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It was the Mormon Church who declared that native Americans were really a lost tribe of Jews and so it was okay to shoot them. The US Army paid settlers and soldiers 22 dollars a piece for  any SCALP of a native American that was brought to them. The word they used for these scalps was "REDSKIN"
+Madam Ost  Do you have any references to substantiate the claim that Mormons said it was OK to shoot Native Americans because they were Jews? I'm not saying that Mormons didn't shoot Native Americans, there were conflicts and horrible things were done to them, however the Mormon belief that Native Americans were the Laminites of the Book of Mormon initially led to more favorable policies than most other settlers had set in place. The idea that this legitimized what the US army was doing makes little sense also, since the Mormons were not looked at by the US government in a favorable light in the 1800's so what they believed pretty much meant squat to the rest of the country.
There are enough crazy and awful things in Mormonism's history to bring up without making crap up. Just sayin'
+Rob Phillips 
 I was in a museum in Los Angeles who has a building whose sole purpose is to preserve its paper archives. I was researching something non related when I came upon an entire book case full of diaries that were written by settlers and soldiers from that period of time.  Keeping journals was very popular during a time when there were very few options concerning entertainment. That's how I leaned about this...Its very highly unlikely that people who didn't know each other would write about the very same thing...

My statement about the army was not related to the statement about Mormons. It was related to the subject of Mitt Romney himself.

Its not very bright for someone to make accusations with out knowing all the details that relate...Just saying..
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