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Rowan Fae
Dark fantasy writer, costumer and corsetière
Dark fantasy writer, costumer and corsetière

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I was reading this article this afternoon (actually, I'm not finished with it while I write these words, but I
needed to express my feelings), and it struck me how very, deeply
lucky I have been. The article, in case you don't feel
like reading it, is about...

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Today, instead of writing at least 1,667 words*, I've been reading about rape , because I'm in too much pain** to concentrate on writing.   After you follow those links, I suggest a nice healthy dose of baby animals .   Okay, let's talk briefly about NaNo...

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To be nobody but yourself
To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting. e. e. cummings A thing happened today.  Though it inspired me...

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Fiction Magazines
This week I've spent some time sending stories to magazines.  It always amazes me how quickly some magazines can tell you they don't want your story.  Alas. I've got four stories that I'm currently sending out ... Two came back after one day; one of those I...

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I need your help!
I'm actually working on TWISTING FATES today (yay!), and I need help. The Gods-tongue is the language spoken by the Gods, and if mortals could speak it properly, then they'd have basically magic. What I need is: what do you call the written language of the ...

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Doll Bones, by Holly Black
A progress report, rather than a review. According to the book trailer , I think it's supposed to be scary--I haven't gotten that far yet.  Well, there have been one or two hints--like "the Great Queen", a bone-china doll locked in a cabinet, whose eyes flu...

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In my dream, the world burns. Angry red light washes over everything, and I hear yelling, screaming, other sounds I cannot identify. A woman stands over it all, watching. I cannot see her clearly, but she stands at the heart of the world on fire, and I d...

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Cultural Memory
Turns out, I don't have enough time today (at least, not right now) to post an excerpt from TWISTING FATES--I could just copy and paste the super-rough first scene, but I'd prefer to apply the fixes that I've already done on paper, which means a lot of writ...

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Twisting Fates
Hey, all.  I'm currently working on my newest NaNoNovel, TWISTING FATES, which I hope will be super-cool. I wrote it in November, and now I'm working on editing it, which is going to be a kinda long, hard slog, because I'm attempting to do one pass, to go f...
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