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"People, when we knock down false doctrine, we must continue to root it out and not to allow it back in. They have worked very hard to pound false information into our thinking through repetition, and we must work just as hard to keep pushing it out.
We should not be using that name Jesus right next to the correct name of the messiah because they are not interchangeable. He had a Hebrew name and thats it. Use the false name is allowing a falhoof seat to remain. We must continue to push out falsehood of all kinds. This goes for all topics we have gained biblical clarity on, like: the specutive Esau doctrines, daughters (women) of Zion being bald, multiple wives, sons of God being angels, virgin birth doctrine, spiritual Israel, Paul being a false prophet, The messiah died for everybody, mixing among other nations etc. Once you know the truth you can not keep entertaining ongoing doctrines that are false. They must be rooted out.
People get angry and offended over these topics. Many even break fellowship because of them which shows a sign of immaturity. Instead of listening for understanding, they would rather continue on because its what they believe in inspite of what scripture proves.
Nevertheless, in order for the truth to shine through all this bad information, we must keep pushing and telling it. I am use to offended folks, and I'm not moved by their offences. Let all his word be true and EVERY MAN a liar. We must let his word prevail over long running falsehood no matter who gets mad about it. We are called to cry aloud and spare not...(Isa 58:1)~KT"
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