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Running and gunning doesn't happen in a lane at the range and it doesn't happen over night. Take a peak at how NLB Tactical does it.

Turn your volume up and enjoy.

When your interested in taking your firearms skillset to another level seek us out.
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Navy Chief provides praise about NLB firearms and hand to hand combat training.

Combat hardening and working with our Military and Law Enforcement personnel is NLB's primary mission.
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Tactical simulation town "Reactive handgun reaponse" course. Excellent 8 hours of training.. must do training, can't want till video is up, this can be a stressors and really build your stress response skill set and firearms activation skills.
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knife training certificate course in New Jersey, March 30

NLB training is world know for providing radical knife defense skills improvements. Get on this course before it sells out.

Those who know about NLB please share through your networks.

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To: Whom it may concern Date:11/16/17
From: Paula Curtin

I was a bit intimidated about learning to shoot but after talking with Hank, I knew that one on one instruction was what I needed to make me feel comfortable with the responsibility of owning a gun.

I had taken a local girls only class which was a good baby step but I still felt like I was not ready to just go out and purchase a gun and the responsibility of it really shook me. I knew that this was a big decision and that I needed to be 100% confident in my ability to shoot and handle a gun.

The personal instruction with Hank not only educated me about safety and gun handling but also made me more confident about my decision. I learned the proper safety and handling first and then spent hours actually shooting the gun under his direction.

The time shooting a gun with his guidance and encouragement made me sure I wanted to own one. I know with more practice and more guidance from Hank that I will be a responsible and accurate shooter.

If you are considering instruction, talk to Hank and you will learn that he is passionate about his teaching and that his education and background are impressive!

InletFitness/ Owner
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What do Harry Potter and Glock have in common?

Think dream.

Take a listen for 3 minutes and you'll get the picture loud and clear.
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There is one slot left for the NLB train the trainer Knife defense specialist instructor course. Get the last opening, don't miss this opportunity. There is great students base and NLB Knife defense specialist instructors teaching this course are some of our best.
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Don't be the one that says DANG I should have gone to that course (you still can). There are still a few slots available.

NLB Tactical / No Lie Blades 2017 Instructor Course

This is a GSA approved course Contract # GS07F036DA

NLB Tactical / No Lie Blades 2017 Instructor course is almost closed for registration. This is the first US instructor course in 18 years that will be also open enrollment to those other than Military and Law Enforcement tactical instructors. You must be a current combat or martial arts instructor and will be vetted first before admission.

With all the active stabbings, we have going on around the world and the DHS declaring stabbing events a terrorist trend the timing couldn’t be better for this type training.

“There are few better trainers worldwide than Hank Hayes / No Lie Blades when it comes to getting results in hands on edged weapons / combat tactics”.

-Dave Smith “Buck Savage”

“NLB’s course is life changing, in my 23 years in L/E it’s some of the best training I’ve ever had.”

-Sheriff Rick Silver – Washington County Sheriff’s Dpt.

What material will be covered?

• Fact finding to define truly where your skillset is against a committed knife attack.
• Learn the four ranges of fighting skills assessment.
• Video playback review sessions.
• Learn the necessary and useful knife grips, stances and foot work.
• Understand edged weapons lethality the risks of immediate knife contact.
• Active knife meat cut session.
• Learn the top 3 things that special forces learn to tactically to stop a committed knife attack.
• Learn and define edged weapons awareness of several types of cutting weapons.
• See yourself with video feedback learning sessions.
• High pressure scenario training.
• Explore operator level knife selection, carry position and deployment drills.
• Learn the T.N.T. explosive fighting skills.
• Learn Pre-incident indicator skills building (body-language reading).
• Drills for building edged weapons survival skill and why you’re training those drills.
• Using barriers to entry and weapons of opportunity.
• Execution of compounded violent strikes.
• Verbal commands before and during the encounter.
• Multiple attacker neutralization techniques.
• Team system survivability tactics.
• Open question and answer section.
• Edged weapons attacking skills.
• Anatomy education on disabling & terminating target locations.
• Written exam.
• Graduation.

“The No Lie Blades Knife defense system is quickly becoming the standard by which others are judged.”
-Sgt. Jeffery Hauck – Bethlehem Twp, PD

Course Cost is $1,395.00

Please contact or call 610.442.5539 to register.

We’ve worked out a killer discount room deal for those attending the course with the team at the Ramada Inn On The Beach at 6th and Atlantic St, Virginia Beach, Va 23451

Oct 7-12, 2017 ( Sunday – Thursday) @ $79.00 per night plus tax and this will include a breakfast voucher.

Oct. 13, 2017 (Friday) @ $99.00 per night plus tax and this will include a breakfast voucher as well. Due to vacation season, the weekend has already had a number of outside and group reservations so the rate has been affected.

Please contact or call 610.442.5539 to register.
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Carbine Stance and Ready Up drill by NLB Tactical and Hank Hayes

The Carbine stance debate and the ready up drills.

The powerful fighting weapon the carbine has many uses, however I think there’s one thing we can all pretty much agree on when it comes to protection in close, we must be to able get shots on target as fast as possible. This video covers basic 3 elements.

1. The Carbine shooting stance.
2. Static single shot ready up drill
3. Dynamic single shot ready up moving drill.

Do you own a handgun or rifle and only shoot standing still at the firing line at the range?

Are you drawing from the holster using reload, malfunction and multi position shooting stress drills?

Are you rapidly moving to cover while laying cover fire and shooting from behind barricades moving from position to position?

Are you training vehicle ambush and varied shooting situation stress drills?

If not, THIS MUST CHANGE! You are not truly prepared for a gun fight. GET TRAINING NOW!!!

NLB tactical provides a catalog of courses and has 365/24/7 access to a tactical range in the Virginia Beach, Va area. Whether it’s for your command or personal 1 on 1 needs, contact us for half day, full day or multi -day training packages at our range in Virginia Beach.

Many make it a mini vacation, shoot, eat, swim!!!

United States Government GSA Contract #GS07F036DA

Call us at 610.442.5539 or email at
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