Well, I have a lot of updates to share for this project. First and foremost, I now have a dedicated domain for the project at http://www.rapiddisk.org. This is a Wiki site documenting everything that I can think of relating to the project in a nice and organized manner. This site also includes a bug tracker: http://bugs.rapiddisk.org for bugs, feature requests and or documentation/website errors. I have also decided to use this Google+ Page as the official blog for the project from this point on.

Some other changes include the organization of the gitrepo to isolate all 1.x releases to the rxdsk-1.x dedicated repo . I am currently working on the 2.x release. The new and organized 1.x repo also includes release 1.3.1r2 which drops the ‘b’ for beta and at the same time introduces the Disk Analysis Test Suite (alongside a couple of other test tools) I am using to test the 2.x code. It is located in the test/ directory path of the source code.

One last note, within the next 48 hours I will have 1.3.1r2 posted as a tar.gz on the Sourceforge project page. That is, for those not wanting to clone the git repo.
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