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Gustav Andersson
Currently exploring life as a modern nomad, living and working without a fixed address.
Currently exploring life as a modern nomad, living and working without a fixed address.

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Appeal Category: Rejected Takedown
Portal Title: Church Graffiti
City, Region and Country: Deventer, The Netherlands
Lat/Long: 52.25486,6.157603
Ingress Intel Link:,6.157603&z=18 Reason/comments:
I took video evidence of the fact that the portal does not exist.

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Appeal Category: Rejected Edit
Portal Title: Astrad och Götrad
City, Region and Country: Ljungby, Småland, Sweden
Lat/Long: 56.833161,13.940311 (this is the OLD location, not the new!)
Ingress Intel Link:,13.940311&z=17&pll=56.833161,13.940311 Reason/comments:
The edit was to fix the location of the Astrad and Götrad portal. Please see this youtube video as proof that it has moved.

I first show that I am standing right by the portal in Ingress, then switch over to the camera, showing that the portal is not there. Then I jog over to where the portal is now, and switch over to both Ingress and Google Maps to show you the new location.

Note that the current street view is from 2011, before this move happened. The satellite view does show the new location, although it is a bit hard to see. (but you can clearly see that the statue is NOT where it used to be)

I made sure that the original edit request had the right location.

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My contribution to #IngressPride . The G-A-Y bar lies on Old Compton Street in Soho, the heart of London's gay scene.
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Hi all! Visitor here until July 8. I am trying to gather 4500 hacks before I get my next medal for reasons too silly to mention. So, question: What is your best tips for maximising hacks/minute in London? A certain bus route which is portal heavy, or a park with a 5 minute loop full of portals, or other ideas. Thanks!

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30 May: Day 1

Don had asked if we could do another fielding day sometime, so of course, I obliged. Looking at the Intel map, I noticed a large multi-layer field halfway from Long Beach to Los Angeles. Creating a large field over it had a surprising few blocking links, so I devised a plan and at 22:30 we set out. We first built and farmed keys from 15 portals in the south (the 'Target Portals'). We then started clearing blocking links in the south and along the eastern border. At 1:00, we had removed the last of the blockers, and now we rushed over to the Barn Yard Zoo, the north-eastern base line anchor, from where we linked to all the Target Portals, establishing the eastern field borders.

Alarms bells must have been going off with the resistance seeing 15 long links appear, and so we rushed along the highway going west to the north-western base line portal, Sea Creatures Street Mural, from where we completed our 15 fields, enlightening 5.6 million Mind Units at 2:00 after over 100 km driving. RodeoDon got his black Illuminator medal!

At 4:00, Sanguinus7 arrived at the Sea Creatures portal and destroyed all of our fields, a minute before the Checkpoint. This could not go unpunished.

31 May: Day 2

So the next day, we expanded on the plans. The eastern links where still standing, and by spending a bit of time planning, I could see that if we moved the north-western base link portal to one further north-west, to Inglewood City Marker, we could re-establish 15 even bigger fields with only a handful of blocking links needing to be destroyed along the western border.

So at 23:00, we set out once again. We hit a couple of snags though. My scanner failed, and I had to reinstall Ingress to get it working again. And we hit a ton of road constructions, forcing us to go way out of our way to exit the motorway a couple of times. These delays meant that Sanguinus7 had time to notice our activities and throw a blocking link along the western border 10 minutes before we were able to complete our fields.


It was now 00:50, and we had to change our plans. We farmed keys for the Inglewood base line portal, and drove at breakneck speed along the motorways towards Sanguinus7's blocker link, intending to remove it then throw the fields from the Target Portals towards the Inglewood baseline portal. We went into stealth mode, avoiding making any actions that would reveal our location to Sanguinus7.

Sanguinus7 however, did not go into stealth, and at 1:10, he deployed resonators on portals halfway towards Inglewood, revealing his location. But he was now heading south, and so his intentions were clear; create another blocking link further north. If he did that, he could buy enough time to destroy Inglewood.

There was no way we would have time to remove the blocking link and reach our Target Portals before that second blocker would be established. So we got off the motorway and travelled south to a portal roughly in the middle of our intended western border.

At 01:16:55, Sanguinius7 captured a portal south of our required links and now able to that blocking link. Be he must have run into issues, or took time to hack, or was just plain slow, not knowing what we were doing (remember, our last public action was at Inglewood, then we went stealth). 97 seconds later, at 01:18:32, I reached a portal with a clear line of sight to Inglewood, and I threw a rail link to Inglewood, blocking Sanguinus7's intended blocker.

We now continued towards the original blocker, which we neutralised and continued to our Target Portals. Meanwhile, Sanguinius7 travelled north of our rail link and established her second blocking link, preventing 3 of our 15 intended fields. But, we managed to establish 12 of them, netting us 6.8 million MU.

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A sitrep from Nomad Cruise 6, where agent SHODANn recruited 15 new agents to help him in a series of operations travelling with 250 digital nomads from Spain to Greece on board a cruise ship.

If this video inspires you to sign up as an Ingress agent, please, before you download the app, contact me and let me send you an invitation. It helps my recruitment badge, and in return, I'll offer you all the help you need to get started.

Find me on Facebook ( or via my blog ( You can also leave a comment on this video.

For more information about Nomad Cruise, please visit

+Ingress +Andrew Krug #wheredidingresstakeyoutoday #nomadcruise #nomad
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Today, ingress took me for a swim! Balancing on a small rock in the water, hence the ... odd behaviour. The things ingress makes me do to forward the enlightenment!

+Ingress +Andrew Krug #wheredidingresstakeyoutoday #ingress #takingittoofar
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Checking in from a couple of natural arches, both the Grosvenor and Stevens Arch.


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Inoculating portals from the Dark XM Virus at Bryce Canyon together with Agent BearcatKid. #darkxmcure +Ingress

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Appeal Category: Rejected Takedown
Portal Title: Side Walk Tribute To Flag and Law Enforcement Ethics Plaque
City, Region and Country: Laguna Hills, CA 92653, USA
Lat/Long: 33.596316,-117.680312
Ingress Intel Link:,-117.680317&z=17&pll=33.596316,-117.680312

Reason/comments: The portal does not exist anymore. It was a plaque that has since then been removed. The video uploaded to YouTube was taken at the same time I submitted the takedown request. It is a screen capture of my phone, showing first the scanner, proving that I am standing by the portal, and then the camera app, showing that the plaque is nowhere to be seen, then shows the outline of where the plaque used to be and the nails that used to hold it up. It has clearly been removed and as such should be removed as a portal as well.

The video is on youtube, here:
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