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On G+ for RPG Gaming.
On G+ for RPG Gaming.

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10:30 am Eastern
herO (Kim Joon Ho) & s0s (Kim Yoo Jin)

Battle in the Winner Takes All $100,000 Grand Finals of the Intel Extreme Masters StarCraft 2 Championship from Katowice, Poland

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A a month in jail followed by a ten-year ban seems a bit of a harsh punishment for a paperwork misunderstanding. Even though it seems it was written by an angry child, I signed the petition.

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My Gmail inbox was absolutely destroyed after I started using G+. This post seems to have fixed the problem of notifications completely dominating my gmail inbox.
How to filter g+ email notifications within Gmail.

Please click on the images from left to right and follow the instructions in the description. Be sure to have mail notifications enabled.

You can create as many nested labels as you need to. If you want to filter circle adds you can click on a circle add notification, click on more and on "Filter messages like these". Just filter everything that comes from the mail address (in my case it is that appears in the right field. You don't have to add more.

This is for +Jaana Nyström who suffers from the upper right corner notification syndrome URCNS. ;) Let's hope this will help you to check out the new people who added you instead of all people who ever added you at once.
Notification filtering in g+ with Gmail (3 photos)
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Some inspiration for DMs out there. Bugs are gross and cool! 

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+James Raggi Did anything ever come of the Coloring Book idea you posted about? 

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Monte Cook announced that he is creating his own RPG game yesterday.
If nothing else, his website is cool looking

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This is a book of anecdotes, so it isn't a good resource to whip open at the gaming table, but it does have some amusing tidbits. I like the website, so filled with old books on weird stuff.

Is there a calendar for Flailsnails games? I asked a couple people and they didn't know of any.

I'm up for a game any time tonight if someone has one going.
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