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Product Development & Creative Industries Entrepreneurship, Indie Fashion Designer, Crafter, Entrepreneur, Tech Enthusiat, Artstech, Fashinotech -Just a Mom pulling it all into perspective
Product Development & Creative Industries Entrepreneurship, Indie Fashion Designer, Crafter, Entrepreneur, Tech Enthusiat, Artstech, Fashinotech -Just a Mom pulling it all into perspective
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Work Hard Fast & Smart...  Can you TEACH  people to  hustle..  so many reach out to me but seem to think life will WAIT for them... 
till they finished the visit to their loved one, finished that  fourth  degree they will never really use, reached their correct weight, accrued the cash they needed or are living in the "right space', or  got their significant other to  approve... 

When the truth is it's NOW or never 

 " If you’re hustling, good shit will happen. Period. What the hustle looks like varies. All I ask for is that you work hard and fast."

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I've long suspected that certain neighborhoods got worse service than others... Are you getting the Internet Speed You're Paying For? Optimum promised 5MBps the actual number 0.99 Mbps ... no wonder it literally took me 5 times as long to post this than if i'd been in certain neighborhoods. Why does it matter well local folks cannot compete... busienss wise... if affect access to video enabled learning slow speeds for businesses who then will not be able to compete... thos who want to stream then buy more expensive plans... Please share and do this test asap ... before they can adjust. Not in NY... why not test anyway... if it's as bad as ny's you know what to do...5

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While the giants of Silicon Valley took public stances against President Trump’s immigration order, the silence from fashion's largest companies has been deafening.

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Freelance Isn't Free Act passes in NYC with 51 votes! 

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Google introduces #Factcheck, fact checking aggregation in your search. "Fact check" seems to lean on fact checking aggregation. Essentiall google will Collect and shift through and then link you to fact sites based on a google algorithm. Essentially google will link you to "" etc based on that sites compliance with "" is an independent web protocol that webmasters are encouraged to use... so Google is really simply serving you what you currently do shifted on a wider scale!ight

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 Transforming Garment Industry off-cuts, fabric “Compressed Space”Oct 13th-30th Melissa Lockwood, Designer of IQTEST

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Games By Artist GAME NIGHT #5 will be held on October 18th, 2016 at the Denny Gallery,

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The information session for  artists is scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 11, at 6:30 p.m., at the Magnolia Tree Earth Center of Bedford Stuyvesant (located at 677 Lafayette Ave.).

other dates

If you're a creative please subscribe to specifically for opportunities in the creative industries

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What is that something for you? Writing a book? Creating a blog? Learning photography? Starting a podcast? Launching a business?
I recommend this as a must read for those with a deep desire to create! Our program is really great at helping those COMMITTED to executing their intangible ideas by showing them to shape and execute them. Yet I meet so many who simply are challenged to make that commitment.

Free download by October 8th

Free kindle app for any device the book here on Amazon (FREE 3-8 October),

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LEARN HOW TO GET YOUR RETAIL BUSINESS OFF THE GROUND. TAKE STEPS TO BUILD YOUR BRAND. Calabar Imports presents HOW TO START YOUR OWN SPECIALTY RETAIL STORE BY ATIM ANNETTE OTON - Saturday, October 8, 2016 or Saturday, October 15, 2016 at Calabar Imports, Brooklyn, NY.
Fall Holiday 2016 I recommend you sign up for my newsletter to ensure you get info and please remember to check your email to confirm your subscription 
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