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Just Browsing LiveCD - when all you need is a web browser
Just Browsing LiveCD - when all you need is a web browser

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Working on a new profile for #Firefox 43 (Nightly)

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#Youtube preview for jb-next, an upcoming official flavor of JustBrowsing Linux.

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#Blog post answering a backlog of your JustBrowsing Linux questions and feature requests, Q&A-style

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Took longer than expected but all 16 images for #JustBrowsing 20140808 stable release have finished uploading as well as seeding via torrent.

This entails both 32bit & 64bit versions of Original, DevEdition, OnlyFirefox, OnlyChrome (and OVA images of all those).

This is a major update (0.6.8) and updating from an old version is strongly recommended at this time.

Noteworthy features:
* Wifi networks remembered
* Printers remembered
* Choose web email provider
* Kiosk mode
* Adjust mouse acceleration, backlight, screen timeout, etc.
* Long requested OnlyFirefox flavor (without Chrome & printer support) now available
* Long requested OnlyChrome flavor (without Firefox & printer support) now available
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New testing & devedition releases of JustBrowsing Linux now available.

Now loading/saving wifi networks & printers works. Also new settings: kiosk mode, e-mail provider, mouse acceleration, touchpad tapping, display backlight/dimming, etc.
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Coming soon to JustBrowsing Linux, more settings in jb-config.
Posted to AUR:

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Quick video tutorial changing settings in JustBrowsing Linux LiveCD/LiveUSB (via QEMU) saved to config file

JustBrowsing 64-bit release (20140708). Also available as a torrent!

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Blog post explaining what is new in this release

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New JustBrowsing stable release (20140704)! I'm writing the changelog now, will be up soon. Now you can verify the config was saved/synced with the JUSTDATA partition/thumbdrive/floppy/etc.
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