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Movies, Books, Food, Music, Sports, Tech, Traveling.
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In preparation for #caturday tomorrow, I present to you ALL the pictures of my kitty #Zelda I currently have on my phone 😁 #yourewelcome 
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Me with my pal Anne aka +Queen Sapphyre... we've been online friends since 09.
This is her birthday weekend, so I invited her up from Nashville to hang with me for it. So after almost 8 years of friendship, we have finally met "in real life".

Thursday, I picked her up from the airport & took her to Sticky Fingers (vegan) Bakery to get her a birthday treat, and to Arlington national cemetery to see the tomb of the unknown soldier, where we watched the changing of the guard and we also visited the burial site of John & Jackie Kennedy so she could leave roses & pay her respects. After that we went into Old Town Alexandria to visit the magickal shop Sacred Circle & the lingerie shop Lotus Blooms. Then we went by Target & Walmart and goofed off before heading home for the night.

Friday, was D.C. day so we rode the metro in and went to:
• Coup De Foudre Lingerie
• Hard Rock Cafe
• The White House
• The George Washington Monument
• The World War II Memorial
• The Lincoln Memorial
• The Vietnam Memorial
• The Jefferson Memorial
Then we came home sang happy birthday to the birthday girl & watched Tangled (she'd never seen it & it's a favorite of mine) and started watching Eddie Izzard's Dressed to Kill (another favorite of mine that she hadn't seen).

Yesterday (Saturday), was MD Harley day so we visited the Harley Davidson shop at The National Harbor, the Rommel HD shop in Annapolis, HD of Baltimore & Old Glory HD in Laurel. Afterward we came home & finished watching Eddie Izzard's Dressed to Kill DVD & started watching Mr. & Mrs. Smith (also a favorite of mine she hadn't seen).

Today (Sunday) was VA Harley day so we visited HD of Quantico, Whitt's HD of Manassas, & Patriot HD of Fairfax. Then we came home, ate breakfast for dinner, finished watching Mr. & Mrs. Smith & watched The Jungle Book (live action) since Anne's never seen it.

Sadly, tomorrow (Monday) she must return home. Although, we have preplanned a 2017-2018 tbd spring & a tbd summer trip to do other stuff that wasn't feasible in the winter.

Poll for y'all: Have you ever done a meeting irl? (Picture of us Saturday) if so, leave a comment on how it turned out. If not, leave a comment on how come.
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The kids got a surprise this morning when they opened the door to take the dog out... a #santagift was sitting there! Another Amulet to add to the collection! Thank you so very much +Vonnie Maddox much unexpected to get a #secretsanta gift from one of our giftees! They can't wait to get home from school today and read it! The note #warmsmyheart! <3 #gplussecretsanta <3

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#SantaGift incoming! Amulet book 5. The kids say Thank you Ms. +Mandi Konesni. They have already read the whole book tonight! #gplussecretsanta #secretsanta #gifting #tistheseason #makesmesmile #warmsmyheart


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#SantaGift x2 arrived in beautiful wrapping bags! The bags contained breathtaking illustrated editions of Harry Potter books 1 & 2. THANK YOU SOOOO VERY MUCH Mr. +Ryan A DD & DS are SUPER Happy! <3 #gplussecretsanta #secretsanta #kids #gifting #warmsmyheart #makesmesmile #tistheseason 

The kids just received two secret santa boxes at once! Waiting to hear back from our santas on if it's okay to open now or if they should wait. They are SUPER excited! I told them one of the two santas is our g+ friend aka former santa (& previous giftee) "Mr. Ryan" the other is a new g+ friend "Ms. Mandi" Making new friends and keeping the old is one of the beauties of social networking! <3#secretsanta #gplussecretsanta #tistheseason #warmsmyheart

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Don't forget to sign up! Make someone else's day brighter!!! #gplussecretsanta #secretsanta #gifting #tistheseason #spreadjoy 
Have you signed up yet?

Secret Santa is up and running for another year!
My coder elf has done some serious magic and the new website looks fantastic!

If you have problems my elves are:
+Kyla Myers
+Lori Friedrich
+LaDonna Pride
they will do their best to help, and if needed they will escalate the problem to my coder elf.

When you sign in, there is a wonderful new button called "tutorials" go there for step by step instructions. My elves are currently working on putting together an FAQ as be on the look out for that!

Something new this year....when you sign up you will not see your name on the list. We promise it is there for everyone else. Instead you will see a fancy new "registered" button once your registration is complete. Don't forget my elves have to verify your registration, we look to make sure your wishlist link works and there is a shipping address as well. (keep an eye out for an e-mail from an elf, if we find a problem that is how we will contact you)

Remember that you can have more than one Amazon wish list so feel free to make one just for Secret Santa and you can have individual lists for your children and pets, too. Make sure they are public if you want the Elves to be able to see them. While you're at it, be sure your list has an address. You may not realize it but just because you have an address on Amazon, doesn't mean it's attached to your wishlist. Wishlist's can have different addresses. So, if your college age child is not living with you his or her address can be attached to that list.

Our new site has a great search feature. You can look up specific names, specific words like, kids, vets etc. You can also sort by country and add a specified random number of people to your recipient list.

Also new this year.... you can edit the reason Secret Santa is important to you. Go to the "My account" button and when you change the reason, a little update button will appear.

One last thing....When you receive a gift, go to the "My Account" button and there is a counter at the very bottom on the left. Just use that to indicate you have received your gift.

....and don't forget to share a photo of your gift and tag it with #santagift

Kids just sent 5 Secret Santa gifts out! DD says "I'm so glad I could do this on my birthday" (she is 12 today!). DS says "I wish we could send more" #gplussecretsanta #secretsanta #gifting #tistheseason #makesmesmile #kids #joysofgiving #blessed +Secret Santa and the elves thanks for doing this every year!!!

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Remember those you love today! From my family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving! <3
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