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Ride or die!
Ride or die!

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LOL +Kristian Köhntopp ... epic shortening fail. Riesige Amazon Umsätze überraschen Anal... hrhr...

Hey, my cheapo-keyboard everybody somehow praises arrived.
It works. I don't get how people can say it feels like a part of the nexus 7. The plastic is way cheaper than the plastic bezel of the nexus 7. The hole, where you put the nexus 7 in has no protection against scratching (no padding in any way), I see scratches coming to my nexus 7s frame. It is small, you can type pretty well, pairing is easy, the space bar is shitty. overall: okay product for the price.

Finally a good Kernel for the Nexus S. Even the 800 MHz runs better than anything I seen on the NXS. But it is time to let that fucker retire :D

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