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Minecraft just passed 10 million registered users.
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Need Minecraft on Google Chrome Webstore and Google+ when Google+ Games will be available!
How many accounts do you personally have registered Notch?
Really? Like 50 comments already and i'm the first one to +1 this? You are all dumb
cept I +1'd it ages ago...
I +1'd before there were 10 comments, remember you're in a beta
No pressure on that 1.8 update. It's not like 10 million people are expecting it or anyth-- oh wait.
no joke, gotta get 10mil paying customers next
good point, 1.8!! stop google+ing about notch and get on with making the game!
uh... i have 2 accounts... so... 9.99.. million, sorry about that ;p
Now let's get them all on one server! :>
Ten million registered, of which over two and a half million shelled out the cash to buy it. And people say piracy is killing PC gaming.
what the hell? That was quick, I remember it was 2 million not so long ago!
Oh crap Google+ is going to have to do something about the amount of scrolling we have to do with topics that have a massive number of replies...
Not bad for a game that hasn't even been released yet. :)
Tom Kr
Way to go. I finally bought it a couple weeks ago. Already got some friends hooked on it along with running my own server for ourselves. It's a slippery slope.
That's a lot of money for you Notch! ;)
yeah hopefully they wont need to have paid mods now :/
Congratulation Mojang! You guys deserve every bit of your fame!
Your mom just passed 10 million registered users.
Congrats :) Bring on 20 million :P
Congrats on a major milestone! Now back to digging.
I was one of those, I feel proud
That's fantastic! Thanks for such an awesome game!
Congratulations! That's awesome!
Congrats! Does this mean you'll share more fun things?
Now, if only I was able to get my account back from my brother, so that he'll get his own..
Can you add me to a circle???? Reddit love.
I just made my MUM an account, was that it? :D Now she's playing like crazy!
Congrads notch, you really deserve it
i just find it funny the current title for most pre-ordered game is halo reach with 773k preorders (to my knowledge)
minecraft has 2.5million
So Markus, does this mean you are going to be meeting your president? Seeing you now have more people to manage then him... :)
Haha, nice one +Jasper Alexander van der Vegt. :)
Notch well i found a bug, (with Minecraft 1.7.2)

if you use a sheer and collect leaves, and then put the leaves randomly on the map, it creates some saplings
I guess you could say it's a real blockbuster!
So you're officially rich. Share some diamonds!
Congrats! Proud to be one of the legion.
Love the game. Keep up the goodwork!
Hey is there going to be ability to chane email
Address I changed ISP and need to change my email address
Who the hell use their ISP email O.o
BTW congratz Notch!
(Will this mean a TEN MILLION event is in order?)
Congratulations, bigger community, better mods and a better game.
And there are 10 million registered Swedish residents.
10, 000, 000 users! Amazing
Congrats man! Keep it going!
Hoppas de ~900000000 kronorna gått till rätt ställen, grattis!!
Absolutely mind-blowing. Mojang deserves every last one of them. :D
Why am I not surprised? ;) Minecraft is the best, most immersive game I've played in 10 years!
This is a survey about immersive video games that I just took, and wrote up my comments on playing Minecraft. Please take it if you have time -- it's for Kent Norman's research project at the University of Maryland.
It's really a privilege to be a part in the massive development of the game from the begining and see it grow !
Congrats. I still haven't bought it lol but I will!
That's… more people than are living in my nation
and you have over 9000 followers!
which... considering how few people are actually on g+... that means a lot
- 2009 estimate of population in Sweden: 9,354,462
By far the BEST game I have ever played. Even though it's indie, it's better than those big company games by far.
More people than live in your country! :0
Congratulations! :D
How many companies wish their games made it to 10m. Keep it up guys!
Thank you for everything. Keep up the awesome work.
Congratulations. Keep up great work.
I'm looking forward to the complete release of Minecraft!
and you posted that msg (?)
That is amazing. You should be extremely proud of yourself for all your hard work.
Outstanding! Minecraft is the most popular game I've ever played!!!
Minecraft is my favourite game really,i get a girlfriend when played on server,we see in real life,she is soo beautiful,thanks for that game :)
Markus you're best human!!!! I love you and thanks for Minecraft this a bes game in the world
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