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Dale Stanton
'Nam era USCG vet.
'Nam era USCG vet.
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They have us at each others' throats.
They have Liberals hating Conservatives.
They have Conservatives hating Liberals.
They have Blacks hating Whites.
They have Whites hating Blacks.
They have Gays hating Straights.
They have Straights hating Gays.
They want you hating me.
They want me hating you.
The beat goes on.
Who deserves our disdain?
It's not our neighbor.
It is those who are working towards universal hate.
It is those who discourage the good.
It is those who encourage the bad.
It is those who discourage respect.
It is those who encourage disrespect.
Why do they work towards universal hate?
Because we will run to them for solutions.
We give them ever increasing power when we do.
What sense is therein?
They feed on our emotions.
Their power grows when it's fed
by our emotions.
Emotions weaken us.
Our emotions strengthen them.
We get weaker.
They get stronger.
They exist for their own sake.
Not ours.
Why run to those who cause a problem?
Can we really expect them to fix it?
Only we can stop it.
You are different than me.
It's ok.
You have that Right and Freedom.
I won't deny you it.
I won't deny anybody else.
I won't hate you for it.
We must put our differences aside.
We must think with our brains.
We must not think with our emotions.
If we do not stand together as one People,
we will fall as a Nation
and as a People.
They will be our masters.
We can stop the hate as a Nation.
They can't.
They won't.
They don't want to.
Do we?
#hate #freedom #survival

This Independence Day week...

I challenge every American (and "wannabe" American) to read the Declaration of Independence, pay attention to all of the words (ignore none and add none), and examine it (especially the grievances) line-by-line. Know and understand why our Country came to be, so it may last long into the future by preventing a repeat of the past. You can read. You can understand the simple words and concepts. Know why our Country came to be. Ignore what others tell you made it so. Don't let anybody tell you what to think. Make up your own mind, and never forget.

#independenceday #4thofjuly2013 #4thofjuly #independence  

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A Mississippi Kite can't get any peace. A female house finch does her best to annoy him.

How do I find G+ Communities I subscribe to from the mobile site (NOT the app)?

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PanSTARRS tonight.

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Comet watching wasn't as good tonight. PanSTARRS was harder to see and capture for some reason.

I don't know what the team at +Mozilla Firefox did, but my favorite theme has worked continuously through three FF updates now. Used to be, Charamel would become incompatible at every update - until just before the following update. I had believed that since about version 13 or so, add-ons/extentions/themes were supposed to be more compatible from update to update. For a long time, this wasn't entirely so. Whatever you did - thanks guys!

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The comet PanSTARRS presented itself for a few photos tonight from the Texas panhandle.
#panstarrs #comet #cometpanstarrs  

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PanSTARRS gave us a good view from the Texas panhandle tonight, with a few clouds to add a little "something".
#panstarrs #comet #cometpanstarrs  
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