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Priyanka Nag
Happy the way I am........
Happy the way I am........

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5 years and still counting...the longest stable relationship of mine!!!
One evening, back in 2012, I unwillingly walked into this coffee show. Little did I know that I would meet my one true love there. I had just attended my first Mozilla event at college. I was pretty impressed by the Web Maker tool. During a casual conversat...

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The Travel Experience That Wasn't Fun at All
I had boarded the bus from Swargate (Pune) bus stop on 24th February, at
10pm. While boarding the bus, I had put my luggage in the lower dickey of the bus.  While deboarding at Majestic bus station (Bangalore) next morning, I
realized that my luggage was ...

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A lot can happen over coffee....only if you are allowed to sit at a CCD outlet!
Cafe Coffee Day is no more a new name for the youngsters in India. For a warm cup of coffee at an affordable price, thats where we generally go to! But more than the cup of coffee, its the atmosphere of Café Coffee Days which attract all of us. An informal ...

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My Sunday Spent with Real Angels
There are those rare days in life, when you come home with a guilt in your heart...the guilt of having so much in life, but still not being content whereas, there are so many people out there, with so little and yet so happy! The last Sunday was one of thos...

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A stranger made me smile today....
This evening, when I left from work, I was a little disturbed. The last few days had not been very happy ones. The turbulence in life had made me depressed...left me lonely! It was drizzling. The honking of vehicles and happy cheers of people, returning hom...

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Fedora 22 Release Party, Pune
This is my attempt at bringing all details of the Fedora 22 Release Party, out live...right from the Pune Red Hat office. 10.55am - We have begun our day today with a quick round of introductions...its always fun to know people!

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Installing Sublime Text 3 on Fedora 21
Though the process of installing Sublime Text 3 on Fedora 21 is not difficult at all, the articles available online doesn't have the correct steps most of the time. Since I had to waste a decent amount of time to find the right script and install Sublime 3 ...

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A well spent Women's day
On the occasion of International Women's Day, the WoMoz (Women in Mozilla) community from Pune had decided to celebrate Womanhood and technology by paying tribute to to all the women, who are working towards making a difference in the world of Open Source ...

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Living the dream
Since my very early days of Open Source contribution, that goes back to my early days of college life, Red Hat had been my dream organization! The reasons behind this was probably many. During those initial days of my Open Source journey, I had been inspire...

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A beautiful journey, finally coming to an end....leaving Scrollback
In the last 8-9 months of my life, I have gone through some of the most beautiful experiences of my life, which has helped me grow, personally as well as professionally. Now its time to move on, implement those learning in making something bigger. Scrollbac...
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