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ESSpa at The Carnegie Inn and Spa


The total satisfaction of each and every Guest is what makes EsSpa so very special. In order to achieve that satisfaction, we have the best experts and the most comprehensive continuing training. And there is nothing that can be as equally relaxing and as healthy as a professional massage at EsSpa Kozmetika at The Carnegie Inn & Spa.
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Pictures may be worth 1000 words but visiting us in person will leave you speechless. Come and join us today for the best spa experience in Central Pennsylvania.
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Welcome to EsSpa, The State College Day Spa Resort! As a young girl in Hungary, my herbalist Grandmother taught me an important lesson. 'Some people will always be willing to pay a little extra for quality, for they will understand and appreciate its true value. It is human nature to want the best.' These are the Ladies and Gentlemen (of any age) we seek to be our guests at EsSpa Kozmetika Organic Skin Care in State College. There is a wide range of quality and price on cosmetics and beauty products today. But at EsSpa Kozmetika Organic Skin Care in State College - from the organic sugar we use in our body treatments to the handcrafted masks and serums in our treatment rooms and on our shelves to the carefully selected fresh fruit, teas, thick robes and other amenitities throughout our establishment - you will find only the best because you deserve nothing less. ~ Eva Kerschbaumer.

EsSpa Kozmetika Organic Skin Care at The Carnegie Inn State College is a Boutique Spa Resort dedicated to helping you live a healthy, stress-free, beautiful LIFE! Don't settle for not feeling better or looking great. Don't fall in to a dangerous cycle that can negatively impact on your overall physical (and mental) health and appearance. Our Guests understand that EsSpa Organic Spa Treatments really do "work" and produce tangible results.
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