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Εκπαιδευτικός Ξένων γλωσσών & Πληροφορικής
Εκπαιδευτικός Ξένων γλωσσών & Πληροφορικής


There are many ways I could change my assessment methods. For starters, I believe that Authentic assessment is the way for me to move forward. I like the way that it gives emphasis on what students know rather than don't know. One method I am contemplating in the near future is Portfolio assessment. The compilation of academic work would be used to evaluate the learning process determining whether students have met learning standards... Also, currently experimenting with the rubrics and the platform...

To do with ELLs, I'm sure that most Language systems and skills are 'flippable'. Deep down inside I want to start creating content that's interactive like through H5p and Edpuzzle to do with grammar, writing and exam skills. I am mostly teaching Teenagers and Young learners and I often find that they easily switch off when it comes to the presentation in the PPP approach or they might get bored easily with just doing a coursebook. No matter, how interesting you make your grammar lesson, focusing on the details of the language is not always meaningful learning to most of them. I am completely convinced that taking the Remembering and Understanding out of the classroom and bringing in a lot more of Applying, Analysing, Evaluating and Creating within a flexible learning environment which is both meaningful and purposeful for the learner, my learner's learning would really skyrocket! A lot of promises from my part... I just have to sit down and plan plan plan and try try try now...

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I was really looking forward to creating my own Flipped Learning video this week, but as with most of my developing ideas it fell through. Partly because I had the 'OMG, everyone is going to see it' syndrome and partly because I realised this week from this course how much goes into one of these videos... So I guess I'm just going to show you an Edpuzzle with curated content which I created last week... Will get round to create my own content soon and try it out on my students first...
Edpuzzle: Students will watch a video presentation of the Past Perfect tense which runs on Edpuzzle with quiz incorporation for accountability integration.

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The idea behind Cristina's lesson plan was great! Taking a Travel and Tourism topic and creating an interesting activity leading to a role-play should actually be quite do-able in a flipped learning class!

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Thought I 'd share this with you...
An interesting podcast on HyperDocs and a link to Sean Fahey's HyperDoc free library... I found it useful...

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Here's my lesson plan. It's for a young learners class (A2 level). I've chosen the easy way out and designed a 'Grammar day' (ring a bell!) lesson plan of the Past Perfect which is always a problem for my younger students. In this in-class flip, I am using the Mixed station approach having also an Independent station for back-up. We do have a students book to follow so if something goes wrong with the tec, I will have to substitute some workstations with student book work. Will do this on Monday so hope it goes well.

My lesson plan is taking longer than I thought it would!!!
Saying that I've just made my first Edpuzzle and I'm really loving it!!!
The potential is limitless... I've been using Google classroom with some older students in the past but never really connected anything to it other than say a lesson journal and or some bookmarks... Now I've got Edpuzzle and which really has some awesome potential and it's just the start!! Most definitely going to try a google docs collaborative-writing task in that lesson plan!

There's definitely something not right with this Kahoot.. +Katja Auffret maybe a wrong number? PIN: 0171383

John Belushi's video reminded me of how the Direct method of teaching might look like... It's funny to actually visually connect this method of teaching with what we read about in initial teacher training. I can now realise why this method is not to my liking... It reminds me of the industrial age...

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I have to admit that I found all planning styles presented in these well thought out flipped videos presentations really insightful! Very difficult for me to just talk about one video because all planning styles had something to offer me!
I have come to realise that I am more of a visual learner, but then again I find it difficult to believe that some people aren't.
One point that was visible in all planning styles was the presence of getting the Bloom's lower order thinking skills out of the classroom (or at least out of the centre of attention) and concentrating on activating Ss higher order thinking skills. This will be definitely something that I will be concentrating on in my following lessons plans.
Moreover, I would like to add that these videos clarified some issues I had with how to use PBL and cooperative learning structures in the classroom and have understood in more detail the four types of in-class station work. Lastly, loved that I picked up that HyperDocs can be used both to plan your group learning space but also to plan your Ss individual learning space too!
A really big shout out the moderators for the excellent work on this EVO program until now by far my best...
(Have made notes which will take me a long time to digest!!)
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