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Julie Ross
SEM SEO | Online Reputation Management | Social Media Marketing | Social Media Outreach
SEM SEO | Online Reputation Management | Social Media Marketing | Social Media Outreach

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Answering your questions on the state of local search marketing.

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Google+ Top Contributors gather this week to share insights in use of the social media property. #RostinVentures  
New to Google+? Don't know where to start?

Here is a collection of posts and articles from around the Circleverse.

Take a Tour on Google+:

Google+ best practices for beginners:

The common pitfalls on Google+:

Choose what you share on your profile:

Types of posts you see in your Home Stream:

Who can send you notifications:

Don't just drop links:

Share Google+ posts on Facebook:

Hide your circles and followers:

Control what you see from your communities:

Create a private community for yourself:

All you wish to know about Communities:

Change the cover photo on Android:

The reasons for circle limitations:

Tips for sharing on Google+:

Tips for building relationships:

Tips for community members:

Google+ Photos will be retired 1st AUG:
(Tips about Google+ Photos:
Links for Photos Help and how to download your photos:öm/posts/iGg6RmckhqB

Tips for using hashtags:

Tips for blocking someone:

Tips for Google+ Photos Auto backup:
Troubleshooting the #AutoBackup :

The official Google+ Help Center:

Set up recovery options for your Google account:

Switch between Google accounts:

Account permissions and apps:

All your Google+ statistics:

Deleting a Google+ profile / Page: What happens to YouTube:

Who owns your business page and YouTube channel:

Promote your business on Google+:

Video: Google+ tips

A huge Google+ resource:

Is there something important missing here? What aspect of Google+ would you like to know more about?

A link to this post you can easily remember:

#TCpost #Googleplustips #BestHelpOnTheWeb

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Very interesting affiliate marketing model - communities #SearchAMP

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Social engagement via #SearchAMP
trends ranking in search results #socialmarketing   #SEOSEM   #SocialMarketingCircle  
What is inspiring social engagement to rank in search results?

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Watch social trends ranking real time in search results. 

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What inspires social engagement to rank in search?  Why does 6600 views outrank 1 Million views on Google+
What is Inspiring Social Trends in Search Marketing?
Is social engagement increasing search marketing value?  There is no doubt that social engagement is up.  Business to Consumer and B2B marketing managers are utilizing social media to engage customers, benefiting from increased social media communities and ...

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Be kind to others.
Hotel Managers - What happens in your hotel multiplies in social media. Be kind to others and realize Gen Y will make up 85% of the workforce in 2025.  They will book conferences and events at hotels across the US.  Your online reputation matters now and will rank in the future.

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#socialmarketingcircle  Chief Marketing Technologist benefits

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If you don't like what is being said about you, change the conversation! --Don Draper, Mad Men  #socialmarketingcircle  

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Google your brand name #Vegas - what do you see?  140 milliion references on Google 
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