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It's a gorgeous spring day -- seems like June -- here on the southern fringes of the Adirondack Mountains.

How is the weather in your little part of the world?
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Its nice down here in Albany, but being stuck inside all day SUCKS =(
72 and sunny in Pittsburgh -- both of which are less than usual for mid-late April. ;-)
61 and cloudy in Rockaway Park. No rain in today's forecast, but I keep feeling drops when I go outside...
Already very hot. We are breaking 90 degrees with depressing regularity for this early in the season.
Lamenting I'm stuck in this bunker while there's work to be done outside in the beautiful sunshine. Resenting my job, but it pays the bills.
Gorgeous warm sunny day out here in the West. The leaves on one of the trees in my back yard look just like they would if they were growing on a tree in New York. Which is weird because everything else here seems to be more on a tropical kind of clock. I am enjoying the familiarity of it. ;-)
It was supposed to rain here. We got a downpour that lasted maybe a minute. Back to sunny and warm. We really could use the rain.
West of Boston it's a blustery day. Windy and a bit chill. The sun is shining, but the wind cuts right through any thought of warmth.
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