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Robots are going to radically reduce the need for human workers and we are about to run out of workers and desperately need people to have more babies.
What’s wrong with this picture? In the mainstream corporate media there are currently two
major themes being pounded home.   They
are mutually contradictory, and yet somehow no note is ever made of this.   They are also, each of them, wrong. We hear over an...
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Both Sides of the Climate Change ‘Debate’ are Not Even Wrong
The issue of whether the human production of atmospheric CO2
by burning fossil fuels continues to be flung back and forth by mindless
demagogues who are, on both sides, so out of touch with reality that they are
(to paraphrase Einstein) not even wrong. Now ...
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On the Corruption of Economics - H.L. Mencken Edition
My thesis is that an enormous amount of the trouble in our world today stems
from too-rapid population growth.   Furthermore I propose that this too-rapid population growth has been
deliberately caused by the rich, in order to drive wages for the many down ...
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There are no simple solutions to complex problems. Except when there are.
I have been harping along for some
time that the single greatest problem facing humanity today is the deliberate
engineering of a population explosion by the rich, in order to drive wages down
for the many and profits up for the few (although deliberate, it...
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Hillary Clinton’s Health is Irrelevant
As all too often, we continue to
obsess over things that just don’t matter, while ignoring things that do. Hillary Clinton’s health problems are
much in the news lately.   Is she really
sick, or just having a bad week?   Who
cares.   Forget what you read in...
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Capitalism is not the problem. Capitalism is not the solution.
Always we hear the endless debate: does capitalism (that is,
a market-based economic system) inevitably create poverty and inequality?   Or does capitalism inevitably create
prosperity?   Should we attempt to ban
capitalism, and find another economic system...
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It’s The Enemy You Don’t See That Kills You
Fighter pilots often have a maxim like
this one.   The idea is that while
engaging in a   dogfight with an enemy
plane is dangerous, it’s when an enemy plane you didn’t know was there gets
behind you and starts shooting that you are really in trouble. Simil...
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The Case for Pope Francis as an Evil Man and Whore to Power
I argue here the case that the current
Pope of the Roman Catholic Church, the flesh-and-blood human being Jorge Mario
Bergoglio (“Pope Francis”) is an evil man dedicated to serving the interests of
his wealthy patrons in order to ensure his own luxuries and...
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Black Lives Matter, Blue Lives matter: the Rich Play Divide and Conquer, The Rest of Us Lose
Why are the black sections of the
inner cities becoming so dysfunctional?   The answer is easy.   Because the
rich have used race-to-the-bottom trade agreements to ship their jobs overseas,
they have opened the floodgates to record amounts of sustained immi...
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If hispanics don’t vote in large numbers for Donald Trump there will be a civil war
In the 1940’s, 1950’s, and 1960’s, immigration into the
United States was held at very low levels. 
This allowed wages for the average worker to rise substantially, but also
greatly limited the profits of the rich and tended to reduce inequality.  How terri...
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