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Gustav Andersson
Currently exploring life as a modern nomad, living and working without a fixed address.
Currently exploring life as a modern nomad, living and working without a fixed address.
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This is probably too late and a bad idea, but wouldn't it be cool if voting booths were to become temporary portals over the US election day, with a special one day battle to see which faction can control the most across the day? Might increase voter turnout. :-)

Hi. I'm looking to create my first mission, and I have a few questions.

1. What are custom descriptions? Where are they shown? Is there a character limit?
2. How do custom descriptions work on a Passphrase waypoint? I know the question is shown on screen above the answer box. Is the custom description also shown like that? Or only one of them? Basically, can I rely on the agent seeing both the custom description AND the question, or only the question?
3. Do the question/answer have a character limit?
4. Can I use the Swedish characters Å Ä Ö in the question/answer?
5. Are answers case-sensitive?

Many thanks.

Is there a way to participate in the Via Noir anomaly without travelling to one of the cities mentioned on the Ingress Events page? I'd like to help the struggle (for enlightenment!) but can't get to any of those cities.

Also, is there a badge that can be gotten for Via Noir that isn't tied to the cities? I managed to get the Via Lux 300 unique portal badge. Something similar for Via Noir?

Has anyone actually received their #LuxAdventure badge yet? #Ingress

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My travel guide to Cape Town. Expect plenty of stunning panoramas of a beautiful city. 

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Comments on and photos of two day-trips out of Cape Town: the famous Cape of Good Hope and the wine district of Franschhoek. 

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A four-day road trip up the Namibia desert and down the Skeleton Coast. Cave BDSM painting, safari, elephants aplenty and shipwrecks only a click away.

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Swakopmund, adventure capital of Namibia. Featuring me sandboarding, quadbiking, hugging a boa constrictor and marveling at Sandwich Harbour, where the dunes meet the sea.

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Thoughts on the Namibian capital, Windhoek, and the best, and most surprising, Octoberfest.

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The giant red sand dunes of Sossuvlei is one of Namibia's top destinations. And they are not just pretty to look at, but fun to climb too!
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