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Reworking the biome code. Interesting stuff. Will probably allow for rivers. :D
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Tom Owen
Rivers call for one thing - FISH!
Jan Sandeel
Rivers you say? Possibly lava rivers as well? Volcanoes!
Rivers are probably a good thing. I usually build them just because their aesthetic qualities :-)
Rivers, great! More fishing to come then? Or brownbears?
Can we have lockable chests/doors + keys PLEASE??

Aww go on!
Yeah! Rafting from the top of a mountain down into the sea...
Nice, I'm planning to make world of my country from SRTM data, rivers with SWBD would be great!

+Luis Gardete & +Aidan Smallbone ... it would be great, I agree about visible fishes but I'm afraid of heavy load 'cause in real world we have a lots of fishes in the water... And maybe +Markus Persson may consider lowering a number of squids, it's too unrealistic.

... hey guys and what about birds? Going to suggest these in the forum 'cause here is a lot of lol/awesome/sweet/rivers/nice crap :(((
New use for boats... white water rafting!!
Nice! Definitely looking forward to it!
Now to see who will win the race to post this on reddit. Just think of all the karma.
Hey Notch can we have visible fish in the rivers?
a litle fish sprite just like the bubles when you dive
That sounds awesome. Good job Notch!
Will the water be flowing or will it be standing like in seas and the ocean?
Or Killer Karps like the ones of Dwarf fortress! xD
In fact I see rivers and waterfalls in my MC worlds all the time xD
underground water is allways cleaner! :P
Will they use a new type of water block or just flow downhill? either way it can't be worse than having to manualy landscape areas like I've been doing so far.
working water physics would be awsome... so far its more magical gel then water
The thing that comes to my mind when u said Rivers, is... water snakes .!!!
Ben W
@TRENT nah I think he should stick to his creations or our ideas not other premade stuff.
River sounds great! can we have more details? will the water like decrease or will they be level, but moving!(:
I think it would be a good running theme, it could really erode into the gameplay. I hope he dosen't meander over them though, and keeps flowing at full speed on this, don't want it damming up. Could be an idea to take to the bank - lets hope he isn't just fishing for gimmicks...
any idea when the new update will be out ?
@Jake he said he wont release that info until he has it.
Am I the only one who stopped playing beta and went to creative mode until the adventure update releases?
rivers!! nice!! :D I smell boat sheep races! :D lol
He does need to add a use to the silver fish sprite he hid in the codes...
Will there still be the issue of water currents going against each other after you remove a block from the water? Or will the water always be flowing in the direction of the river?
Finally.. i really hope we will be able to control them ;)
well not single player but us creating adventure maps for multiplayers :D
You should call the rivers 'scrolls' and see if anyone gets pissed off
Whoo! Rivers! Awesome idea, volcanoes sound cool too :))
Ingram erupting volcanos fuck that'd be scaryier then creepers! No more wooden houses n hidden crops! :p also It would make cobble rivers. :p
with rapids you will need a more durable boat, thats for sure!
perhaps adding cow leather to the boat :P
Nice! So volcanos with lave rivers will be possible, maybe crossing with water rivers and so on? going deep? looking forward to it
Huge high ceiling caves lit up by epic lava pools that erupt, back on topic lol!
Imagine rivers and waterfalls with the canyons
Would it not be a good idea to release an interim update? I feel like I am going to get drowned in all the new features :p
Damn...flowing water kills my crappy laptop...
Rivers, that's good. But what about a release date on the new update 1.8.0? Come on! I want Adventure! :D
Uuuh rivers! But please remove that "probably" in the sentence... Pleeeease!
I've been waiting for rivers since so long :D
Thank you so much !
I like building rivers and canals in my world. I am glad to hear they are being worked into the biome. Very neat.
Rivers - awesome! yes please. How about rivers that start above ground and work their way underground?
Awesome! Will the be deeper than 1?
Wouldn't it be cool if different biomes where covering differently large areas? Imagine a enormous desert, an atlantic sea or some vast snow landscape. As it is now I feel like i can walk like 3 minutes and I'm suddenly in a small patch of snow with like other small patches of desert or forest around it.
Jerry B
Looking forward to seeing them flowing in my world.
I only just realised Minecraft doesn't have rivers :O
With rivers, make it so you need to build a water mill to turn wheat into flour to make bread... Water mills are cool! 
And the only thing that would be worse than pirañas would be... Say it with me! SLAUGHTER FISH!
rivers sound interesting. Have you considered natural disasters? Like Tornado's, Volcano's and earthquakes? :D
Can you please make it so biomes are saved in the save file so we can use an editor to change it.
+Cailan Cook that's been brought up so many times, but that would be really tricky considering the engine as it stands today, and also make for incredible difficulty in building. ie. "what defines a structure that can withstand an earthquake?", "can blocks within that structure also stay intact?", etc. plus the obvious "what defines a manmade structure"? because you can't have a constantly dynamic environment. Minecraft is already resource-intense, and that would destroy hard drives. No-one would want to host a server with that amount of extra stuff...

+Darwin Bell What, the area that defines a particular biome? because the whole world is already in the save file... and that would be so broken. Certain weathers are associated with certain types of area, and each chunk cannot be redefined to be a different shape, so no matter how you read your question, it doesn't make any sense.

+taylan unal Given that a river, by definition, flows, I would assume that they flow downhill... otherwise they would have to be either all source blocks on a fixed Y coordinate, or they would have to break physics....
That whole thing about Notch being god to several million people? Still holds true.
Now I got you in my circles! ;) (Nu har jag dig i mina kretsar!) :D
You mean a river can actually work with the current water physics? :/
Does anyone know when the water will return to "natural" behavior?
+Robert Stettner That would be amazing, but I can't see it happening. Imagine accidentally leaving your server up for a few days and coming back to find no floor under your house... plus, that would only work if all blocks "fell"... because while sand and gravel would work, dirt would be hard, as you'd expect it to "fall" too... and stone,etc would usually stay up unsupported for a while with nothing under it, but would eventually snap due to its own weight... way too complicated... look up one of the projects Notch used to work on for that sort of thing; Wurm Online is far more "real", so you might find that sort of thing there. I've never played it, so I wouldn't really know...
Are rivers going to be introduced into 1.8 or a later version? :) Keep it up!
I'm sorry Markus, Bethesda already own rivers. You can't have any in your game.
+Michael Mroz Cheers, I didn't know it existed. Will have a look. Oh and you are quite right, erosion would be more of a problem than anything else in Minecraft. But, what I mean, erosion to be taken into account when seeding a world, with possible dried up river beds etc.
Rivers? Funny, I kinda missed those. With flowing water of course?
Booya !
I love teh MC !
I hope you will still update and introduce new stuffs/improvements after the game is 'released fo' real' !
Keep up the good work ;)
Also, will there be videos of 1.8 when you show it at PAX ?
Simon S
Well everything is better than it is right now, well no that its bad, i just think that its stupid to have a tiny desert in a middle of a forest or haveving random 1 blocks of snow at osme places. also rivers are pretty cool, and if they are going to lead to seas (if you follow them) its going to make it even better. Also sinse you will have to drink water every couple of days in survival mode in the upcoming 1.8 update, is there going to be salty water that you cant drink (that will be obtainable form seas) and drinkable water that you get from lakes, ponds, rivers etc...
+Robert Stettner
Oh, right. Yeah, that would be pretty cool. I guess that's what the ruin thing's about, though. Making the minecraft worlds look less flawless and slightly more realistic, with the whole evidence of past civilisation thing. Dried water beds would be good, but the flatland biomes are not too unlike that, I guess. You know, the really huge stretches of flat grass with long grass on them, usually near water?
Something I'd really like is something between normal hills and those collosal natural landmarks with unscalable sides. You know, like a normal mountain? :p
+Michael Mroz yeah exactly... mountains with spurs created by erosion from water... with rivers and valleys that look natural.... also possibly with volcanic and tectonic characteristics... I'm not sure if there is an algorithm to seed such natural landscapes... but I'm sure one exists out there
+Robert Stettner Dynamic volcanoes and tectonic movement would be a nightmare for both the players and the poor computers hosting the servers, but a "snapshot" in the seed would be good.
I'm certain it's possible, but whether or not Notch will bother is another thing entirely... certainly a lot of the code could be optimised (I have a friend who deobfuscated a lot of it in order to write his own modified server), and there have been some interesting decisions made from the start (ie. having single player as its own game type rather than a local instance of a multiplayer game)...
you could say he's.....erectin' a river... YEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHH!!!!
wow, rivers is something I have wanted! very nice
Will we have to restart our world for these changes to take place or will there suddenly be a random river outside my house?
Mike H
+Martin van der Wolf Disable your avast web rep plugin to get rid of that text in the bottom of all your comments.
Rivers sounds awesome - much love for all your work Mojang!
Better say something before the comment space runs out!
Yay! I guess.
woot awesome! i suggest making lakes too! could then maybe differentiate between sea water and fresh water, and have a more finite water system XD
So good. I wonder... will they flow?
Gina Mh
Awesome! I know someone on The Shaft podcast will be happy~
SCAM! Quit peddling your snake oil Markie Mark... biomes, endermen, npc towns, it's all been done before, you're clearly just after funding. Cut the crap and stop trying to sucker people in to your latest scheme.
Thank you ever so much! I very much look forward to "endless wetlands" going away.
Awesome. I always wondered why there were no rivers. Now its time to hope for rain to actually pile up and make pools of water.
YES! ive always wanted to have rivers implemented!!!
If you tweet it, Notch will listen! Well done sir! Thank you for possibly reading my tweet on adding rivers! If you didn't see my tweet, great idea!
That is amazing. Can you explain how you overcome the larger obstacles? Especially the ones that people keep citing on reddit and other forums as "why rivers will never happen"
1.8 is going to blow my face off... among other things.
A moment, i felt like i would die. Of happiness. YEAAAAAA!!
Ow my fuckin GOD!
Does "rivers" mean with actual flow? Or just linear bodies of water?
I hope they flow into giant ocean biomes.
Does this mean water is going to get reworked to flow differently?
I'll be taking the day off the day the adventure update comes out. :)
YESSSSS rivers is something I wanted for so long!
Will they flow? I would love to see a flowing river.
M Kanke
Sounds pretty nice!
OOOOOOOOH YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WOOHOO 1.8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Will probably allow for rivers.

What about the ability to enable changing biomes, like seasons as time progresses in the game? It would be pretty neat to have the rivers and have em freeze over for certain time periods
we would have to get lots of wheat for the winter :P
I think the map generation will need a readjustment in the way of elevations, now with rivers the map will need a lot of big up and down places for make these run.(sorry my english)
having good water physics would mostly solve lots of problems!

and create others xD
I think erosion would be cool... water flowing over certain types of blocks would wear them down after a while...
Rivers would be interesting, indeed... with flowing water? So does that mean you could put a boat in one and ride it all the way to the ocean, potentially?
We will need better boats then ! But that's a great news !
are you going to fix water? like make it run?
We always tried to build rivers but it's not that easy to make it look good...
i was thinking, it would be nice if redstone was like electrisity, and you would need a waterwheel to power redstone, think about it, rivers + waterwheels and maybe aquaducts, that would be awesome, i would really love a use of water other than crops.
and beeing able to dring water would be awesome as well so please introduce a glass!
That will be cool. will there ever be a chance to see tides or floods?
Please improve boat mechanics to allow for white-water rafting in Minecraft! :D
Ah rivers! Does that mean there are going to be robotic laser guns?
Marc M.
Rivers?! Yes! Make rivers!
minecraft lose his point? imagine the possibilities! all the engineering you could do with nice water physics! isnt the point of Minecraft for people to create awesome things?
Would be cool if they had current... making them annoying to cross. :P
how about water that drains instead of an infinite flow?
Long rivers? Something we can boat down, connect towns by and they can even go underground!
I'm waiting for the release in Xbox 360! :D, Good Luck with all your future projects and congratulations for Minecraft!
Sounds neat Markus. Any chance all this stuff is going in 1.8? :D Would be nice to get all this major map changing goodness out of the way in one shot. :) I hate telling people, "New features guys. Time to start over fresh! I can import some of your old stuff with worldedit but you're likely going to lose all your underground goods." I think they understand but it's never fun. :D

While you're at it, why not add some coral reefs and scuba gear?
I'd really love to see a red rocks style canyon biome. That and tropics. Adobe, palm trees, volcanos. Gimme.
Rivers? We need bears that catch fish near the waterfalls! =D
Rob Bos
More ugly discontinuities in existing maps. :(
Maybe canyons too then? I want my own personal rio grande
Rivers sound wonderful provided they don't start and stop randomly. Kind of like the strange borders between desert and grassland areas (though that's been better the last few versions I think)

Could we get larger biomes, as well?
Add tornadoes. That'd be cool. haha.
Finally! Maybe you should make it more realistic by making the rivers source come from snow biomes?
Rivers huh? Keep up the good work, sir!
Will these be moving rivers with current or just long and skinny ponds?
Now you just need to add mud and give Terraria some competition.
Rivers needs Oceans to flow into!
I know you've heard it before, but I'd love to be able to paint blocks. This could also be used to stain glass like +Twizz Just Twizz wants. Keep on cranking, man...I don't think I've lost more hours to any other game.
Markus you are my hero. one day I will work for you I swear it! LONG LIVE NOTCH
If there are going to be rivers there should be gold nugets in the river 
I think it would be great to have a Biome brush for Creative gametypes.
YES RIVERS and to the seasons idea.
Rivers would be nice, then maybe you could bust out your canoe and ride down the waterfalls into a gigantic pit or something
And, I don't think he means he's going to re-work the water code.. maybe make some downhill stuff to get flow, or, maybe just simply make more river-looking-things, instead of fifty lakes. I highly doubt he'd change water flow, unless he's said so already.
rivers! your blowing my mind notch your blowing my freakin mind. That can lead to water mills which can make electricity and grind wheat and stuff. Blowing my mind man
What Minecraft really needs is Ewoks, just saying.
Speaking of waterfalls and whitewater rapids, foamy white particles and thundering water noises would make them extra awesome. :)
Rivers!!?? That's totally sweet! Maybe that'd be the tiny thing missing. 
been hoping it gets a bit of a rehall sometime. Rivers sound awesome. One of the patches made one of my populated deserts freeze over and some of my fountains near it. It would be great to be able to manipulate the biome of an area.

But will the water be flowing? I don't like water flowing behavior as it is right now. In closed areas (like riverbeds) it should go much further before it sinks into ground.

Yes, I know. All these commenters always know better. ;) Don't bother. Keep up the good work. :)
RIVERS? I shit my pants with excitement!
YAY. Notch i would just like to say thank you for MINECRAFT. i used to be on the computer just learning coding and stuff now I play minecratft and learn java script. Thanks
Finally! Cant wait for 1.8, its going to be so epic.
+Michael Mroz Right now I can alter the landscape however I wish for things such as adventure maps and custom landscapes but I can never control where it snows and where it never rains. That is controlled by algorithm within the Seed for the file. The Moisture and Temperature values that generate biome need to be separated from seed. My ultimate goal would be a thrid party tool that allows me to paint moisture and temperature, and then the game fills in biomes with randomly generated landscape.
Eddy L
feels good man
What about earthquake triggered mudslides?
Please make the boats stronger so that its worth to sail the rivers.
we need a way to pick up boats like we can pick up minecarts... maybe
Will you be able to re-direct rivers? It would be fun to construct some form of water wheel for machines or power.
Make boats worthwhile! They break way too easily.
Oh please tell me you're making it snow in snow biomes, i hate it when it rains i snow biomes.
Add massive oceans too! Please!!!
I'm super excited, but what I'd REALLY like is if rivers would transfer water to placed, and if water could fill up an area. One of the first things I tried in MC was digging out a huge lake-sized area and building a house in the bottom, and then placing water source blocks around the edges. It didn't fill up. I was sad. :(
That sounds like you'd have to make the water system not completely useless.
yay, then maybe you could look at the aether :D
Beavers and dams along the rivers would be great.
Chris M
awww yeah! me gusta rivers
Ahh, how I would love to have some kind of streaming video feed of your screen as you program... It would be insecure as heck and I advise you avoid doing it, but still the same, I would love to watch the code grow.
I still think it'd be beneficial if you were to make fluid dynamics a little better - For example, if you dug under the ocean and found a cave, and you dug straight up through the cave, you could empty the ocean (or lake, more realistically) into the cave. Also, you could make volcanoes/fountains if you allowed for water to be 'shot upward' or perhaps made a plumbing/piping system.
Woho! Now just hoping for better water behaviour :(
yay, i dont have to make them myself anymore!!! :D
A River Runs Through it...and by it, I mean the Biome, and by a river, I mean "sssssssssssss"
Will the rivers be flowing with the tears of my foes? Darn.
could you try and redow some of the water physics if your adding rivers? have say the normall water as water spawners and water out of buckets just fill one block. this could also add more difficulty on using water if keeping to vanilla :D
big minecraft fan
minecraft 4 life
Can the rivers go through canyons? Because that would be awesome. Also: Sinkholes!
Implement the finite water mod (exept for rain and puddles ruining redstone)
I expect nothing less than Biome-changing Endermen at the end of this.
Biome-changing Endermen would be awesome but not cool if they move half your home how funny would that be lol
all i got to say, its just a suggestion.... birds? is it possible? its Minecraft isnt it?
The rivers should have like waterfalls and cascades
In swamp biome there should be crocodiles laying in the shore. When you go in the river, they do the same and start hunting for you. ^^
rivers will be awesome notch
how about a volcano biome?
YES! Volcanoes with new hostile mobs! Great idea.
420 247
Too late, the fullversion is there. Notch, there are so many possibilitys in Minecraft. And, sorry but Minecraft is still the best game, The 1.0 Update wasn't the best... So i hope you will make a 1.3 Update or something like that. A new Volcano biome would be great! :-)
volcanoes would be very cool but the full version is out!
i personally really want to see volcanoes and mayhaps some sort of sky dimension
sky dimension would be cool if it had like new mobs for there tht u could like summon
yeah like mayhaps dragons and/or some sort of flying pig/cow type thinger
Now all we need is for the rivers to flow! That'd probably be insane to code though, I suppose.
Sandstorms in deserts! Good Idea!(maybe when it rains elsewhere in the world, the desert could have a chance of having one?)
If you were in the desert then sand would blow sorta like snow but sideways and it would hurt you the same drowning does and mobs in the desert would run for cover. It would also be awesome if enderman built little sand forts to survive sandstorms
Yeah that would be cool. Hard AIs, but worth it... and also u need to add pyramids. That would be amazing. traps, diamonds, mummy mobs, the possibilities are endless.
I thought it would be cool to have more tamable mobs, like geckos, or to tame pigs if you put a saddle on them. I also thought it would be cool to have a placeable fish bowl that you craft! like a u out of glass on the crafting table, a water vucket in the middle, and a raw fish on top!more tameable creatures would be awesome. im like an old cat lady. you step in to my house (in Minecraft) and there is practicly a cat on every block! lulz....
i think you should be able to make cars
well i think all the most popular mods like buildcraft IC2 redpower 2 EE and thaumcrafts' apis should be added into actuall minecraft.
Zac Varg
Hey Markus, I get bored on Minecraft. I want something interesting.
I think maybe a world selection of Superflat, Normal, Large Biomes
and Tallest Mountains. Why dont you make Emerald Weaponry such as... Emerald hoe, Emerald pickaxe, Emerald axe and Emerald sword. Also, add Herobrine again! And make Emerald armor!
Plz 1+ this if this is a good idea.
how convenient 500th Comment!!! BTW. LOVE MINECRAFT!!!!!
500TH COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!  but this profile is da fake
If you know what the ExtraBiomesXL mod is, can you please add that into 1.6 or whatever the next update is?
nao entendo nada que voceis vala mais so fa numero 1 do notch e do Herobrine e uma pergunta e vendade que o herobrine e seu irmao de verdade ou so no jogo
Also, a lot of my friends say that they prefer the old biome generator to the new one, I think they prefer the oversized hills that it used to create
AWESOME! Can't wait for minecraft on ps3, ps4, and ps vita. Then i won't have to bug my friend to play minecraft
lol this was a while ago you have given up on minecraft and google plus notch u traitor. I love the game you made btw. Ur epic.
Hey Markus!! (Notch) you should add lanterns and, for a scary Halloween surprise, you should add a Herobrine surprise on Halloween day!!! I've heard rumors that you're gonna add the Red Dragon to Minecraft. Here's one question for you. Please respond. Who is the person you see the most at MineCon? You are AWESOME!!!!! One more question, is Herobrine REALLY your dead brother? Okay, please respond!!
Markus!! I have a VERY important announcement!! Is Herobrine REALLY your brother? BTW, could you make villagers a bit less annoying? That would be TotallyAwesome! Thnx!
Its In polish use translate:
Zróbcie rzeczy ze szmaragdu i powiedzcie gdzie jest blok komend 
hello Markus!!! iv never talked to you before. im a little nervous. do you go by notch or markus??
your cool can we be friends and can me and all mineraft people be my friends thanks for minecraft
Markus when are u deleting herobrin from pe version herobrin is being a pain in the ass
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Hi Notch! What's Your favorite Minecraft???(example: Xbox Minecraft, pocket edition or pc?)
notch is a creator of minecraft and powerfull man in minecraft world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Notch pls add 15.0 to MCPE, here is some, armor stand, guardians, hardcore mode, ender pearls, and horses, also rideable pigs and horses
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Dawn of a new herobrine you will all have heard of me by 2019 go on Xbox one edition minecraft and if you find a server called Adam Murdoch press on it and you'll find me and die HAHAHAHA sweet dreams notch
Markus i am brazil oque vai ter no minecraft pe 0.15?