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"Reading, Writing, and Literacy 2.0: Teaching with Online Texts, Tools, and Resources, K-8"
a great day when a book falls into your lap just when you need it.   Sometime I read professional development
books and I think, “Well that would have been great last year” or “If only I
taught 2 nd grade, this book would have been perfect....

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Top Ten Book Covers I'd Frame As Pieces of Art
Top Ten Tuesday is brought to you by the fabulous people over at TheBroke and The Bookish .   Each week they offer up a topic, and everyone is welcome to join.   So here is mine for this week-  Top Ten Book Covers I'd Frame As Pieces
of Art. I haven’t done ...

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So here I am.   This is it, the last blog post I have to write for my children’s
literature class.   I have a feeling there
will be a short hiatus after this last blog, but I do hope I come back to
reviewing books.   Sometimes, the books in
this world are j...

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thought the penultimate book review for my children’s literature class would be
easy.   (Please excuse my pretentious use
of the world “penultimate.”   But I mean,
when do you ever get to use it?   It’s
just such an awesome word.)   Anyway, o...

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"Joyful Noise: Poems for Two Voices"
Fleischman is a tricky, tricky man.   He
knows us teachers.   He knows that a lot
of us have been afraid of poetry our whole lives.   Sure, we will read poetry secretly, and maybe
even write it in notebooks nobody will ever see.   But t...

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"Dark Emperor and Other Poems of the Night"
will not let poetry just be in April.   I
will not let poetry just be in April.   I
will not let poetry just be in April.   This is the mantra I am going to repeat to myself over and over again,
through April, into the summer, and until the sc...

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"When I Was a Soldier"
books I keep to myself.   Books like Just One Day and Code Name Verity , I will tell everyone I know to read, but then not
really talk about it.   I love the book so
much that I feel sharing it with someone will somehow take away the

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"Poem-Mobiles: Crazy Car Poems"
            Poetry.   For most people, you either love it or hate
it.   I remember having to write a sonnet
in iambic pentameter when I was in high school.   I still remember everything about it, and how torturous is was for me,
because I just can’t hear wh...

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"The Port Chicago 50: Disaster, Mutiny, and the Fight for Civil Rights "
Just hanging out with my buddy Steve Sheinkin.             I
don’t think I’ve ever read so many nonfiction books back to back.   My first thought after reading five informational
texts in a row is that informational texts have gotten so much better than the...

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"The Horrible, Miserable Middle Ages"
books never win an award.   Sometimes,
when a book doesn’t win an award, readers across the country are shocked and dismayed
that such an important work of literature has not been recognized for the
contribution it has made to literary...
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