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Unused Resources new feature does not find anything to refactor.
I tred to use this feature on Android Studio 2.0 preview 5, by right click on my project then refactor->Remove Unused resources and its not finding anything to refactor.
I also tried to run lint first then do that but still not working, any idea?

I have upgraded to '' I am using buildTools = "23.0.2"

I am getting this error.. anyone facing the same?

Error:Cannot cast object '23.0.2' with class '' to class ''

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I gave a talk about RecyclerView (plus briefly touching CardView) at yesterday's meetup. I have published my slides to speakerdeck. The sample project should follow on github pretty soon as well.

There is also a blog post in its very early sketches. I hope to publish it soon as well. I will let you know :-)

The short takeaway:

- I very much like what Google has done with RecyclerView. I like the flexible approach where you can change single aspects using special classes. Since Googler's are mere humans as well, probably not all is to like and I might dislike some stuff when I'm going to use it more often, but the general approach suits me.

- I think the addition of a CardView was unnecessary. The one good reason for it, that I've heard of, was to give a unified appearance for all card based UIs in Android. Okay. Can understand that - and I like that. But allowing to change the elevation of a CardView or the corner radius is very much at odds with this.

Oh, BTW: The blog post link at the end of the slides is not working, yet. As I've written, the blog post is going to come soon - please be patient :-) But it will eventually  be available using this link.

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