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Hi Ara, I just found your blog after researching home birth in the Philippines and was excited to read about your home birth earlier this year. I'm an American midwife (although not practicing) and I live in Cebu City. I have been here for over 6 years. I have a friend who has her heart set on a home birth but we can't seem to find a way for her to give birth at home even with a licensed midwife, so I'm helping her research options. May I ask, did you have any trouble getting your son's birth certificate?

I know the ban on home birth is put out by the DOH and that midwives are not allowed to attend a birth outside of a clinic or hospital. I know the ban is meant to cut down on unsafe home birth practices with attendants who are not formally trained and may have little to no training and/or supplies but it is too bad that all home birth has been banned now. My friend may just have to deliver in a clinic but just wondering what would happen if she delivered at home and then tried to get a birth certificate. I figure she would run into trouble then. Just curious about what you think. If you are willing, kindly email me at jenchenko (at) hotmail (dot) com. Salamat!
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