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Shop's open, racing to keep up, you guys are OFF THE HOOK.
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i totally disrespected my wallet just now. but SO MANY POLISHES!!!
I think my heart stopped for a moment when I realized the shop was open. ;) Not to mention had to run around and tell everyone I knew too. :) So excited to order some more and so bummed I can't order more! I think, though, I may wait now for the mini library to return. :) Thanks for making such great polish and hope you get some sleep the next few weeks!
Thanks, you guys! Still working on the minis, Bethany! Ugh, those little bottles are being so difficult. And no, there will be very little rest over the next couple weeks. But sleep is for sissies, right? Right?
Yays! Got 3, respected your need for sleep and held back. There's a very high probability of a repeat buy, though. <3
You are one awesome human being! Thank you for bringing us all happiness!!!
Can't. Stop. Buying.

No. Restraint.

Ugh! Must. HAVE. ALL! :)

..heads to Etsy to complete purchase.. ^_^
Sleep is for sissies if you throw in a few extra bottles in my package in your nearly asleep state. ;) Sorry the little bottles are being difficult too. Never fun, but hopefully it gets worked out soon to make life "easier" for you. :) My wallet will happily await the return of them so it can replenish. :P
Sleep what is this Sleep you speak of? hehehe Got my order in does a happy dance but my wallet is furious with me. I told myself 3 then o whats one more ... and then it was just one more. Then I forced myself to stop and reminded myself of Hans Shot First, Batcave and Scully at Harlow&Co how those are a must have! >_<
Is Masonic limited edition, or will it be available again next time?
Yesss ! my 1st (too big ^^) order to you ! you'll have to ship to France at least for one customer :p so impatient to see them in real
Was lucky enough to order 2 bottles (Entirely Unlike Tea and Pinin' for Fjords). Must resist the temptation to buy more.
Sarah G
I just rounded out my collection! You're killing me! Lol
I just added to my cart and you went on vacation! again! I'm sad and yet really happy for you... I'll keep stalking!
Wow, thanks so much, you guys! Yep, sleep is not going to be happening much for the foreseeable future! Mollie, Masonic will indeed be available next time - it's special edition, but not limited edition!

I, too, am suuuuuuuper bad about buying polish, so I can totally relate. :D Don't need it? DOESN'T MATTER. Already have half a dozen similar? IRRELEVANT. Shouldn't be spending the SHUT UP. But you never even wear that color of NOT LISTENING, LA LA LA LA.
It was hard not to just buy the entire collection...but I held back LOL I'm wear Quasar today, which makes me smile every time I look at it! I am posting Batcave and Han Shot First in about a half hour on my blog! They were quick swatches though!! if you want to check them out!! Can't wait to get these other beauties, but please, get some sleep...even if it is a wink or two ;-) - yay I fixed it! Don't use a winky face - text - winky face - it will strike through font! lol
Oh and btw, Amanda, are you on any other social media? Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or do you a blog?
I still have 9 polishes on my wish list that doesn't even include the 3
exclusives on Harlow&Co >_< Good thing her shop closed again ;-)
I'm so glad I was able to buy a few. I decided on 3. (All of Time and Space, Shiny, and I Think You Call Me ...Sexy) I'd been stalking the shop and then when it was actually open, I didn't even have a plan! Ha.
I am wearing I Think You Call Me...Sexy right now and it is gorgeous. It's more royal than navy which pleases me because I have a bad case of "more dark blue nailpolish? Sure!"
mel h
Can't wait to see Masonic in person. Good luck with the mixing and shipping.
Between ninjapolish, Harlow & co, and Amanda's etsy shop I just spent about $200 on nail polish in one week! But I'm so happy I was able to get all wanted because I had been stalking the sites everyday!
Hey Amanda....Hope everything is OK, I've been trying to get in touch with you this week, and was getting worried. <3
Received my package this past weekend! The colors are gorgeous! Love the new Masonic, will try to get pics up on the blog asap! ;-) Thank you!!!
Hi Amanda! I have been trying to contact you since March via etsy and direct email, and I still haven't heard a word from you. I thought I would try to reach out to you this way as well. I hope everything is ok! Please get in touch with me.

Thank you!!!
Hi, big fan of your nail polish. I ordered two bottles about a month ago, and i have yet to receive. I tried email to no avail... so im trying this... if you see this, pls contact me. thanks.
Hi - I bought the gift certificate from you for a friend's birthday via Etsy, and she hasn't yet been able to spend it because she didn't get an order in fast enough either time your "window" opened.

Also, my bottle of "Warrior Ethos" has a similar problem to +Heinous Shrew above - no ball, so the glitter sinks. I'd sure like to be able to check in about resolving my friend's situation, and mine.
I cannot speak for anyone else, but I haven't heard a word from her.
If no one's seen it yet, she's got a pretty extensive update on her Etsy site.
I just read your post. You must be so exhausted girly!!! Hope you're well.
i've been quietly freaking out over the etsy site not being there...i really hope she comes back
I was thinking that maybe she pulled it down to update the shop since on April 22 she said that she wanted to do an opening in a week or so and it's been a week and a half. That's my hopes anyways.
Hi, can you please address customers' concerns about quality problems since you've taken your Etsy site down and we can't contact you? Also I'd like to know if you're going to honor the gift certificate you sold me for a friend back in January, which she hasn't been able to use because you've been so rarely open.
Got an email from Harlow & Co saying they are removing all NerdLacquer pages and products since Amanda hasn't been responding to any emails from them or any other customers. And her Etsy has been taken down, so I'd say it's not looking good for us in regards to getting any more NerdLacquer polishes.
Maybe Etsy took down the site for unpaid fee's. Who knows, but if this site stays up then maybe there's a chance that she will continue selling once everything in her life gets settled. I hope she and her family are okay. Amanda Please come back soon, I wants to give you all my moneys hehehehe :)
Right, right Amanda C. - Etsy will also shut down shops if they have any open cases from un-received shipments, right?
Yeah I believe so. I'm not to much familiar with all the in and out's of how Etsy works though. :)
Well Etsy refused to help me with the gift certificate situation, telling me I had to deal with the seller. She hasn't replied to Etsy messages, or email, or the Paypal dispute I opened.
Any update ladies? I know the multiple moves have made things very hard on Nerd Lacquer, but I am hopeful.
She has ignored
- Etsy messages
- direct emails
- a Paypal dispute
- comments here

At this point I feel like we are watching just the latest in a long history of Internet biz flame-outs. I have concluded that she has ripped me off for the cost of the gift certificate I bought from her, and gave to a friend as a gift, which is now never going to get redeemed or refunded. I'm pretty disgusted.
Think Geek Discontinued all her lacquers this morning now as well. She was always very quick to respond. updated with news, and a class to work with in the past - then this rapid decline all of a sudden - especially almost immediately after joining a new site and about to release new colors. With this sudden "disappearance" I hope she is alright.
I'm really disappointed. I wanted to wear Carbon Allotrope for my wedding. Maybe her shop will re-open at a later date.
Her last post on Etsy was that they had to move rather abruptly in a completely disastrous fiasco that involved many more trips than initially anticipated and movers chucking boxes willy-nilly. Only to find out that where they moved to had an offer made on it (having been on the market for a long time without any interest) so they were back to looking and moving again. I am hopeful she will return soon, as well. Maybe you can try to contact her privately Ashlie?
I'm with Monica Marlowe. Her mom has cancer so many things are happening in her life at the moment so maybe she just had to stop everything that was going on all at once, and break down each problem and deal with things one at a time before she had a mental breakdown. No one really knows for sure but for someone to quite there day job and invest in the "polish" business and have a HUGE following, something major had to have happened to make her go MIA. Especially for someone who made $25,000+ in one day of her shop being open. Think about it guys 2,500 bottles of polish sold at $10+ shipping. That's a lot of money for just one day of her shop being live. Yes not all that money was hers to keep re-buying supplies and what not but still she had a great profit going.
$25k in one day? I'm in the wrong business. Maybe she can hire me when she gets back.
If she does private business with people while ignoring a perfectly legitimate request to honor the GC she sold me, I'll be very very unhappy. I've been online for over two decades now and have seen more than my share of these types of stories about entrepeneurs getting in over their heads - multiple seamstresses on pulled this same "rapid success followed by mysterious disappearing act" over the years. Once you enter into a business relationship and start taking people's money, you are legally and ethically obligated to deliver. It is not the customer's responsibility to feel bad for you when you have their money. If you earned $25,000 in a single day and then you can't deliver on your obligations, you bloody well hire someone to step in for you, even if you wind up without a profit.
Sheila, I'm not saying "feel sorry for her", I'm saying that there are things beyond her control that may be preventing her from communicating right now. Would you be this sharp if her house had been destroyed by a tornado or earthquake? It's not an ideal situation, I'm just saying that there is a point where being nasty about it doesn't change reality.
I just hope everything is alright and we'll hear from her soon.
+Ashlie Fonger I have Carbon Allotrope and would be willing to send it to you. The only thing is it settles, but if you turn it upside down for a while and give it a good shake, you're good to go! Message me if you'd like it.
Has anyone had any luck with getting a refund thru paypal or etsy? I tried thru paypay but since it was just past 45 days they wont do it.
I'm really sad to see the site has gone down - I've been waiting and saving up to buy some polishes (I had to save for expensive shipping too, cause you can't send polish through normal post here, has to be couriered), and now the shops gone! Really sad to see that she just hasn't posted or replied to people, makes me think that even if she does open, I might just avoid it. I don't want to get caught losing my money! In that regard, anyone know of a 'dupe' for Cold and Calculating, Warrior Ethos, and Purely Logical?
I wish there was some kind of news about Amanda! I google nerdlacquer almost every day hoping to find an update.... If you're out there Amanda, let us know that you're alive!
What happened to the pictures of the polish on the banner?
Clay H
I'm looking for a bottle of all of time and space. Willing to trade lynns or just about any other nerdlacquer shade. Send me a message :)
If anyone is interested in selling any of the DOCTOR WHO nerd lacquers please let me know!
Hey, Im looking to get hold of a bottle of I think you call me sexy, does anyone want to sell me one?
I'm curious how many people either never got their last order, got incomplete orders, or got gift certificates that are now worthless.  I'm not happy about how this has turned out.
^^Jen - agreed - I'm just glad I never ordered when I was thinking about it - I would have had to pay extra for international courier too so I could get them in my country, and that would have been a waste!
Dunno if anyone is still reading this thread, but I'm selling Warrior Ethos, Regeneration, I Aim to Misbehave, Purely Logical, and Antisocial Media on eBay right now - 6 days to go in the auctions.  All new bottles.
I am so sorry for the loss of your mother.You are in my prayers.
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