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The new mob I've been working on is a bit creepy..
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Creepier then creepers? That's...creepy.
Are... are they stealing sand?!
The night shot helps the creepiness.
Looks like floating octopus monsters, cool!
Creepy Spider guy that throws death at you!
It's carrying a block. A sand block. Is that my block? Did it take my block? Is it going to take my stuff?!
Is that one in the middle carrying a block?
"a bit" is an interesting choice. They look like shadows. Shadows that can manipulate their surroundings. My houses may need better defenses...
Oh god... black mobs steeling blocks? Nope, not gonna tell those jokes, forget it!
It's Holding a Block!!!! Look out, It's got a block
Awesome stuff! The more mobs the better!
Hats off to you sir
Hmm, might these tall shadowed things be rapists? :P
oooh, i really like this one. creepy awesome aesthetic, like the apes from Princess Mononoke.
I don't want mobs touching my blocks ;_;
These neeed to happen! They're so awesome and creepy.
Oh no. They can carry blocks? Possibly build/destroy? I'd call them griefers.
Ok, what do we know?
They can collect blocks or pickup block items and hold them.
They can collect grass blocks.
They are in a desert-flavored Giant Mushroom Biome.
What can we logically deduce(Read: guess)?
They spawn at night.
They burn with sunlight.
They can break your walls(Block collection).
They are creepy as fuck.

Looking forward to 1.8!
It reminds me a bit of slender man. I may have a hard time sleeping whenever I see one of these.
Oh lord. One of them has a block. I'm afraid.
AHHHH! Notch! I am never leaving my house at night again!
Minecraft has never lacked in the terrifying factor and I see this trend will continue. Good stuff!
omg, weren't you happy enough to give me nightmares about creepers?!? this is even worse! I won't be able to sleep...
Notch, you could post about taking a crap and get 100 + comments and a +100... LOL
And what do you call this creature?
That is Uber-creepy.. WTH notch :P Im already afraid of Creepers!
Am I the only one concerned about the tree? That's not a standard leaf texture.
@marcus Pleasurboat That's a mushroom
Damn, I hope you wont finish these...or I will have to stop playing minecraft...I won't be able to sleep...
Reminds me of the Dark Ones in Metro 2033. Will these be as creepy?
Oh wow, I hope it's a slender man variant!
I'm scared! That's Slenderman... and Slenderbro! Or Slendersis? Or Slendermom? I don't exactly know. It's too dark to distinguish...
he reminds me on salad fingers^^
You sure you won't be releasing more updates up to the final? Villages, these mobs, all awesome to have, even if just as decoration to our worlds ....
I saw this over on Reddit and the first thing I thought was, "Wow, that's creepy." Good to see it was intentional.
It's the eyes that make it extra creepy.
The more we think about the SlenderMan the more real he becomes..
I see I am going to need more fire... or better yet lava.
I'm never going outside on Minecraft again! It's scary as!
If you don't see the eyes, you are already dead.
Umm..Let's see. I see long spindly legs, glowing eyes...I'm Scared!
Looks like something out of Silent Hill. I hope most mobs now spawn in caves and dungeons instead of the surface.
these are terrifying. I wonder if they destroy structures???
If that really is Slenderman, this is the coolest day of my life.
eeeeee ^_^ can't wait til this is out, we'll be swamped trying to cover all the features!
Creeeepy mob!!! Why the heck is one holding a block? AI has it minecraft?!?!? Oh well, keep the suspense :D Of course, posted to :D
That is definitely creepy! What do they do with the blocks? They're going to brick up all my doorways, aren't they. O_O
silly people, its the villagers! :D
Do they steal blocks from the environment?? that would be kind of annoying if you come back from mining and find your beach stripped of sand!!
Having mobs that carry blocks really is creepy.
I would literally shit bricks.
Gina Mh
Sweeeeeet~ This is going to be great Nightmare Fuel. So excited!!!
this looks like a walking squid
I wonder if all of this is gonna work in multiplayers servers...
What is the deal with every shot being taken at night?
Can they... take apart structures?
Now we need anti-griffer traps in SSP too.
Just when I felt safe going outside of my little hovel at night.
Well he did say that he is adding NPC Villages... maybe they build their own villages?
So, they steal stuff, or just alter terrain. Are they evil? Do they eat brains? Do they burn at sunlight, or they build a lair to protect themselves?
They look cool, hope they don't attack you first. I would laugh so hard if you stab one and they turn red and charge viciously at you.
Hey! Where's that dude going with MY sand?!
Will I be the only one editing the texture so it's wearing a suit with a white face? ......
Notch please give them real voices xD. Sneak up behind you , "Hi" in a light whisper. These guys have so much potential to scar children for life
Notch adds Slenderman to Minecraft. Minecraft becomes most popular creepypasta game ever.
Building slender-men! This will ensure i get to bed at a reasonable hour each evening!
They look like squids walking and carrying...
No face from spirited away of course
oh hell... it is slenderman!!!
This makes me want a mob that will build little monuments and stuff while you're not looking. Whenever you come too close they scarper, and if you try to destroy their finished pieces they come at you from all sides and attack! :D
two are holdign blocks... one sand block and the otherone a dirt block hmhmhm... they have really looong legs xD
is that a giant mushroom in the pic -__-
Just another reason to be afraid of the dark.......
Vlad K
I'd love it if these guys were passive unless you attack them... or break blocks they place?
Looks scary. What's the yield of it, feathers? Hehe.
Awesome. A bit Hayao Miyazaki-ish in design.
Fantastic! Creatively simple and amazingly creepy. My favorite.
Wow, creepy mob is creepy. Zombies got anorexia and mated with ghasts?
The one in back is holding DIRT! he's gonna move my blocks! more torches! need more torches!!!
Slendermen! This is totally awesome, I can't wait for the update.
Please make these mobs have a common awareness of your presence. It would be very creepy if they all stopped what they were all doing and stared at you all at once. oh and It would be awesome if they were territorial.
Nooo, they're building!
Those look familiar. Like shadow things I've seen in some anime...
God those would scare the crap out of me if one just appeared out of no where! But why the hell is one holding a block. That just makes it creepier! Then again are they aggressive or do they just want a hug! :D
I hope this is as creepy in game as it looks. Because it looks pretty terrifying.
what happened to silverfish? unless..............
fun fact: there are actually 5 mobs in this picture
Wow, they can pick stuff up. That is scary.
I can imagine...

Creeper: -Hey dude, I wanna blow up that house, but I can't.
New-super-creepy-mob: -Heh, no problem, I'll just steal his wall/door and you're in !

Fuck everything about that.
Why are they so creepy? Why are they holding blocks? I MUST KNOW!
Am I the only person who doesn't think that they will destroy your stuff? If they do that would break the game in my opinion.
Looks like I'll be building a moat of lava around my house tonight.
WOW damn, thats scary...i wan sum good mobs :( sad face
I don't want to live in this world anymore.
your mobs freak me out. but nowadays theyre more of a nuisance because i've gotten used to them. here's to hoping this new mob will make me cower in a 2x1x1 room
Sure that one take and place blocks, like a vicious parasite that change the landscape while you are digging a mine at night.
Then you go out at the morning, and you can't remember where you have built your house. Poor of you.
My question is are the going to make noise? Silent then a noise like a creeper or just silent no matter what like a shadow o.o now that would be creepy
I think the slenderman should hum a tune...that would be creepy.
This has to be the most anticipated update for any game I have ever played. Going to give me many more hours of play as it will give me something else to screw around with. Ha ha.
Oh god two of them are holding blocks o.0
First thing I think is Slender Man, then I check the comments only to see 30% of the comments say the same thing. Haha.
he just said new mob, not hostile mob. this could be the mob that builds the npc towns we've seen
I just hope that they burn when the sun comes up...
Well i've got nightmares for the next month
make it just moving when you turn your back on it and i will never ever play MC again. ಠ_ಠ
Oh god he's holding blocks oh god oh god WHAT DOES IT MEAN
Looks like a bipedal squid
That's scary. :O

I don't want to see one of those wander into my house.
That would be pretty sweet, if they were nocturnal neutral mobs that change the landscape. In any case they look awesome.
hmm..Bizarre looking creature, I wonder what sort of materials it might drop and its possible use.
I love it, I wonder how they play into minecraft tho.
Definitely interested as to what he is going to do with that block...
Slenderman is at your doorstep and he wants $20...
oh god, their arms are as long as as their legs. They're like Slenderman.
Joe Le
Now... Make them dance :D
...and now I'll never step out of my home at night. Unless you're including tanks in the adventure update as well.
its not a new tree, its a giant mushroom! :D
We only come out at night, the days are much too bright
We only come out at night
And once again, you'll pretend to know me well, my friends
And once again, I'll pretend to know the way
Looks like zombines from HL2.
These really need to be mobs that dig their way up and build an above ground fortress to protect themselves from the sunlight. Maybe they can even raid the new villages....
Maybe they are actually friendly - like even more creepy versions of garden gnomes.... and they help you build things! (Please say yes, please say yes! I don't want them to actually be scary!!!! O.o )
Ben H.
that looks awesome and creepy!
I choose to believe they are like builders...
Everynight thay show up and recreate the beautiful landscape that you destroyed...
Just peaceful "mind-their-own-business" builders... or else I'm not leaving at night ever!
Dear lord that's going to be terrifying.
Now he'll be in game stalking you for $20!
OMG! AMAZING! Do they eat the world block by block? or do the pick up then place blocks randomly as if building? Do they attack or are they neutral until you take action? SO MANY QUESTIONSSSSSSSSsssssss... BOOM.
Looks like that evil aunty of mine.
Slenderman? Cool. Now a Minecraft night will automatically become an all-nighter, since I most definitely won't sleep after encountering one of those.
Woah, those look chilling. I hope they don't eat my soul. :(
Creepers haven't got anything on these bitches!
What a hell is that? And why he grab mah blocks? Oo
It looks amazing I love your work.
Please make them giggle in a really creepy manner Notch!
That tree looks like it is fall........
I am so excited about this. You have no idea.
please tell me they are called coons
u can't even see it. its so creepy
Thats creepy as hell. Also, just watch the 20 minute aethermod demo. That should happen if possible. It's pretty brilliant.
... They're moving the sand... Oh! And one in the back is moving the dirt!
More badass than the wolf who blow the pigs house down, These guys just pull ur shit down!
they look kinda strange, if u want mobs to carry blocks it should be non-humanoid. turtle or ants would be better.
and yes these are creepy
I do wonder if they make sand pyramids, chop leaves off of trees, and dig small tunnels through hills :P
Oh great, creepers just weren't bad enough ;)
Looks almost like a really tall, black skeleton.
Do they build things? That would be amazing.
Thank you Notch, I really felt that sleeping is a burden! Thank you for making sleep impossible after watching the new mob!
When you get close, does it scream so you get paralyzed? And then it goes up to you and hump your face? (guess the reference)
dont mess with mobs with blocks!
Has anyone else realized he's standing under a giant mushroom??
+Will Blocher They're out, sorry :x ...Someone ate them all
Steve K
Can they place/destroy blocks ? :/
Anyone else notice the new wood too?
Loving the Endermen, can't wait to see what they're capable of.
Holy **, This is creepy.. Still can't wait till the update, I wonder what they drop as loot.. :D
WhÁÁÁThth fuk? creepers got outdated, this is way creepier....
That isn't Slenderman. No black suit, no white skin, no tentacles. If Notch showed you this pic and told you, "This is Slenderman" there would be a huge uproar about how he in fact, isn't Slenderman.
what do they sound like? can you throw up an audio clip??
what's scarier is there's at least FIVE in that picutre
well, they're scary as is without knowing how they attack...they kinda look like they could be Dementors for the Minecraft realm.
I don't know what's worse, having my stuff blown up by creepers or having my stuff griefed by AI.
uh oh, that one ...thing, is holding a block D:
Jade H
They must be the shadows of fallen minecrafters, looking out to the seas and trying to build boats out of sand to escape. D:
Jennifer Sorrell, are you crazy ? It's already scary enough :-(
It's gonna be creepier than creeper only if it eats creepers oO
Oh shi-! You made blacks!? And that one's stealing some sand from the desert!?
I get chills thinking about these guys dismantling your house while you sleep. They're coming to get you Barbara
Reminds me of a Long-legged Commander Video :)
I'm so scared I can't even wet my pants.
When my little bro described em to me, my first thought was indeed slenderman... shudder Creepers sound creepy/scary, but these.... are the whole hog... I wonder what they'll sound like... if they're not silent....
Wow... That's REALLY creepy... Also are they carrying something?
Slenderman-esque mob? Neat
can... not.. wait... till... update...
I can't wait and i think it looks like it could have the potential to surpass the Creeper in terror
Thats a very nice new mob you have there. It would be a SsSsssShame if anything happened to your new mob
The only way to stop them is to build a giant wall, all the way to the top of the world, and it's made out of ice...
That's like Thin Man levels of creepy.

Notch, y u do this?
I'm so glad there's going to be a gamma adjustment in 1.8 Clearly Notch designs with nightvision or monitors with brightness that goes to 9000.
still waiting on my mud monster... inverse creeper that blows up at sun rise into a pile of sand of other mobs to climb over...
This new mob look's so scarry ! This is final look, or only the shape of it?
For some reason I thought: Zelda.
I don't know. Romani Ranch from Majoras Mask in particular...
But it looks cute how he's holding that block ^^
sort of reminds me of No Face from Spirited Away
Haha..what are those? They are sure gonna be hard to spot in the dark. :P
Can you please add Herobrine again, that's creepy!
the thing in the water is a big mushroom not a mob it's the black things in the distance
+1 if your reading this in 1.1 :)
well i cant update my minecraft it says Failed to Launch(4):null idk why
except for that guy that doesnt
FRIENDERMAN i have 1 as a pet in mai cave
ender men? there already here or are you going to make them possible to be your freind?
Is that a giant mushroom? I think thats a brown one.Red mushrooms you can use for houses
So its a creeper if you said its creepy.
And why did you take out docks creations you could have still kept em'
Man, this looks so cool! I am a huge fan of Minecraft, but I have not bought it yet. :(
bad for enderman update
Herobrine is creepy, not endermen. they're just annoying.
I've found a few glitches with them, but other then that, they are really cool!
But at least you keep them still provided u keep looking at them
they're something you can hate and love AT THE SAME TIME!
Endermen should stay away from my creations
its the enderman !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I lost a battle to them in hardcore :-(
Enderforunners I'm guessing would be a cool name for it
Endermen Arent Scary AT ALLLLLLLLL
They would be more scary if they could shapeshift into another mob i.e. pig so it can creep up behind you
right now there isnt really a scary mob
Thats why you should add HEROBRINE!
That will make the game much more interesting
But other than that its awesome and minecraft is my favourite game.
just look at its eyes and you'll be fine.
Endermen are more creepy than creepers. 0_0
Enderman is their name,they drop ender pearls,3 blocks high,and is not so creepy to me...
this is so cool! I like minecraft and mobs!
Oh... I don´t want to be there in survival, only with wooden sword :) Really no
you mean that stupid enderman
btw he never took out herobrine, because herobrine never existed. im tired of idiots saying "oh i hope herobrine doesnt find me" because he said he took it out AS A JOKE! it never existed! some random people made it up and posted a video of like a multiplayer server where someone had a skin! its not real people! look it up on the wiki if you're so sure! god! idipots!
hey markus can you tell me why people have a same last name and they are not related
download Nodus its the best hacked client
No,no it's creeper Notch.
awesome screenshot and yes thats creepy 
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no this was the 500th comment
Dood can u add bone meal for nether wart like when u kill a wither skeleton u get a withered bone and craft it to withered bone meal and u can now bonemeal nether wart? Maybe ask other mojangsters this?
You do realise He posted this three years ago  -_-
Now this is the 500th! :P
Mr. Persson is Herorine your dead brother and did you have a real brother in real life?
I wanted to verify my Mojang account but there was no Minecraft Account Verify in my inbox! i re-sent it again but it still isn't in my inbox!
i would comment if i could see it...
I love minecraft im a big fan 
Please solve the notch Minecraft Pocket Edition bug until version 0.15.0

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