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Here are my experiences upgrading #Ubuntu 10.04, #lucidlynx , to +Ubuntu 12.04, #precisepangolin .

There be dragons ahead...
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Thanks for this report, very interesting :) ! One question though: When i had flexiondotorg ppa in my list for shotwell it one time last year made an update to glib2.0 which broke gdm on my did you sail around this troubled water? I made a downgrade via aptitude back then... :) ?!
No issues with that this go round.
Very strange, if i remember correctly they bumped the version of libglib2.0 from 2.24 to 2.26 or 2.27 and on next boot i had a blank black X screen (on multiple machines same behaviour), only downgrade on command line possible...maybe i'll try again sometime :-)!
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