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Chad Henderson
Web and UX Designer in the middle of everything
Web and UX Designer in the middle of everything

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I am sitting on my porch listening to the birds sing about the cool pleasant air that remains left over from the night, at least this is what i imagine they are singing about, since it is definitely worth singing about. I am actually awake and feeling good way earlier than normal.

My wife, +Elizabeth Pressler-Henderson, and I have been avoiding caffeine and alcohol since the beginning of the month and I am sleeping better, and thinking better and feeling better.

I will go back to the booze when the month culmonates with +Elizabeth Pressler-Henderson's birthday party, not because I need it but because I enjoy it. I just like to make sure I CAN go without alcohol from time to time.

The caffeine is more problematic. I would actually prefer to not go back to dark stimulant if I could avoid it, but that is damn near impossible in our current society. Try ordering a drink besides water that is caffeine free at any nearby restaurant and see what your choices are. Water gets old I promise you.

And I will be honest, I really miss the taste and experience of drinking really good coffee.

But living without caffeine has really been great for me. The fact that I am awake enough to enjoy sitting here on my porch writing this, instead of groggily stumbling through the house trying to get out the door in time to get to work tells me all I need to know about the results.

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these guys are nuts

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When I was a kid, I loved diving into Choose your Own Adventure books as often as I was able to get my hands on one. Having so many possible outcomes was intoxicating and exciting by itself, but by adding in the real possibility of ending in a dramatic death scene, which made the books feel more mature and adult to me than other things I was reading, they elevated the books to cult status among my generation.

So it is with great joy that I stumbled across this tumblr:

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I am pleased that Google has finally revealed a way to transfer one Google+ account to another, but I am very disappointed that it only moves your circles and does NOT move your posts, or profile information.  !HEADDESK!

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Finally!! #ReadyPlayerOne

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Love me some Ken Block driving videos... Kinda amazed that they were able to shut down sections of San Fran for this...  Anyone in SF remember this happening?
I wish this is what driving here was really like...

Somehow, I have managed to injure my left shoulder in almost the exact same way I injured my right shoulder last fall. Bah! I do not think it is as bad as that injury was but it is early to tell.  Icing it now and trying to relax.

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This very fun. You realize that these are the 8 bit graphics of hovering displays right... As they get smaller, the resolution will improve ...

My Feet Are All Tingly! AHHH!   #standingDesk  

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So today Apple released their Podcasts app and removed Podcasts from iTunes. I find this very very interesting. I am curious to what the strategy is, but I hope this will lead to improvements to the Apple podcast experience. Downloading it now.
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