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Second year in a row the kids have had their winter break extended by a winter storm.
On the one-year anniversary of a major snowstorm in south central Wisconsin, ice is the problem this year.

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Land prices are following housing trends. No wonder we've been so busy this year!
The question I get asked the most is:
"What's land goin' for these days?"
And the answer is......

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I enjoy gardening. No need for expensive therapist sessions. I just head for my backyard when the stress gets too heavy. And I definitely keep it organic so I get the nice side benefit of inexpensive healthful food. Give it a try. Here are some tips from +Dr. Mercola 

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An interesting article about treating the whole person, not just the individual parts that are displaying symptoms. It's nice to see main stream medicine acknowledge that the spiritual part can affect the physical and vice versa.

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It would take a while to count the ways our dream has changed over the years.

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My hubby is on this list!!! #65 Honored indeed!
100 Top Google+ Real Estate Pages and Profiles to Add to Your Circles

I just found out I am on this list. I am honored to be selected as one of the most influential Google+ Real Estate profiles.

This is a great resource to connect with others in the real estate industry. Circle up.....

Learning About G+ Is So Much Fun
Do you know how to post in italics?

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I don't know if there's a war going on or not, but I think this is a nice change for G+ users.

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+Katie Huebschen Have you seen this article? Kind of makes my head spin, but I think +Sergey Andrianov  is probably right.
The Unintended Economic Effects of Social Media

OK, I'll admit it. Economics makes my head hurt. It even makes my back molars ache. My wife does our check book and bill paying (may she be forever blessed). The only thing I know about the Gross National Product is I don't want to go near anything with the word "gross" in it.

But +Sergey Andrianov obviously loves the stuff. He says, "Gross? Gross is a beautiful word." In other words, he's wicked shmawt, as my Bostonian colleague +Phil Buckley would say. And he may be on to something here.

You MBAs and CPAs let me know. And if he is, as I suspect, please pass it on!
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