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Karen June Miller
I am a spirited, creative, expressive lover of life and people!
I am a spirited, creative, expressive lover of life and people!

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New Blog | Everlovin' Low-Carb
When I began this blog, there was a flurry of activity being generated by hundreds of other likeminded bloggers. It was an exciting season. Then, many bloggers felt like they had accomplished what they came to do. They either deleted their blogs or left the...

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Why do it if I don't have to?
I am fortunate to not be celiac or gluten intolerant. Some friends suffering from celiac disease have legitimately questioned why I would eat gluten free when I don't have to. Well, having lost weight by cutting out gluten, I reintroduced small amounts of w...

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TIMBER! My 3 and 1/2 week old Christmas tree is just now beginning to stiffen. As I began to take it down, I had to snap this photo. These ornaments remind me of tender-hearted son, Bryce, when he was young. I especially love the one where he is holding my ...

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The Best Tree
Nordmann Fir For the first time in 30 years of marriage, Barry could not go Christmas tree shopping. So, Brock and I set out together on December 20th. It was a cold and rainy Idaho day.  Barry and I usually examine the entire lot before selecting a Douglas...

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Wagner's Farms | Meridian, Idaho Photo by Karen June Miller I adore the locavore movement because it embraces our local farmers, strengthens sustainability, and focuses on more eco-friendly practices. Yet, I continually meet people who are not familiar with...

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Summer at the Museum
Idaho City Historical Museum - Karen June Miller [Click to Enlarge] Last August, while moving from the Boise National Forest to Idaho's Treasure Valley, I assumed that my curating at the old gold mining museum was over. My new home was 1 hour and 17 minutes...

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Jerusalem: A Cookbook
I love the movie,  West Bank Story ! It is a musical spoof of  West Side Story  and involves 2 fast food restaurants in the West Bank: Kosher King and Hummus Hut. David, an Israeli soldier, and Fatima, a lovely Palestinian cashier, fall in love in the midst...

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An adventure a day...
Seasons come and seasons go. There is no heavy-revvy in this, unless we remind ourselves that seasons are not isolated to weather. Shakespeare wrote, All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrance...

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Happy World Nutella Day!
These days, we have so many quirky holidays that almost nothing is left out. I can live without most of them, but I make a grand exception for Nutella!  My family knows that I periodically hide a jar of this silky elixir as insurance: 1.) to maintain my inv...

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SPARRING MATCH Have you ever noticed that changing a habit can become a sparring match! Samuel Johnson is quoted as saying, "The chains of habit are too weak to be felt until they are too strong to be broken." I personally believe that no habit is invincibl...
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