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Thank you all so, so much for your kind thoughts and words. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your support, your patience, and your general awesomeness.

AND SO. The saga continues. I've got three new colors and a brand-new web store. WOO. My very own stand-alone shop. So legit! 

"STOP BLATHERING AND TELL US ABOUT THE NEW COLORS." Okay! The new colors are pretty rad, and they are inspired by Lord of the Rings. Hooray! When deciding what things/places/concepts to interpret into suitable polish colors, of course first thoughts are the One Ring itself, and Sauron's arguably most bad-ass manifestation. And since I love all things green almost as much as I love all things teal (almost), I figured Lothlorien would round out the trio nicely.

Thus, we have The Ring, The Eye, and The Dwarf Breathes So Loud We Could Have Shot Him In The Dark (abbv to TDBSLWCHSHITD, for obvious reasons, but you're free to call it Haldir's Best Line, if you like). An antique gold, a fiery orange-red, and a soft leaf green - and The Eye even has a red shimmery eye on top of the bottle cap, because /of course it does/. PICS ATTACHED. 

Now that the important stuff is out of the way - about the new shop. It's at, obvs, and it'll be pretty much the same setup as before. Add to cart, check out with Paypal (no direct credit card checkout yet, but possibly in future?). Prices are the same, shipping is probably about the same, or slightly less? Setting up the shipping was extremely confusing and frustrating, and with the tools/options at hand I couldn't figure an optimal way to do it that didn't result in large orders being charged what I thought was a needlessly high shipping cost, so instead I just made a permanent "coupon" (listed at the top of the page!) for free shipping on US orders over $100. So yay for that! Oh, and to facilitate accurate inventory/stock management, I'm not selling "trio" sets together anymore -- BUT, you can shop by "category" theme, so it'll be easy to grab just the Doctor Whos, or just the Star Trek, etc, if that's your jam.

Right now I've got around 700 bottles ready to go. I'm probably going to launch the shop tomorrow (OMGGGG), after I do some more poking and prodding at the site to make sure I do indeed have it set up properly and have not failed utterly at configuring a pre-fab template FFS, oh god what if it's all wrong and I broke it and it charges everyone a thousand dollars for shipping [heart attack]? No, seriously, it seems to be a-ok and good to go. And smartasses, don't write to tell me my leftnav headline font is gross and does not match because duuuude, I so totally know, UGH, there's no way to change it. Whatever, I'll probably do a graphic overhaul eventually, when I figure out what the hell I'm doing. This whole process has been further clusterfucked due to all the shit going down, and a brief internet outage, and the fact that I'm just now well after about five weeks of head cold then bronchitis then sore throat. 

So there you have it. (Sings along with The Strokes : "You talk way too muuuuuuuch, you taaaalk wayyy toooo muuuh-huuuuuch.") Look for fresh Nerds tomorrow, and don't panic if there's a sellout, because in just a couple days I'll be making MORE. 

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Keng G
Oh!  Cannot wait.  Glad you're back!  

And I'm buying one of everything because your attitude rocks.  :)
Keng G
i just noticed the "Haldir's Best Line" quip and WOW I AM DYING EVEN MORE??????? holy crap i can't contain all my fannish feelings lol
+Amanda Houck Heh, I can dig it. I'm super pink, though oddly I can wear yellows/oranges on my hands just fine. But any of those colors on my face would result in "oh my god, are you okay? nausea? jaundice? pinkeye? no?  huh."
Keng G
ooh side note: templates are pretty easy to override if you know a css ninja ;) coughivolunteercough
Keng G
+NerdLacquer OH, OF COURSE HE IS!!!!! "we choose to honor that allegiance" makes my heart burst every time. we should've gotten a glorfindel (although i'm not really complaining we got more arwen), but hey we got haldir instead so ;)
+Karizze G I know, I was all pissed when they showed up at Helm's Deep, because NOT CANON, but then, Haldir is a delightful badass so really it's okay. And I might take you up on that CSS issue! Gonna see if there's a suitable template with non-stupid font - will let you know!
+Amanda Houck I pretty much default to teals, blues, greens, greys (right now it's two Zoyas and an Orly in a jelly sammich). The only OH THE HORROR GET IT OFF ME colors for polish I've run across are super-pastel mint greens, light yellowy khaki/flesh tones, and of course China Glaze Trendsetter. (Of couuuurse.) Refuse to wear pink on fingers, but toes are almost always fuchsia. In conclusion, I am a land of contradictions.
OMG happiness thy name is Nerd Lacquer restock... I am so not going to be able to sleep! Amanda, are you restocking all the previous collections coughAcidFangscough? ;)
+Rebeca Plaza-Gotay Heh, yes, moooost of the previous colors will be there. Fangs, however, is a NinjaPolish exclusive, available only through them. I'll be selling and shipping what I've got now, and then doing a whole bunch of mixing and bottling - including the exclusive shades for Ninja and Harlow!
I can't even. I'm STILL lol'ing over Haldir's best line, because obvs, it IS. Must buy all the Nerds! YAY! :)
+Amanda Houck Trendsetter looked different on every single swatch pic I saw, and on my hands it looks WORSE THAN ALL OF THEM. And every single ChG glitter polish is so glitter-ful (too much stuff, not enough lacquer binding it? lacquer base too brittle?) that they come off in giant nail-sized sheets after about 12 hours. But I buy them anyway, because awesome. I love Tinsel Town so much, even though it requires vigorous shaking/mixing and comes off after less than a day...
Keng G
+NerdLacquer ahahahaha i know what you mean!! non-compliance is forgivable because haldir. XD but ok, please feel free to on the css front! you actually replied to my email the other night (i'm keng) so there's that :)
OMG I hope I don't miss it, I need a time!!
Oh my gosh, I am so excited!!! I need to be at this restock and buy buy buy!! <3

Welcome back! This is all so exciting!
Im actually hyperventilating. I ran around my house three times and am considering getting another credit card tomorrow morning for this. NEEDS IT, THE PRECIOUS. PS sooooo bueno on choosing the best line of the Lothrorian scene. Haldir. Amazeballs.
So will you ever do one of those huge package deals of all of the polishes you sell like you did on Etsy?
OMG I hope I don't miss it, I need a time!!
+Caitlin Crawford Heh, I know the feeling! Anytime I see new cool swatches on a blog or something I'm all "AAAH, SQUEE, OMG MUST HAVE NOW." And <3 bitchy elves 4ever.
+Ashley Sorensen Probably maybe? The issue is tracking stock on individual shades vs those shades as part of a set, and still keeping inventory properly updated. But yes, I'll probably make a way in future to do the whole sets, with flat-rate shipping!
So, uh, what time tomorrow do you think this launch thing will happen? 
+Leialoha Hill Dude, do not get up that early. I'm a total night owl, so this won't happen before noon Central time!
I can't wait! I feel almost ashamed of how excited I am for this. 
Lani P
Would you please provide a time frame??? Please? So I don't ignore my family and stay glued to my ipad, lol.

Well I'd love to do a set at some it was going to be my weight loss prize and I'd love for it to still be my huge "yay you did it" prize!
I'm so happy you're back and cannot wait for your shop to be up and running. Wishing you much luck and success.
Lani P
Would you please provide a time frame??? Please? So I don't ignore my family and stay glued to my ipad, lol.

Okaaaaay, heh, let's say like 2pm Central? Barring any unforeseen technical difficulties etc, of course.
Keng G
OH EM GEE ARE YOUR SERVERS READY FOR THIS (kelly, can you handle this? michelle, can you handle this? beyonce, can you handle this?)
Keng G
THERE WILL BE BEDLAM AND CHAOS!!!! >:D (haha look at me make that face and then come out with nothing tomorrow)
Just take it Amanda, TAKE ALL MY MONEY! :P
Keng G
^^^^ bahahahaha jackie. pretty sure it'll happen even before the 1 second mark ;)
Lani P
Sorry about the repeated messages. Not sure what I'm doing wrong.

Thanks for the time! Sooooo happy you're back!
I too am thrilled that you and your stunning creations are back!!
So thrilled beyond belief! This has made a horrible week better. Thank you, Amanda!
I may weep. My love for Haldir will now be "nailed" as it were....
Well, if you need someone to test whether the site is working, I'd be happy to help ;>}  I am so stoked to be able to get my hands on your polish! I'm so tired of stalking ebay to find some!!!
So excited! So excited! So excited!
mel h
I am so excited! I love the new colors!!
Also thank you for being on google + and not fb. 
I think I'm going to cry! I've been a fan since I first started getting into indies in July, but I don't have any of your awesome creations. Hubby scheduled me for a massage tomorrow during your launch. Normally I'd just cancel, but I've had a terrible pain week and we're meeting hubby's family for dinner in the evening. I don't know what to do!
Gorgeous news! My obsession with nail polish started less than a year ago, and I didn't have a chance to own one of your wonderful colors - just adored them from afar. May I ask if you are going to do international shipping? (because, believe it, you have devoted admirers in Russia!)
*does the happy dance all over the house* I'll be at your site with bells on!! And my ninja checkout skills!! ;-) hahaha
Ahh - wheeee - I so need TDBSLWCHSHITD !  Ha - all my nerd polish dreams coming true <3 Glad your back
I just like the name TDBSLWCHSHITD because it sounds like something I'd say if I stepped on a LEGO in the middle of the night.
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