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I found this very interesting, now I admit it is a very questionalable souce namely the ACLU, but it goes back to what I have said.  That the Bureau of Prisons and the Feds have equal blame to San Francisco.  Now the whole article can be read below, and as usual their really is little to no real analysis or coherent thoughts from the authors, but I think this part is very interesting

"Although we don’t yet have all the facts, we do know that this case was unusual. Until late March, Lopez-Sanchez was in federal custody, serving a prison sentence that normally would have ended with deportation. His sentence apparently should have ended in July 2013, but for reasons we don’t yet understand, ICE did not deport him—then or at any time over the next year and 8 months, when Lopez-Sanchez inexplicably remained in federal custody"  

So what is going on, the use of a Federal officers gun?  Probation never checking up on this guy or issuing a warrant for him, which they easily could have done?  What gives?  Everyone is so caught up with the sanctuary city aspect they have forgotten the real meaty parts.  When you read the article I can explain several parts that can be dismissed.  One it is in the BOP Regulations to treat any outstanding warrant, that could be a simple misdermeanor for j walking as superior to a ICE detainer.  Of course as attorneys you would think they these ladies (2 of them I might add, two attorneys) would now that, but obviously they don't.  I think and still think San Francisco was the useful idiot in this situation.  I think alot of this has to do with what he said when he said he wanted to go to San Francisco.  I really wish I knew the reason, this whole this is so freaking fishy.
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