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How many people truly believe in forgiveness? 

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Wait what? 
I'm hearing that some of the Steubenville students are complaining that no one explained to them that the behavior could be considered rape or that there could be legal consequences for what they do.

* This is what happens when we constantly tell women how they are responsible for not getting raped.

* This is what happens when much of sex and sexuality is learned through the fiction of tv shows, movies, books, pornography, and the like.

* This is what happens when those media predominately show cases of people taking advantage of those who are unconscious and frame it as "good fun" or "just a joke."

Sure, watching a single movie about robbing a bank might not lead one to rob a bank. But having much of the media we consume portray sexual assault and/or rape as "good fun" or something that women secret want does lead people to commit sexual assault and rape.

Furthermore, we have to get past this myth that only "bad people" commit sexual assault and rape.

Just curious, how many people here have: 

college degree
multiple college degrees
graduate degree
doctoral degree

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I can hear the angry Black women from over here
It's not love until it's Facebook official: Tiger & Lindsey Vonn took their relationship to the next level. (Hope you caught the sarcasm)

I guess empathy is reserved for people we like or are like us. Others just get hate.

So much for religion being the only one with a closed mind

Can we now call the Republican nomination process:

The race to lose to Hillary in 2016

I know the following will get me unfollowed by a lot of people here on Google+ because that is the kind of community that it is.

Now I was going to just let this one go by and not comment, but then I kept seeing the debate out there amongst my fellow bloggers and advocates and thought I would say a little something. First let me start off with a little hard truth.

There are a lot of people, both men and women, that woke up today and realized that they have been guilty of rape in their lives. Statistics indicate that more than a few of them are right here on Google+.
Now let that sink in for a moment.

Apparently very few people care about underage drinking. I am guessing because most are guilty of it themselves. How many people here started drinking heavily at 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, or younger? Let that sink in for a bit. 

Today I have seen many women's advocates trying to have a conversation today about real problems that are occurring with our youth. Instead of actually talking about those topics in a respectfully manner they were attacked and insulted.  

Somewhere along the line a few people got it into their heads that just because someone is not suppose to do bad things means that they will not. Somehow they believe that everyone should be taught their morality standards but they don't have to learn anyone else's.

I am sorry but life does not work that way. People do nothing but take advantage of those that they can and most people don't even see it as wrong. So the idea that you are going to make yourself vulnerable and weak and no one is going to try and take advantage of that is beyond naive.

The cemeteries are filled with people that believe the same thing and there is always room for more. Can you prevent all bad things from happening to you? No. Can you do things to minimize the threat sometimes? Yes.  

I am a firm believer in protect yourself at all times because the only person you can absolutely trust not to hurt you is you. I fear for the people that are not taught this. 
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