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Canid Divine by barleecreations
Handmade Dog art, crate tags, collar charms, jewelry, & more
Handmade Dog art, crate tags, collar charms, jewelry, & more

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I am still here! I had been away for awhile but I'm back now. If you don't find any new posts of mine here you can always check out my other account +Linda Barlee.
So, is there anyone left of my followers? I wonder how many people I've lost since I've been on…..well, guess you would call it a long hiatus. Cannot blame anyone if they did, after all it has been three months (much longer then I meant to be away).
To answer questions you may have about my absence:
Q. Did you die? A. Nope. Though at times life can seem like death, but no, I didn't croak.
Q. Did someone else die? A. Again nope, all is okay-dokey.
Q. Are the dogs ok? A. They are doing great and still haven’t started acting their age yet, still the knuckleheads they've always been.
Q. If everything is alright what was up with the your disappearance?  A. Ok, this needs a little explaining….
Originally I only meant to be gone from G+ for the month of May. May is a busy time with many family birthdays and then other happenings were also going, not to mention I needed to fill orders. I tell ya time can fly past when you are busy and not glued to the computer, so before I knew it it was like the middle of June. When you step away from something it can feel daunting to go back to. I also must confess I'm one of those people that can get sucked into being on the computer all day if I'm not careful. The internet can be extremely addictive and adding social media to that mix….well I'm sure you get the idea. May and June I rarely got on the computer, May I was sorta "forced" to stay off the computer. By the middle of June I have very slowly began to let myself have limited computer time. It feels very hard to come back to something I've been away from for so long. I have to limit my time, especially on my social media sites. I have a detrimental compelling habit of needing to read nearly everything everyone posts. So I have to make some changes, this means I wont be able to read everything. I want to apologize now to everyone in advance, there will be posts of yours that I'll most likely will miss seeing and therefore wont respond to. I don't want anyone to think I'm snubbing them if I miss catching their posts because I can't/shouldn't/wont be on G+ everyday every minute. I think what I am going to try a do is maybe get on once a week-ish (depending) for only a short while. I gotta do something to balance my real life and online life.
If anyone has posted stuff to me or if they've commenting on any of my past posts it may be a while before I can get through all that, I warn you now I probably will miss stuff. I can't stay today to begin to catch up but I'll try and get on late tomorrow.
I do have some dog stories to share, as soon as I can write them up I'll start slowly sharing them again. So if there is any of my followers left you'll want to stay tuned.

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Once-Prized Tibetan Mastiffs are Discarded as Fad Ends in China


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How the ravages of inequality fall on the pets of the poor: “We’re putting people in a Catch-22″


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Dog flu epidemic caused by strain not seen before in North America: scientists

This out break has been affecting the Cook County area of Illinois. Veterinarians currently are unsure if the old vaccine will guard against this new virus, but they are recommending people still get their dogs vaccinated.

#doglovers #doghealth #dogflu  

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Mass killing of dogs shocks city in northern Mexico

So sad, I hope they catch who ever is responsible before any more dogs die a horrible death.

#doglovers #doghealth   #petlovers  

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Florida Woman Finds Rare Dog Lithograph Print at Goodwill

I must be shopping at all the wrong secondhand stores, I never find anything cool like that.

#doglovers #antique

Pet Owner Breaks the Law to Save Dog From Burning Apartment

Man broke the police line and jumped to his balcony to save his dog.

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How to make a DIY princess dog bed from an old drawer
This chair/dog bed it so darling!

#doglovers #diyproject #dogcraft  

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Canine Carhartt Coat for Your Pal!
A perfect project of lager dogs. Turn your old coat into a new dog jacket.

#doglovers #sewing #diycrafts  

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DIY Pet Coat Pattern
Turn an old shirt into a cozy dog jacket.

#doglovers #upcycle #diycrafts  
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