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I return to G+ ... it is still here

I should've had a proper snack instead of sweets, now I feel sick. 

I finally have control of the TV once more... Skyrim it is! 

I can't bring myself to use G+ seriously! 

Whose idea was it for me to eat porridge in the morning? I didn't enjoy it 16 years ago and I don't enjoy it now.

I'm still not quite in the swing of this G+ business!

Nothing quite beats Tiesto - Adagio for Strings forth cycle home from work!

I would like to register my disgust that I have to wait until November for Assassin's Creed Revelation! Why couldn't I have strung out Brotherhood for a bit longer!

I have seen the last of the Harry Potters! I definitely don't feel a sense of completion, more a sense of loss.
Woe is me.

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I apologize in advance for this Google+ joke.
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