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Enhancement - when user has selected text and hits the strikethrough button, the selected text should be marked up as strike through, not replaced with "strikethrough". I.e.

buy milk -> ~~buy milk~~


buy milk -> ~~strikethrough~~

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Very helpful indented JSON view in browser

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I thought Google had a document type which was a simple hierachical tree, once suggested as a sync. target for Leo, but now I can't find it - anyone know what I'm talking about?

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Seems to be a quantum leap (ha ha) in magnetic(?) levitation
Quantum Levitation

#Quantum #physics #levitation #not-anymore-a-scifi-but-future

This is great news and I already have a many of ideas for what could be used :)
Beautiful video !

Pay attention this is a something totally new and unusual !
Read more on !

It is other university but it is best article on the theme of Quantum levitation !

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A photo journal of our clay oven construction. It's not finished yet (the journal or the oven). Next episode - The Cracks of Doom!...
Clay oven (13 photos)
13 Photos - View album

Putting a Class 10 16 GB microSDHC card in a Garmin GPSMap 60CSx does work, but it does not make map drawing on the unit noticeably faster. Oh well, I can probably put the OSM street maps for the entire world on the unit now, albeit needing a PC to switch between them. -

The one click mute function in Google+ needed to make following heavy posters more manageable is available from the Grease Monkey script Grease Monkey is at

Called Qwest / CenturyLink to say my internet was too slow / expensive, got a $15/month reduction and a 1.5 →7 Mbps speed boost. Moral: if you have an old bundle, give your provider a nudge for an upgrade.
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