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Moved into a home around bakerstreet/marylebone area. 1. The first day we moved into the house, found out that the apartment was not properly cleaned(unseen spots) despite the agent telling us that the house has been cleaned by 'professional cleaners' and we ended up spending 1-2 days cleaning up the house by ourselves. 2. After a few days, the lights in the house just went out one after another and we had to change them under our own cost. 3. After a week we had to do the laundry and then found out that the inner part of the washing machine was really dirty, with the door seal rustling. We ordered ourselves a new door seal, and tried replacing them. When we could not replace them, we emailed Golden Eagle maintenance team and the did not even got back to us after 2days. We then tried calling them and they said they are processing our matter. It was friday so we did not expect much from the staff. On monday i then receive a reply asking me what is wrong with the washing machine? As i already stated it in my email as well as calling. The most irritated part, which caused me to write this email is that when the engineer finally came on Wednesday*** which took a week... he came without any tools and just took my door seal and just tried to fit it in without even pushing it into the machine and turned to us saying that it is the wrong seal and it would'nt fit. He then went on saying that he would place an order for a new door seal for us and that it would be under our cost. and went back immediately. After 2days, GOLDEN EAGLE then called an outside engineer to our house. He came and replaced the door seal that we ordered under 30mins, and we had to pay £50 as GOLDEN EAGLE said they are not responsible. The point i am trying to make here is to those people out there looking for a new home and want to research on some of the agent company to know that checking all parts of the houses(important) materials is essential for long term staying. Thank you.
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