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Aniya Adly
Personal ESL Trainer - eats BlackBerry and Apple for breakfast
Personal ESL Trainer - eats BlackBerry and Apple for breakfast

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What do cats REALLY get up to? Watch on "cat cam":

Using GPS trackers and micro-cameras, BBC Two's Horizon followed 10 pet cats in a village in Surrey. Owners were surprised to discover the private habits of their beloved felines...

Do you have a pet cat? What does he/she get up to?

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Important information about Communities & Pages

A business Page can create a Community or be made a moderator and  owner. Linking a Community to a Page helps in the visibility of the Community as it'll be displayed in the profile of the Page.

The +1's that are displayed on the Page's profile, under the profile picture come now from three possible places:
- Someone has given the Page a +1 under the profile pic
- The amount of people who follow the Page
- The amount of people who are members to the Community

This +1 figure is not quite correct, it seems, as there are people who belong to the Community, follow the Page and perhaps give a +1 to the Page...  They are all counted in the total of +1's.
Sometimes there are glitches in the count too, but your +1's are never lost, it seems.

A Page with several managers

- If a page has several managers and is made a moderator in a Community, all the managers can post and comment as the Page when signed in as the Page.

- If the Page is promoted to owner, all the Page managers have the same rights as the owner. They can even delete the Community.

A Community can have multiple owners.

From Googler +Brian Glick :

In communities, people and Pages need to be moderators for at least 2 weeks before they can be promoted to owner. We do this to help prevent communities from being suddenly taken over by someone else if an owner's account is compromised.

- Is the limit here the 500 members, I wonder?  After hitting 500 you cannot change the Community name anymore...

You can have as many pages in a community as you want. Think of them like normal "people" when it comes to a community.

A Page can create several communities: A good idea for businesses with several languages that their clients use. The main Page in English? Then communities in all sorts of languages.

Anything you'd like to add?

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Are you looking for a career in teaching? Look no further...

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#caturday miaow ;)

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About time, after stealing all our money from us for years!

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Leave a comment below in any language and odds are this kid can read it. 

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