly Notch! I was just complaining about this the other day.
This is why I'm having problems staying on here as well.
you should make the earlier versions of minecraft available to the people that bought it so they can go on servers that haven't upgraded or so they can put older mods on.
you should go on google plus more, it has some interesting stuff if you look hard. and its also still developing.
good job on 1.8.
Good Job on 1.8 You and Mojang keep up the good work.
Yep, really enjoying 1.8. Played for a few hours on a friends server running Pre2 and had no issues. Can't wait for the release.
+Markus Persson I suggest you use Tumblr for general information or announcements, Twitter for what you currently use it as, and G+ as a kind of in-between. like to receive feedback from a generally helpful group of people on ideas that can't be compressed to 240 characters.
or of course to have an intelligent discussion with some of your fans =]
Chase S
Convince all your video game buddies to join Google+.
172..correction 173 comments...should give you plenty to read. Notch, you are famous enough to be a trend-setter. If you stay on Google+, then other people will join as well.

You don't necessarily have to write text and lengthy posts. G+ is great for sharing or linking to other things you find on the internet. The website-sharing experience is much better here than on Twitter.
Ya, Twitter is just what is sounds like compared to Google+. What a load of twitter. See?
G+ is redundant in the internet of today, but its interface and overall organization are nice.
I would just like some game updates every once in a while. That would be nice. The more you post here, there more interesting things will become, for everyone. :-)
But we all prefer not being teased at 140 characters at a time!
Please use this to give more details on what you got going on so that we can comment on it with out the fill in the gap game of twitter.
Love 1.8 so far. Any chance we could see upside down stair case blocks? It would make stairs look nicer if it had something like that both on the top and bottom.
I agree With John that way we can get more detailed information!
I support the upside down stairs, it would make architecture nicer too
For what it's worth, Markus, do you "follow" anyone on G+? I've gotten tons of great content. And the follow on discussion is really something you don't get from Twitter. Remember, the conversation is more than just the one person who started it.
Maybe you should start the trend to get people to move over here! =]
I think we'd all sign up for that newsletter you alluded to on Twitter. :)
If people like you regularly use Google Plus to make big announcements/reveal information that people like, the network's popularity will climb and you'll see more stuff come out.
I'm loving what you did with light in the update, though!
I don't use it as much because 99% of my friends are still on Facebook. Lately I've been using a chrome plugin that updates Facebook and Twitter from Google+.
I think im going to open a twitter account
Same problem as Tom O'Neal. 99% of my friends are still on facebook.. so I installed a chrome plugin to stream my google+ updates to facebook.
Try reading your Incoming stream. You'll have plenty to read there :D
I post here because of circles. If you're already using Twitter as your "Public" circle and Facebook as your "Friends and Family" circle then yea, you don't need Google+. If you want more specific groups along with other neat features like Hangout, then this is the place to be.

There is content on here (Veronica Belmont and Scott Hanselman are my favorites) but not as much as the other services with millions of users. I still check Facebook I just don't post there.
You can connect G+ to twitter and facebook by using chrome/firefox extensions (not sure if safari has one). One is call G++
I just can't stand facebook anymore. But I follow you on twitter anyway, so I'm not fased. Normaly just use g+ for close friends
Publish Sync is a good one to post to all. I find that you actually can have good quality engagement with google + - then what you can with a limit of 140 char. Thanks for a wonderful game Markus. My 2 1/2 year old daughter always wants to sit on my lap and play Minecraps! (Hahhah)
You are #13 followed on Google+, don't forget that!
Notch are you going to make it so that players will be able to take their character into other worlds and keep their experience, level, gear, and items they have earned? (Reference - like you can do in Terraria)
I've noticed Google+ slowing in the past month or so. I'm following other well-knowns as well, and they hardly post on here. They're way more active on Facebook. I like G+ and want to use it, but no one else seems to.
If I showed you my no-no bits on here, would you keep coming back?
My comment on you other post was meant for here... So I'll say it again, put more people in your circles.
I've been the same for the past month or so. But lately I've tried to really focus on making as many posts on here as possible, even if it means just re-posting from FB/Twitter. Just to get my usage up.

It won't do it on its own; people have to consciously start using it, and, more importantly, stop using FB/Twitter as their go-to for posting.
Dang Notch, you want me to start writing you poems? interesting short stories? What will hold your attention here?
Wil Ray
This is the only social networking thing I have...
NOTCH! PLEASE DON'T CHANGE THE BIOME CODE ANYMORE!!! It is sooo much more interesting!...and there are points of refrence! No more of this:
ME: Dude I'm over here on this hill thing
FRIEND: Where?
ME: Up here next to that little pool thingy with all the pigs...

Now I can just say go down the river and I'm up at the top of the mountain you'll see on your left...

Markus, have you thought of putting the snow on the really tall mountains?
Notch cant you see it?

All this people are writing comments because the want you >here< @ G+. We don't want to fellow on Twitter or Facebook we are here. You are such a great individual you would made a lot of people very happy with just a little post.
If it interests you any, I'm trying to make a HTML5-based game at least partially inspired by Minecraft (just some of its concepts, like creating worlds and collaborating, so don't actually expect me to go and make some Minecraft clone like a lot of people apparently have been doing). It may be a long time before anything comes out of it (or not at all), though.

Besides that, I'm working on a much simpler game. A HTML5 clone of the Gameboy game Bubble Ghost. Just to get the engine ironed out first. Bubble Ghost GB Full Game
On an unrelated note, you might want to keep track better what's added to Minecraft. I found a whole list of these small, simple improvements that I really appreciated about the new 1.8. Or you could leave people figuring them out themselves, I guess. :P
use it like you use twittr!
Its definitely more sexy than Facebook, however I assume the fact that this is still invitation only contributes to Google+ being a bit dead. Personally, I would love if Google+ would replace facebook because this is definitely more aesthetically pleasing.
You could use SGPlus or any other browser plugin to allow you to connect both FB and Twitter to G+ and post to all 3 from G+, as well as see your FB/Twitter stream in G+, either in the main feed or as separate feeds.
what's up with chests next to crafting boxes?
I was looking forward to following you on here. I would rather read your posts on G+ than Twitter. I can +1 something here and easily comment(I don't like Twitter so I don't have an account).
With Twitter, I find it is hard to wade through all of the junk and find what you care about.
I'll mention SGPlus again. It is very straightforward, post once post everywhere, merge twitter and fb into G+ stream, and even pull your fb pix into G+
UUMMMMM yeah Im not able to change my character now that 1.8 came out... Um yeah I want to do this as my little brother thought it would be funny to screw up my character completly right before i upgraded to 1.8. Anyone else out there with the same problem? Ive tryed using google chrome and firefox and neither will allow me.
It's unfortunate because when you share information on Google+ the content becomes much more easy to engage in. Twitter.. just doesn't work for anything under 140 characters especially group conversations. You make a valid point though. There was a surge in good content initially. Its been slowing down as of late. I'm hoping it will bounce back.
The lack of other users can sometimes be helpful, all the people on our server use Google+ as our main form of server-based communication, and its basically all the info we ever get here. but we still use it every day, equal in usage to FB. it has so much potential, it just needs to be public for people who want more interaction here.
I finally got it to work using mobile safari with my iPod touch... Lol wtf!
Ok is anyone else out there finding that creepers are even more annoying in 1.8 than before. My very first night I hide in the usual dirt hut; next morning I crawl out to see that I'm surrounded by 8 creepers! I sprint and jump across a ravine and laugh as they fall to their deaths, however I don't win completely as one of them decides to squat on my little house blowing up most of my house and destroying my precious bed which took forever to make as sheep are clearly not abundant in my world.
You're already too lazy to update the mojang site, the minecraft site the twitter and tumblr so why would anyone expect you to do anything here?!
He makes a pretty good point, the most updates I see from you are from twitter, and I begrudgingly check those because I despise twitter so; it's pretty disappointing when I rarely see any updates at all on the state of minecraft from every other media outlet you use that I have an account for (which is all of them except for twitter).
Jacob B
@Christopher McCulloch: You can't call Notch lazy. If he has free time he's allowed to RELAX a little. Stop complaining like a little girl who wants her toys.
If you are looking for interesting stuff to read about +Ryan Estrada is currently blogging about his trip to south america and his random acts of kindness. :) +*****. always has lovely pictures from my state's capitol.

I like it because it is a hub for any of my intellectual peers to post about their work and their daily lives. ;) it's more of the nerdy 'linkedin' for those of us needing exposure.
That's the curse of being an early adopter. Give it some time!
I agree with Michael Zinn , it's the issue with early adoption. This thing is still in beta, although Google would do really well to get past that and expand the userbase while some of the original buzz about it remains

They got an interesting thing going. If they play their cards right, they can get it big, and really give Facebook a run for their money. But the way they handle it right now is influenced by it still being a beta for them, I suppose.
there are applications ans extensions that can let you post to multiple social media sites at the same time. Use one of them and you'll be able post to us as well as twitter
du har gjort ett mycket bra spel! dock har jag inte den riktiga versionen utan den crackade :/ skulle uppskattas om du kunde bjuda på ett litet premium konto där ;)
I personally stopped using every other social media service. I think if more people viewed as personalities would do the same, other personalities would follow suit and g+ would have the content people feel its currently missing. Its just another case of "the new guy" going up against the established services.
There is an OS project called Diaspora, it's a social networking thingy that has ability to interconnect between services. Similar to XMPP (jabber) interconnecting between different IM services. I hope such a thing will become standard same way XMPP did.
+Kyli Rouge Huh? how does that allow social networking sites to interconnect?

what I am talking about is say, Alice and Bob are using different social sites. They want to be "befireinded", share stuff with each other etc. but they don't want to register on another site and they both prefer their own. Should the two services allow that then Alice could add Bob as a friend (or to a circle) regardless which service he is using and vice versa without registering in the service he is using.

That would be pretty damn convenient.
Notch, hoppas du läser detta!
Jag har mac os 10.5.8 och minecraft beta 1.8 fungerar inte när man öppnar en värld. Går det att ordna om jag fixar snow leopard?
Tacksam för svar!
Hej Notch.
det finns en bugg i minecraft kan du fixa det?
Det är en kista som inte skulle stänga! (Minecraft Beta 1.8.1)
You've gotta start following others yourself. One I did that G+ got interesting. And the content is pretty good. Kind of like a reddit-twitter ;)
+Kyli Rouge "legal" rrriiiiight.....
More like business reasons. Don't want people to use the competitor's service after all.
Mr. Persson, I agree on you in regards to Google+ not yet being the next big thing, I go on every day to see what goes on but not to many people have migrated from their facebook yet.. the moment needs to come soon, my body is ready!
Persson i agree as well, Google+ hasn't reached the public, because its a more formal site than Facebook and when time comes Google+ will get that edge and might surpass Facebook but until then i'd rather use alternatives
-Mention on twitter that you will be leaving twitter an hence forth making all new updates on G+
-G+ activity explodes over night
-Google pays you ten million dollars
-Profit... 'er MORE profit!
Your favourite way of consuming news about indie games might be twitter. But it is not always the best channel to reach people with different interests but however minecraft fans. I do not use twitter as it means much more effort for the same information as on other channels.
Just wait until Google+ beats Facebook. I can't believe people still use Facebook instead of Google+. -.-
People don't like change. Couple that with the fact that the majority of their friends are on Facebook, and you've got a stalemate; the vast majority aren't "techies" looking for the next best thing, so there's little drive for facebookers to switch. Yes, G+ is better in so many ways; unfortunately, they are too minor to create a large wave of dissent from Facebook. Until Google figures out a way to grab a large group quickly (relative to Facebook numbers, mind you), I don't see them beating Facebook (unless, of course, it's a mind-numbingly slow process of beating them little by little; but Facebook's guys/gals seem too hard-pressed to copy G+'s ideas to let that happen).
I believe the content will come, but not until more people come to Google+. Like, five times their current membership would be a good start.
Mr. Persson I have the same problem with not much being on G+ just yet but I come back every day! (Mainly to check your page)
Dammit Notch, lead the pack.
As someone had said, Notch, add some fans to your google+ to follow. I myself am a developer somewhat. Currently compiling a new Linux distro and would appreciate it much if you followed me and my twitter @mspecifications. It stands for Metro Computer Specifications. You're an inspiration.
PLEASE Fix 1.8 in the server grey particles are all over the place and wat about the fog control?
give it time, and I am sure it will be worth it.
Well Notch not sure if your going to read this or not, however I'm just going to make a short list of problems I'm coming across in 1.8.1.:
•Blackened blocks while in sunlight.
•Non stackable mushroom stew.
•Enderman are ripping every tree apart.
•Walking speed while bow is being drawn needs to be increased. Being chased by hostile mobs and having to stop to shoot is BAD!!!
•Extreme creeper attraction!?
I like the way the bow is now as well. Seems more realistic.
I'm loving 1.8 but now Minecraft lags, meaning taking on creepers with a sword is certain death. Is it just my computer or is everyone getting that?

I'm not having any problems with any minecraft lag, at all. Not sure how much more I can stress I don't have lag, haha. At least, no more than just the usual processing lag that comes with anything.
mc 1.8 is properly working on my 2 or 3 years old computer. And no more 'out of memory' problem at all either!
Our server is running perfectly, and we're running the unofficial activision Dublin server. Lots of QA testers playing minecraft ;)
You might find this of some interest to you Notch:

Also adding a "+1" button to your blogs would be a way to see how many G+ users are reading as well as the other social networks.
I'm not saying that I dont like the bow physics... Just to increase walking speed, even if that means a decrease in accuracy. I used to have the bow because it reminded me of legolas from lord of the rings. Now having the bow is more or less just a death trap, no more skeleton battles...
Hey notch are u a Mac or a pc 
Start follow me an i will only post stuff here ;)
Oh I have a nifty idea about the bow. How bout as you get experience and rank up you can gain new selectable abilities such as the ability to run and gun with the bow or perhaps a strength ability which makes mining quicker and or causes critical hits to be more common. 
Thomas, i think that have already been thougt of by many people, including Notch + team. :D But i still like the idea!
290 comments. and nothing to read huh.
Dude, you have to add people to your circles as well in order to see their content. lol
Get used to reading/posting here now so you can say you used it before it was cool! :)
Well, the problem is that no matter how good this gets, everyone already has twitter/facebook. So they go under the assumption that not everyone is on here, and less people flow into g+.
Please stay on google+. You're my favorite bearded fat hat wearing Swede with warm and callused coding fingers.
Makes sense, come back when this gets moar popular
markus you can do it in the houses are NPCs?
Post exclusive content here to make more people join!
Try asking this: What would YOU add to minecraft, if you were me?

Trust me, there will be plenty of cool stuff to read
If I were notch, I'd add more farming features.
Google needs to up their social network after Mark stole another idea
You should use your powers to bring people to google+ :(
Alex P
David Gil, really?? As if this interface wasn't so blatantly copied from Facebook anyway. Face it, it was too late game to be successful.
^implying any social networking site is any different from the others.
i love you notch aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh chicken
hey still coming back twitters all screwed up for me but with google plus still in beta (like minecraft) it can still have plenty of information, how hard is i tto look at the red button in the top right corner of google
I only get your Twitter updates through RSS feed, but I can't post anything. I'm probably going to do what my housemate did, and tag you in any bugs I post on here. If it gets missed, oh well. It's still Beta. I'll forgive you. <3 (sideways ice cream cone!)
I agree, G+ just seems sort of empty and unpopulated.
+Markus Persson, come back to facebook. There are circles now that work like on Google+ and there is a 'follow' option just like on Twitter! :)
Yeah they started copping everything good from G+, loosers..
Markus, just stay on twitter
G+ copied from FB, FB copied from G+

You know a good solution by the fact it is ripped off by others. :)
Dude, YOU are the content! I haven't been coming here because YOU haven't been posting! =P
Hell, I'm more interested in the development of MC than the actual game. Every time you update, it seems like it makes my system chug more and more.
I've since decided to play Terraria.....and I haven't looked back since.

No offense, Notch. You rock very hard, but your game is falling behind in gameplay.
Agreed. The layout is nice and the concept is good, but its not enough to pull people away from what their normal habits. Once they have a "must have" feature that is exclusive to G+ it might take off.
for minecraft you should make it so when you eat raw stuff you can get sick from it. also you should make the random villages appear more.
Terraria is Inferior lol minecraft is about 3d building not 2d even though there's gameplay... There's no redstone!!
Terraria and MC are different kind. Sure, you can build and craft things in terraria.. sure, you can have adventures in minecraft.. BUT there's a difference in gaming experience. Minecraft is about being creative, explore new and dangerous places to have more BUILDING material. In terraria you explore to have better items.. to EXPLORE.. i tried both and they are like cousins more than brothers.. same base but different experiences...
Dammit, notch. You want suggestions, you got em'. Make a penguin mob :D and make it only spawn in snow biomes!! And polar bears!! Delicious polar bears... :3
Oh and, I'm not aware if your aware this ban exisits, but there called Empire of the Sun. They seem like there up your ally. Walking on a Dream is there best song. Freaggin pump up song!
I think it's okay. And you're right. There's not much content here on Google+. I fully understand you. :)
It is on closed beta stage after all, I doubt people would even know what the heck Minecraft is if you made it closed beta.
And of course, the fact that it's not a social network. It's a sharing network, a place to share everything. Kind of a cloud version of social networking.
well google plus just opened to the general public you should give it a bit more time, i expect it to surpass facebook for the simple fact that google is driving it, it has all the features that i want with a little more of a mature looking buisness meets public feel. and with a company name on it i would trust with my life. im not hating in any way infact i am a huge fan of minecraft and sadly because of current living arangements and life things AKA high school cant make it to Minecon there are more driven people coming here than facebook i want to hear about whats going on in mojang AB and everything that will be out soon. after all thats why i follow Tumblr however i can give a better response on here and expect so can others. by the way i love the 1.8 update on the server side it really did make keeping our server up and runing so much easyer because we dont need buckit any more to provide our small playerbase with creative mode like features that we used to use so on that note i say Thank You.
Notch the best <3 I'm LOVE NOTCH
Do you check what people say on GetSatisfaction?
I Can agree with you, but if you look through the comments, you will see that people actually talk about the thing you just said and don't just scream "OMG 1.8 1.8 NEW UPDATE GAAH"
hi notch i love minecraft its my favirtit game thx for makeing it you made my life : )
Google + is still missing the big kick that everything need to get started, since there isnt a lack in social websites that wont help. Minecraft got a kick from player being able to make close to anything they want.
yeah and none of my friends have accounts on it
Well its finally gone public so maybe all that will change now
I'll always listen to u on G+! I feel like it can be your new Tumblr too, but still have short things like tweets... combine twitter and blog here!
i dont mind either way... its hard to follow you on google+.
Same thing happens to me.Nothing interesting to follow on G+. My friends are on facebook and other social networks. So I don't have any special reason to come here, except some people I met on Minecraft that made an account here.
Please, wait a while, patience is key here. It's an extremely new social website, and a i like it's format a lot more than twitter, along with quite a few people. so just wait and see(:
Come on, mc fans and just indie devs like to watch icon of indie development itself. Which is you. :D
1. Markus comes to the States.
2. They let him become President.
3. Markus recreates the U.S. in a Minecraft style.
4. ????
5. PROFIT!!!
+Markus Persson google+ is now open to all now... Just saying!
what if we each write you an interesting story for you to read here?
Everyone is just saying, "Minecraft=Awesome" Not that that is bad or anything, but it's just SOOO BORRING... so, i understand your "concern" Sheeya BTW... Minecraft=Awesome :D
Will S
1.8 has quite a few problems still.. including broken servers.. after 3 people the server almost crashes :(
I know its very demanding, but minecraft just needs more content to grab my attention. This, and I feel it should be more challenging, perhaps like the spawning at different heights system in the halloween update? This and endermen being fewer and tougher!
We can probably make this have more for you to read by posting more Minecraft-related stuff here. Bug-reporting via G+? ^_^
I'd like to be done with Twitter and Facebook; I like the look and feel of Google+ much more. I'm with the others wanting Minecraft updates via G+.
Google Plus, I feel, is quite neater than Twitter or Facebook. Its much simpler, with everything less jumbled up.
Welcome to minecraft. After 2 years in development, hopefully it will be worth the wait. I use google+. While I don't respond to all of my comments, I DO read all of them.
Thanks, and have fun.
Mr. Persson,
It displeases me that you have not added any Volcanoes yet.
They don't need to be super complex or anything, no need to spray lava out the Wazoo... Just a mountain with a crater/ tunnel to the centre of the earth filled with lava.

Expect this comment to be posted on all new posts of yours untill you follow through... Because I love Volcanoes.
mark add fricken volcanoes already... gosh
sorry if is said it too hars =)
Lovin 1.8.1 notch, your a legend only i'm a little worried Minecraft on xbox is kinda going to kill the game a bit? it was kind of special being on computer but now a whole bunch of newbs will think it's new and go round bragging and shit, as newbs at minecraft do, still love the game! <3
lol dont leave our school is crazy over minecraft first one person bought it now atleat 110 of the people at our dchool have bought it out of 223 people in our school so dont make us mad
YAYYYYY google + plua is available to anyone who wants it and i can finnally post on notches wallll
True. Google+ is much much more personal relationship oriented. I prefer google+ over say Facebook since it's built to let you share with just those who you want to share with. Less public, more personal. Twitter+GooglePlus is the combination I'm running with.
I am so SICK OF "THE CAKE IS A LIE" JOKES, has ruined Portal for me in many respects
Aha! I'm always trying to suggest something to you on Twitter but I'm assuming it goes into oblivion. Nice to know there might be someplace to get your attention.
G+ is out of beta.(And releasing on time)

Guess there will be more content soon enough when all the cool kids creates accounts.
it's because not a lot of ppl could get in before, i think you will have more feedback now.
If facebook keeps down the road of myspace I believe we'll be seeing more people 'round these here parts.
Are snowmen going to be in that leak/update you mentioned earlier?
Then just follow random people!
409 comments ... I think you have enough to read now.. lol
What about now? Now everything is going down. Google+ is beating The Facebook.
It up to you, you dont have to stay here, i just joined Google+ to check it out and it would be cool if you would stay here.
I was just asking in a hangout why I don't see post from the minecraft dev guy anymore. You have 90k followers though who might share the same interests. Give us all a chance.
I kinda think that's a good thing. Facebook seems really bloated to me. I got rid of my account a month or so ago.
please th elgend of notch must kontinue in every social networking sitee
all the things in 1.8 i was looking forward to are uselss till1.9
Guys, if he likes it, he likes it. If not, then he doesnt. Live with it. 
Comparing twitter to G+ is like comparing a trash can to a brand new computer. Twitter has forced it's way into our social media scene today, and is STILL failing while G+ is hardly even trying to market itself and succeeding greatly.

It's hilariously ironic that you favor the service that is the exact opposite of Mojang.
...also you want a business page for Minecraft, and they are not out yet. Personal blogs get pretty old pretty fast.
G+ is only 'succeeding greatly' when compared to myspace.
I only read stuff you post on here. So for the last few months, I thought you died. :(
But notch, if you post here there will be more content. If nobody posts because there's 'not enough content' it will remain that way indefinitely! Twitter, Facebook, etc. all started without many people use them :)
You may want to postpone that decision, there, notch. Facebook is losing tons of subscribers after that update, and they're coming here.
I would appreciate if you keep posting various information on here, Many thanks

1 of many Minecraft players
You need to follow more people! You get a whole lot more out of google plus if you have interesting people in your circles to read.
Honestly, I really wish this site got more traffic. It's amazing! Also, on another not, if you would post an occasional update, I'm sure it would make everyone's days on here. Just saying.
...also if you would post an occasional update to the bugs created in each new version you release, that would also make some admin's days! The seed showing on F3 and the duplication bug are absolutely killing us... both are causing numerous admins to stunt or prevent update of a multitude of legitimate survival servers.
I think now that Google+ went public, it will be used more frequently. I noticed that since Facebook made changes, some people have jumped ship.
Oh yeah, I was like the only one who used Google+ in my circle of "friends" but since the recent Facebook update my Stream has been brimming with activity. It's like pretty good timing on Google+'s part to have it open to the public now.
understandable, its still slightly new, who knows if it will take of or not
Hey Notch, I thought you were adding Scrolls to the game? I haven't seen a reference yet
Wait...this isn't twitter? IVE BEEN TRICKED
Benjamin thats a really good idea! I agree for the mega sign! I want even bigger! BILLBOARDS!!!
With G+, you can actually post pictures instead of links, you can get a ton of feedback, and people can +1 comments, so you can see who agrees with what!

There at least has to be a way for your tweets to be posted here automatically (or vice-versa)...
Yah, because there's no need to request to b in a circle, this has a twitter feel. Idk I cant get my self to get off of here it's so awesome. The only reason I go to Facebook is to tell them to get on g+
Hey we can get more personal with u here since there's less followers.
Now that its open to the public, you wait, the masses will follow. This is a facebook and a twitter in one. My facebook is going and i never got a twitter.
You've got 92,292 Follower here and say Google+ is unimportant? Sry, but I can't understand you...
I get that. This is the first time I've been here in a month - there's no real USP if you're already happy with Twitter and FB. I'm sure Google will win through in the end though - our personal data is just too valuable for them to stop trying ;-)
Same, We should see a lot more people migrating from Facebook to here after their really bad changes to the site.
Google + WILL be the new king of Social Networking.
There are a few bugs with 1.8.1 one is that u cant destroy blocks as fast when u are on a ladder
@Chris oh- that's not a glitch. Its been that way.
On this subject I don't think it matters where notch posts his info. Eventually you'll find it if you actually want to know a step by step process. XD could just be patient
To me, it is up to the users of Google+ to bring more people in. I recruited my family, but I also need to get friends using it as well. As dirty as it sounds, I'm using Facebook to bring in more people.
The lack of response is likely due to the fact the Google+ was not open to the public until one or two days ago, only people that were invited could gain access to the site as far as i know. That said, of course you won't get as much feedback as public sights such as FB or Twitter.
But I feel like Google+ still beats things like Facebook. Problem is that Facebook is already well established. I will cross my fingers for Google+ to actually catch on.
Facebook is a peace of shit! I hate Facebook. Google+ ftw
Google+ is now public, going to be alot more to read.
Isnt this a catch 22 - because there is no interesting stuff to read, im not gonna post interesting stuff to read?
ey Markus. When is the nether update coming up?
What I mean is minecraft beta 1.9
Colin B
Any new weapons possibly in the next update?
Heck yesh, +666.
There is a search on G+ now. You can use it to find interesting people to follow that might post stuff you are interested in!
My IPod needs the REAL Minecraft
SO true... (and don't forget my iPad too...)
I want Minecraft (with my world) on my Nokia 5310, but thats impossible, when that Nokia cannot run Opera Mini 5 :( Love Minecraft :)
come on notch there will be more people comming from all of the social networks to google+
Herro! What you mean? I've commented, shared, followed and 1+'d you!
Are your mayn fans not enough of an excuse? I know that hearing from you will be the only reason I'm coming to google+!
soo about the 1.9 pre-release, i found soo many bugs like pigman don't walk if u attack him :P
Yeah, so capes are EPIC! dont you agree? (HINT HINT)
You may want to wait a little while, google+ doesn't have many people compared to facebook or twitter. Eventually people will check out g+. Of course, considering that this doesn't fail like Buzz...
Not enough to read? Heres something: Consider a tropical biome!
G+ is like twitter because of the following functions, but is also like facebook because if you follow them back it acts as a facebook friendship. Its the best of both worlds here.
Max K
I hope you'll post more on g+ in the future!
I wish I had a Twitter so I could totally tell Notch to make like a sequel, like ModernCraft, where you don't punch trees and eat pig to survive, you go into the Earth that everyone has left, and its up to you to advance technology and everything! And then like you can teleport and fly but you can't share it with anyone... and that would be really koolio!
Notch, my friend found something you HAVE to see.
I posted a picture of it on my profile.
It is NOT a prank.
It IS minecraft related.
It DOES scare me a little.
Hey i have a question will there ever be magic in minecraft i know maybe 1 million people may have asked this question but i want to know realy badly if theres a slight chance of magic like frost spells and fire spells and arcane magic coming in the future sometime?
Can you reduce the numbers of ocelots in the jungle?/???
I'm sorry if this is irrelevant, but I thought, that if glass panes and blocks were destroyed, maybe they could drop glass shards instead of dropping nothing, and glass blocks could drop 4 shards and panes could drop 2 shards. And, if you put them in a furnace, you could melt them into a glass block. I also thought, maybe you could throw glass shards as weapons, like chicken eggs.

Sorry, I don't play minecraft. But that was my idea.
I know this isn't the best place for suggestions, but I think +Markus Persson , and his team should add millstones, and perhaps windmills like featured in BTW mod. It would make things a bit more realistic for grounding flour, and could lead to more recipes down the road. Ex Donuts.
A lot of people are making herobrine mods.What are you going to do.
notch i am your biggest fan mc rocks how long have you been working in morgan your awsome
g+ is pretty new and nowadays you can get lots of great and funny information
Hey Notch I'm a dedicated player an was wondering if you shed some light on the release of the new 360 updatr
Notch! Can you add in Emerald tools and give me the emerald cloak. It will look like 2 emerald pickaxes crossing each other, and can I be in the 1.3 trailer?
In my idea minecraft is the biggest waste of money since car air freshner or tickets to a bobcats game
I rlly want to see him without mods.....
is herobrine real
btw i LOVE Minecraft i play it all day every day
i wonder if he knows hes the most awsomest person alive?...
Hello Notch,Please get upgrade.Slenderman,Copper Ore,Tin Ore,Machines,Jetpack,Hopper.
1.5 is bad!
Upgrade the Minecraft HD!!!
And Free Minecraft Account Event.

My name is Olivia, and I have a problem with the iOS version of Minecraft. I had a iPod, and I bought it on that device, but soon I got the iPad mini, and when I put Minecraft there all my worlds were gone because I had to restore it. Afterwards, I forgot "temp" means when you copy a world it is temporary so I took my most important things with me from my iPod and copied the world onto my iPad. Later I found out and of course started freaking out. I got so frustrated I deleted the worlds and made new ones. If you could in any way please help me. Thank you for your time.

Markus, I was wondering, in the next version of minecraft, can you add: Microwaves, Fridge, Freezer, and make the Villager's skin into Steve skin, of something like that, to make it more real( and add names above them too please) - Jason
is it true u have a gold name tag and u are op on every server????
Cher Markus,
J'ai eu  "bonne" idée
Minecraft sur 3ds!
of course, elle n'est pas encore décidée....
markus i was wondering where i can sign up to help mojang because i think that is the coolest company in the world and i am very good at java code and minecraft!
and i will fix this bug so the accounts will work because someone hacked like a  huge ammount of accounts and i want to fix them!
Notch I have the same birthday as you :)
Bro mine craft pe what r u going to do about the next update
There is a lot more stuff to read on Google Plus now.
Shout out to G+ on twitter. We all know g+ is extremely sexy 
Hey Notch my friend suggested this 4 Minecraft:A drawing table,w/ it you can draw on your leather armor with dyes and you can make yaour own paintings.Awesome idea huh?
on a server i saw someone type notch died irl (in real life)!
Hi Markus I am very grateful for your cool game! It has become my very favorite game! I do not know how you react to my suggestion, but I suggest to the game to add a backpack to Increase Inventory for example 15 cells. He will craft as chest in place but will stand deoeva skin. I hope that you understand correctly. 
A fan of your game-Andre...
Everyone say this chant with me! In Tu14 we want ... Horses Horses Horses Horses Horses!
yea can u add magic/enchanments to blaze rods and sticks? I would like that please? :)
bring horses in the next xbox 360 update for minecraft
noth hello I wondered if you help me with my minecraft not let me have volume and have no berciones and pay much much but I only 1.8 please answer me
He doesn't work for consoles and he quit and sold minecraft
notch, can you make a lego set called lego minecraft: the curse of Herobrine or something witha new character who looks like steve with white eyes?
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