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I wished I could play beta, paid the game off psn, and never got a code and the launch is today. Paid off guardian edition with the game like a month ago. :( 
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Terry Harris

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For those of you ingrates who believe this will break your ps3 more it will not. One, the ps3 is already fucked. So not really helping your argument. This is a quick fix to get the disk out and deactivate the account for when you purchase a new ps3 or if you just send it in, you can still get your game out. Some people I know that have used this method all worked for them. Just the time on whether it will last varies. Hours, Days, Weeks Months. Some even a year or so. Don't knock it if it didn't work for you. You probably did it wrong. Plus DO NOT put your ps3 in the microwave. That is stupid. Also it helps if you still have the PS3 box to set the system in, or a sweater, you want your system to get hell hot, then let it cool. for triple the time you dried it for. I did mine for about 17 minutes and waited about an hour for it to cool. Works great and been working for about 8 months. I have the 80 gb fatboy, and I've also done it for a friend on a Superslim and he had his working for about 11 months now and still running like a champ. So just do what you got to do.
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