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Cobus Rossouw
acerbic, sarcastic, foot/mouth, testify!
acerbic, sarcastic, foot/mouth, testify!

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The Tracklist for my first album as 88 Kilos of Sunshine. Take a listen.

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My band has made it to no1 on the Indie Charts for South Africa! 

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You can download all my songs for free from this site!

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A new song I released yesterday. Free Streaming and Download.

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Sign up with the Do Not Kill Registry today to make sure you do not end up on the kill list: 

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This is the 88KoS avatar.

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If you don't know Airborne Music, it is a new business model for musicians where downloads of the music is free and music can be shared legally. Fans can support the artist in exchange for this right by pledging an amount of only $1 per day. I think it's a revolution, here's how it works

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A New Year for 88

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Dear Google Plus, (share this post if you agree)

We want to see our favourite posts in one place.

Please add a link to the left which I can click on a see a list of all the posts here which I have +1'd.

I'm getting tired of asking. Yet you seem to keep adding things which people are not asking for. Like the 'What's hot' link and the YouTube 'kind of playlist' thing.

You are called Plus. We Plus things when we like them. We want to see them again some day. Give us this very, very easy-for-you-to-implement filter link for the left menu.

DONT JUST PLUS IT (though thanks!). SHARE IT. SPREAD THE WORD! NO ONE ELSE (but the author) CAN 'READ' A PLUS!

And no, I do not mean the +1 tab on the profile page. (So many people think that's it)
That tab lists the 'external web urls' on which I have clicked a +1 button. NOT the Google Plus posts I have +1'd

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