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Amita Manandhar

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Never be scared
Don't be scared of the darkness, because if it didn't exist you'd never understand the value of light. Don't be scared of the struggles that you have to face, because if it didn't exist you'd never understand the value of your accomplishments. Don't hate th...

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Blending Out
We are so hell bent on emulating someone that we
forget what makes us unique. We pretend to enjoy things that we don't like just so others don't
think we are weird. I used to be like that too. I used to think that
being weird was an anomaly...that I had ...

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Happy New Year
Just like that, the old year is gone, and now we have stepped into a brand new year. A year that I hope will be filled with hope, love, sustainability and tolerance.   I hope that this year will bring only positive changes in everyone's life. I hope that th...

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Winter is coming!!
The summer is gone...the fall is quickly passing by. I just want the pleasant and warm weather to stop for a while and stay a little longer.  

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Rebuilding after the Nepal Earthquake
The devastating Nepal earthquake has claimed the lives of more than 8000 people and has made countless people homeless. But it has also united the Nepali people in ways that probably would not have been possible otherwise. The unshakable spirit and courage ...

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Mother Earth
This is an image that I had created
some time ago. It holds a special meaning for me because it reminds me how I am
destroying the world. It reminds me that the rainforests are constantly being torn
down to make new houses, and the ground is continuously be... #earth #surrealphotography #bokeh

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Winter is almost over
From the polar vortex to winter weather advisory almost every other weekend, I had a fun with you dear winter. Hope you are ready to leave for this year. Be kind to us next year, you beautiful creature. :)  

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When houses get destroyed and lives are lost, those of us who survive are left with our vulnerability and sadness. All it takes is one natural disaster or one bomb blast and everything we once held dear can be gone in a matter of seconds. It
is scary how v...

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There is so much darkness around us...but sometimes I just love the darkness, I can just hide in it and get lost. Happy Halloween everyone...  
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