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I'm looking for some ota clarification. I have the Verizon variant of the moto x developer edition. Unlocked, rooted, custom recovery, with xposed framework and gravity box module installed. This morning, the 4.4.2 ota was pushed to my device. It downloaded, but I postponed installation until I'm sure my moto x is properly prepared for it. Can someone share with me the correct procedure to insure a problem free update?

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As long as no system files are modified (such as the tethering apk) you just need to flash the stock recovery. Then the Ota will install. After, you can reflash your custom recovery to reroot. 
Thank you! I did install aosp browser (flashed via recovery), so I guess I should remove that as well?
You could try first. Worst case it fails and then you have to remove it. 
It is recommended to unroot and go back to 100% stock before taking any OTA...
Would you mind pointing me to the stock recovery file. Can't seem to find it.
I can't seem to find the stock recovery either.
Thanks for all the help! I can confirm the ota update completed without a hitch! On a side note, Bluetooth issues appear to have been resolved with 4.4.2. Thanks again! PS: Root was retained. 
+Anthony Griffith I have the same phone as you. I was rooted. I flashed the system.img and recovery.img and then took the update without issue.

Just to confirm what a few have already mentioned. 
+Maison Pulaski I only flashed the recovery.img and changed the tether entitlement apk back to stock and the update flashed fine.  After updating I backed up a copy of the new, updated "stock recovery" so I'd have it in case I needed to go back to it in the future. Who knows when/if Moto will post up a new "full flash" for 4.4.2 so I wanted to have a copy of it just in case.
+Brian Blakley Can you explain the steps you took to change the entitlement apk back to stock? I am unlocked, rooted, with a custom recovery, and Xposed, but I'm thinking if I just flash the recovery and change the entitlement back, I won't need to flash the system image file.
+Brian Blakley good to know. I always like to take the "better safe than sorry" route. I paid full retail for myself device the day it was released. If you did too - you know that's a big chunk of change. 
+Anthony Liantonio When I originally replaced the entitlement APK I simply renamed the originals to .apk.bak and .odex.bak.  So both files were still there and I just renamed the existing (modified) .apk to .apk.new and renamed the .bak files to take the .bak off.  If you didn't keep your original .apk and .odex files, as Salim pointed out you should be able to get the original file out of the flash files he linked to (find the 4.4 flash for your device, take the system.img file, and mount it somewhere as ext4 to get at the contents).
FYI my phone wont boot until I get some help.
+Lawrence Hart I am asking this as a serious question so please don't get offended... Do you know how to put your phone into fastboot (bootloader mode) and use fastboot with the command prompt (like when you use ADB except this would be fastboot or in this case mfasboot). 
+Maison Pulaski I got it figured out. I  needed to put mfastboot in the same folder as the extracted files from Motorola. Sorry I missed you hangout. After it worked I went to dinner with the wife.
Adding to this, I have a similar setup. Here's what worked for me. Backup everything before you start (just in case) and reboot between each step:

1) Undo any mods to system files (frozen apps, tethering apk, etc.).

2) Uninstall the Xposed Framework.

3) Flash back to the stock recovery from the 4.4 factory image (Brian Blakley has a link to that earlier in this thread).

4) Take the OTA update.

5) Flash Hashcode's custom TWRP recovery.

6) Flash a custom logo.bin (I don't like the bootloader unlock warning).

7) Re-install the Xposed Framework and Gravity Box [KK].

8) Redo system file mods.

9) Profit.

Also, root was retained through the update. As always, YMMV.
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