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Half Our Deen
The Private Muslim Matchmaking site!
The Private Muslim Matchmaking site!

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Turn each anxiety, fear and concern into dua. See it as another reason to be in sujood, during which you are closest to Allah.

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And we are back on popular demand! This time in Orange County, CA, on Saturday, Saturday, March 4, 2017
Hope to meet you there so that you get introduced to your future spouse, in shaa Allah!
To register:
To get discount, use the code: OFFOC10 #HalfOurDeen #HODOffline

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Get married with the purpose of getting closer to Allah and In sha Allah it will be a blessed marriage. Marry someone who will encourage you, elevate your Imaan and most importantly, bring you closer to Allah :) #HODDoodle #HalfOurDeen

Confrontation is never easy. But in the long run, we trust and respect those who are honest, open, kind and care enough to confront us.

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If you want to strengthen your bond with your spouse, pray qiyamul layl together. If you want to ask for a good spouse, ask while praying qiyamul layl.
Disclaimer: Asking for a good spouse while praying with your current one might get you killed. 😂 😂 😂
via Omar Suleiman

Blessed are those busy worrying about their akhira.

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Marry with the right intentions, and you'll have a happy life together inshaAllah! #HalfOurDeen

Your value is not determined by how much people love you, it's determined by how much Allah loves you.

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Think of one meaningful compliment you can give to your spouse today and share it in the way they'll best receive it.
Could be saying it out loud.
Could be through a form of touch they appreciate most like a long tight squeeze hug.
Could be writing it down and emailing it or leaving a note.
Could be doing something special for them and when they ask why you can tell them the inspirational thought.
Be generous in giving love. via Wives of Jannah #HalfOurDeen

May Allah give us the ability to pick up the Qur'an as much and even more than we pick up our phones. Ameen
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