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Nuix traction, Wickenby biplane crash with Robert and Agius family connection.
It is so gratifying to see Nuix get so much traction from the changes it has been going through in recent months. We at Haventec have been able to see all this close up as we share working space with them in their Australian headquarters . Now that they hav...

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Introducing Haventec Chief Engineer Naveen Neti
It's about time that I share with you a secret weapon I have been relying on at Haventec. His name is Naveen Neti our chief engineer and resident clear thinker for many of our most important projects and innovations. Along with our Chief Architect Vernon Mu...

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Byron Bay - AirBnB capital of Australia?
I never usually make comments on social issues and people that know me well know that my beliefs mean that I am completely neutral regarding politics. This position does not preclude me from bringing some alarming statistics to the attention of my neighbour...

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We need a new word for "homeless"
My dear wife picked up an Aboriginal couple  who were thumbing a ride who told her they had been moved on from Byron because they told the officials they were "homeless". They hadn't done anything wrong... they had not been drinking. Had not been causing an...

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Big banks vs ApplePay
Is the claim by Apple that consumers are not safe if they use anything else but Applepay on their iPhones? This was the question that a great strategic thinker and advisory board member Ted Pretty put to me. And my answer… bunkum. The ApplePay system is ver...

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Mentee success: stainless clotheslines
Just wanted to put a good word in for one of the inventors I mentored over the years... this much-needed innovation is stainless steel high tension clotheslines and he has done a great job. Have a look at their gear at Well do...

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Telepresence - essential for everyday Australians.. an NBN killer app
"Imagine looking at someone who is the same size as you on  photographic quality screen, where you are so comfortable talking to them that you forget they are 800km away... that is Telepresence. And THAT is THE REASON to have optical fibre in every Australi...

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Ric Richardson and Uniloc
It has now been some years since the Uniloc versus Microsoft battle and although it is Uniloc's internal policy to not comment outside of official communications, I as a simple shareholder and as an independent inventor want to make some things clear.  I am...

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Can the real Passwordless Tech please stand
Two years ago I introduced what I thought was the first password-less logon system in history. Since that time there have been dozens maybe hundreds of claimers to that throne. Anyone with a thumb print sign-on, or an app that opens their website on a PC is...

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Quantum computing and cryptography.. some light reading
Here are some references from one of Australia's leading crypto experts who recently shared his expertise with us at Haventec. All I can say is that we are entering a dangerous new world.
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