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Real quick help needed: what kind of details do I need to look at for a camera/video camera? Dave had a 1.3 megapixel stillshot that had horrible quality and I have a 5.1 megapixel that has awesome quality, even "blown up". I haven't done much with the video aspect, so I am not certain of that quality.

Does the megapixel describe the video as well as the still? Would my kids (7 & 12.5) need a 5.1 quality for a first camera? Grandma would like one that will last them a while, even if their interest expands... What kind of memory (not built-in) should I be looking for - are there cards that are "going out of fashion"? (I have major difficulty finding the XD cards my camera takes) Any other tips?

Two days left! Reservation deadline is tomorrow - Tuesday, July 19!

Lovely cabins, games, swimming, sports, funshops, star gazing, campfires, radical unschooler camaraderie and more! More information at the Facebook invitation: Hope you can join us!
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