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Who can get me a Diablo 3 beta code? Yes I know its a free beta weekend but damn, I wanna keep playing this game
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8 comments this link lists some sites that are giving away beta keys. I checked out IGN & theirs is just a "like my facebook page and you *might * get a code" lol, which is unreliable considering how many people freaking "like" that page. But the other sites could be different. Good luck :P
brian... wtf... how come pics keep photoshopping out ur rev tattoo? U still have it, according to ur most recent pic. so ya wtf? do they think ur fans are threatened by tattoos? lol. can't wait to see u sweetie, already got tickets in connecticut as soon as u come back!!! w000t, can't wait to see u guys
Bet my ass there are people dying to get u A diablo 3 beta code....
Whole life is a game you can play every second!
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